WARNING: Do Not Read This Unless You Are Frustrated As Hell With The Excess Ugly Fat Hanging Off Your Belly, Arms, Hips and even your Face And You Want It To Melt Off PERMANENTLY!

Get Rid Of Excess Ugly Fat And Get A 
Slimmer Body & Flatter Belly In Just 30 Days With This Healthy Nigerian Diet!

From The Desk Of: Olu Aijotan (Nutrition & Fat Loss Coach)
Time: 8.21

Dear Friend & Subscriber,

QUESTION: Do you have fat on your arms, thighs, love handles, back fat, and around your belly like in the picture below?

If you currently weigh 70kg, 75kg, 80kg, 90kg, 100kg and above, have jiggly fat on your arms, thighs, belly like in the picture and it's getting bigger and out of shape, and you and you want to get rid of it...

Then pay attention to what I am about to show you, because I believe it will help you transform and help you get the body that you deserve.

That is because, I am about to reveal to you exactly how you can get rid of that fat PERMANENTLY from your belly, and entire body in just 30 days from now...

If you have tried every kind of diet in the world in your bid to lose weight without any result to show for it, then you need to pay attention to this letter because it will be the most important letter you'll read today.


If you have fat all over your body, and it keeps you awake at night, make you unhappy and shatters your self-esteem...

  • Using body magic & waist trainers to hide pounds of unpleasant looking flabby fat around your waist so you can at least attract some commendation.

  • Wearing "oversized" clothes to cover the excess fat and big tummy and accepting your body as it is…even though deep inside, you are still hurting and uncomfortable with it.

  • Never undressing in front of your partner, because you dread hearing him/her reminding you again and again that you are too fat and you should lose weight.

  • Never undressing in front of your partner, because you dread hearing him/her reminding you again and again that you are too fat and you should lose weight.

Worry no More! You are about to lay your hands on a secret fat loss program that has transformed the lives of 1,596 regular Nigerian women and men.

This fat loss program helped these people lose weight, melt off belly fat and drop many kilograms and go from fat to a slimmer toned body with a flatter belly within weeks!


The 30 Day Fat Loss Program

A Natural Fat Loss Program That Allows You To Eat Delicious 
Healthy Fat Burning Nigerian Meals 4-5 Times Daily And Break Down
Fat From Your Belly And Body Rapidly In Just 30 Days!”

SIMPLE AND EASY: The 30 Day Fat Loss Program is very easy to follow. You do not need to worry about what fat burning food to eat or how it is prepared. All these have been done for you in a 30 Day MEAL PLAN that ensures that you can eat at least 5 times in a day. No more Starving!

HEALTHY AND SAFE: This program is safe and healthy. You will burn fat fast and will NEVER be hungry. It is safer than the way you are currently eating right now. No drugs, No chemicals. No concoction or any of of those foul smelling herbal teas. This is the fastest and safest fat loss program in the world.

MELT FAT FAST: The 30 Day Fat Loss Program literally burn off fat by the hour! You will lose weight faster on this program than if you run 12 kilometres everyday. You will be able to measure the difference in your waistline, your thighs, your hips and your belly area within 3 - 5 days of starting this program

This 30 Day Fat Loss Program is a result of proven and tested research which I came about when looking for genuine information that eventually helped my wife to get rid of her excess body fat and gave hack the sexy appeal she had when I first married her.

Here's What I'll Reveal On The 30 Day Program 

  • My special Fat burning method to eat at least 5 times daily and rapidly lose belly fat, arm fat, thigh fat and any other part of your body where fat is stored.
  • How to SPEED up your body metabolism and turn your body into a fat melting furnance.
  • How to overcome food cravings and be in control of the food that your body consumes.
  • Revealed! The Number 1 drink that aids digestion and flushes fat inducing toxins out of your body
  • How to get rid of unwanted fat permanently without destroying your metabolism or starving yourself of food.
  • A fat burning time table meal plan that shows you exactly fat burning foods you’ll eat every day for 30 days. With this, you’ll never be clueless as to what food to eat to burn fat off.
  • Recipe book that contains variety delicious Nigerian meals that you will eat every single day for 30 days.
  • How to have strength, vigour and energy level without putting yourself through a tormenting & torturous work outs
  • How to stay motivated and encouraged until your fat loss goal is achieved

Here's What Will Happen To You In Just 30 Days From Now...

  • You will now be able to fit into those clothes you've kept in your wardrobe awaiting the day that your body will fit into them

  • "You are looking sexier"...Those would be the EXACT words your spouse/partner will say to you when they see your new fit, trimmed and "figure 8" body.

  • Your overall health will improve. Your will have a lot of stamina, energy & vigour and your confidence will improve and be boosted. 

  • You will be able to wear those body-hugging dress and short sleeve tops that draw attention to you and makes you feel & look like a show stopper.

  • Your belly will become flatter. You will be able to wear any dress without worrying if your belly is showing out (This 30 Day Fat Loss Program will make that happen!)

  • You'll have to change your entire wardrobe, because most of the clothes you wear right now to cover the unwanted fat will become too big for you (because your body fat has melted). 

  • When next you attend a wedding or event, your friends, family, colleagues who have not seen you in a while will be shocked, surprised with mouth wide opened at your sudden body transformation and will ask you...."How did you do it?" 

  • You will feel very healthy, be able to run after your kids, climb the stairs or walk very fast and be strong & agile without breathing heavily like you are going to die. 

  • You will look a lot younger, fit with a super attractive perfect hourglass figure and be able to take as many pictures of yourself to "put on Instagram & even on Facebook

  • You will never EVER have to shop for bigger or "plus sized" dress again!
  • You will now be able to fit into those clothes you’ve kept in your wardrobe awaiting the day that your body will fit into them.
  • “You are looking sexier”. Those would be the EXACT words your spouse/partner will say to you when they see your body transformation.
  • Your fear of losing your spouse to that younger woman (colleague) at work will be gone forever!
  • You will be able to wear those short sleeve tops that draws attention to you and makes you feel like a show stopper!
  • Your big belly will become flatter. You will be able to wear any "body hug" dress without worrying if your belly is protruding or not! (This 30 Day Fat Loss secret program will make that happen!)
  • Your complaints about your love handles, your fat thighs, Christian mother arms, will be gone forever and become a thing of the past!
  • You’ll continually get bugged at work by your colleagues and friends to change your wardrobe, because most clothes you use to cover the unwanted fat will become too big for you (because your body fat has melted).
  • When next you attend a function, your friends, colleagues, extended families will be overtaken by surprise, mouth opened wide at your sudden body transformation and ask you…”How did you do it?”
  • You will Never Ever have to shop for a bigger or plus size dress ever again!
  • You will look a lot younger and fitter and have a super attractive perfect hour glass figure that will make everyone who walk past you to turn around for a second look.

Don't Just Take My Words For It...

See The Amazing Transformation Of Regular Nigerians Like You Who Melted Off 
Their Body Fat To Get Their Figure 8 & Fit Body

Testimony 2: Ada Melted Off 31 Kg Of Fat From Her Body

Testimony 2: Hope Kelechi Melted Off 32kg Of Fat From Her Body

Testimony 3: Ayoola Lost 10kg Of Fat From Her Belly And Got A Flatter Belly

Testimony 4: Stephanie Is Slimmer And Now Work As A Model!

Testimony 5: VIVIAN LOST 8kg, Burnt 5 Inches of Belly Fat AND
Got Rid Of Her "BIG BELLY"!

Testimony 6: Amaka Melted Off Her Excess Back Fat 
See Her BEFORE & AFTER Pictures below...

So Why Am I Showing You These Pictures?


I am showing you to let you know that, it is VERY possible to lose weight and burn off belly fat from your body irrespective of how BIG or how much of it you have right now.

In The Next 30 Days From Now, You Too Can Get Rid Of Excess Body Fat And Have An Attractive Slimmer Body 


Let me show you some more weight loss result recieved via e-mail from my clients to show you what you too can achieve…

I've Helped All These People Lose Weight, 
Now It's Your Turn...


It's your turn!

Your turn to melt off the excess belly fat.

Your turn to drop 2 - 3 dress sizes and become slimmer and fitter.

It's your turn to get your own BEFORE & AFTER picture with a flatter belly just like the below:


Okay, Coach Olu, How Do I
Register For This 30 Day Fat Loss Program?


Here's how:

The 30 Day Fat Loss Program is available to you for the launch price of N10,000.

But you have to hurry, and take advantage of this very low price because it's available for...


A Very Short Time!

You see, the truth of the matter is that I want to actually sell The 30 Day Fat Loss Program for N25,000. 

And at this price, it’s worth every single kobo because of the amazing RESULT that it brings (you saw the testimonies) and also because it's absolutely cheaper than all those useless weight loss pills out there that do not work!

However, because you are a loyal subscriber, I want to make sure you have ABSOLUTELY no reason not to take advantage of The 30 Day Fat Loss Program.

That is why I have put the price of The 30-Day Fat Loss Program at the price of N10,000 only!

 After a short while, the price will go up to N25,000 and will remain at that price for a very long time to come.

Why is this so?

I simply want to give you the chance to get it at the low price that is unavailable to everyone else who is not my suscriber or on my mailing list.

I will be advertising this program elsewhere online and outside the internet in newspapers and magazines. 

And I'll be selling it there for N25,000 flat.

I am actually doing you a favour here.

Giving you a chance to get it for less than 60% of what other people will get it.

To further sweeten the deal for you, I'm giving away 3 EXTRA powerful bonuses to complement this program for the first batch of people who order this product this week.

Special Bonuses For Fast Action Takers



You'll get access to a weight loss cookbook (PDF) created by a 
Nigerian fitness and cookbook expert chef.

The cookbook contains local healthy Nigerian recipes and also shows you step-by-step how to prepare delicious fat burning Nigerian meals on this program.

Not only that, the ingredients in these meals are readily available in your local market anywhere in Nigeria.

This means no more boring foreign foods because of weight loss. 

This cookbook alone is worth N20,000 but you get it for free today if you sign up for The 30 Day Fat Loss Program. 



When you start your program, you'll get access to our exclusive private whatsapp number.

You'll be able to send private direct message and chat with me as your weight loss coach on any questions you may have.

This means, you'll never be on your own.

I'll be available for you between 9.am - 5pm (Mon - Fri) on a daily basis to coach you and answer any weight loss & fitness questions you may have.

This alone is worth N50,000 but you'll get it for free when you sign up for the 30 Day Fat Loss Program. 




You’ll also get exclusive access to my private E-mail.

As your personal fat loss coach & mentoryou’ll receive daily E-mail from me every single day. 

I will coach you on your nutrition, your body sculpting, your routines and motivating you to take action. 

With this, no more losing motivation.

Because you have direct unimpaired access to me.  With this you wont be on your own. 

Not many fat loss coach will EVER do this without charging you N20,000 - N30,000 monthly.

But you get this e-mail coaching for FREE When you subscribe to The 30 Day Fat Loss Program!



Don’t wait till the price is N25,000 before you buy when you have the chance to get it now for just N10,000 Only And Get THe Bonuses Above….

Save the extra money for something else...

How To Register For The 30 Day Fat Loss Program Today

Pay Via Cash Deposit Or Bank Transfer...

STEP 1: Deposit the sum of N10,000 into any of the bank accounts below (via cash or bank transfer or mobile banking)

Bank Name - GTBank
Account Name - Tunity Tech Services
Account Number - 0035858507


Bank Name - United Bank For Africa (UBA)
Account Name - Tunity Tech Services
Account Number - 1014607102

STEP 2: After payment, send payment details below to: support@naijaweightloss.com 


(2) Your Full Name

(3) Your Email Address

(4) Your Tel. No

(5) Teller Number - Please note: If you pay via internet/mobile banking, please send screenshot of payment receipt

(6) The Name On Teller - This is if someone else paid on your behalf using their name

(7) The Bank Name You Paid Into (GTB or UBA)

Once your payment is confirmed, your meal plan, cookbook, workout and bonuses will be sent to you within 24 hours of making payment so you can download it instantly. 


Pay Online Using ATM Card

This payment option is available if you want to pay by Debit or Credit ATM card such as Mastercard and Visa card.

Click HERE or on the red button below and you'll be taken to a paystack secure page where you can enter your ATM card details to make payment. 

Make sure you enter your ATM card details correctly and you will be charged the sum of N10,000 and redirected to a success page where you can download your fat loss program immediately.

The payment is processed by Paystack and is highly protected and secured.


I know you may have tried a lot of different diets, pills, teas and programs out there without any luck and you might be thinking...

"Will this 30 Day Fat Loss Program work for me?"

I want to save you from all the doubts in your mind by giving you...


A 365 Days "This Will Work Or You Get Your Money Back
In FULL" Guarantee!

Let me explain...

I am confident that The 30-Day Fat Loss Program will help you drop unwanted fat and give you a flatter belly in just 30 days of you using it.

Use it anytime within next 365 days (which is 12 months or 1 year!)

If at any time within 365 days, you are NOT completely blown away by the result you get with The 30-Day Fat Loss program...

If you don't drop between 2kg - 10kg, reduce your belly by at least 1 - 4 inches within 365 days of using this 30-Day Fat Loss Program...

Simply email me at support@naijaweightloss.com or call me on 07031080871 and I will give you 100% refund of your investment back, no question asked!

I give you this guarantee because I am confident that the only thing you'll lose on the 30 Day Fat Loss Program is the fat on your body and belly


This is the Fat Loss Program you’ve been waiting for.

No counting calories.

No starving yourself or eating boring salad!

No swallowing pills

No squeezing waist trainers around your waist.

Simply follow the meal plan and eat 4 - 5 times daily and see fat melt off from your body

Don’t think twice. Get it now. And start your journey to your own confident transformed sexy body.

Thank you for reading & for taking advantage of this Special Fat Loss Offer.

Yours Sincerely,

Olu Aijotan | Nutrition & Fitness Coach

Got Questions?
Call us on 07031080871
(9.AM - 5.PM, Monday - Friday)

P.S - Don't let your partner, colleagues, family & friends make your body the topic of discussion and gossip.

P.S.S. Silence their criticism by getting the 30-Day Fat Loss Program today at this Introductory price of N10,000 only (available for a short period). You have no excuse!

P.S.S.S - Remember, you are covered by my 365 Day iron-clad, "no questions asked, this will work for you or get your money back 100% guarantee". Grab It Risk-FREE today. Don't Dull!

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