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5 Habits That Causes Belly Fat

Dear Friend,

In the PART 1 of this "weight loss" series, I walked you through how the body get fat easily.

In case you missed that, you can check it out at this link here:

Click here: http://naijaweightloss.com/do-you-have-belly-fat/

In today's e-mail which is the PART 2 of this series, I'd like to walk you through what I call the bad habits that induces fat!

If you've been struggling with body and belly fat, then you just might have one of this bad habit right now:

​Habit 1: Skipping Breakfast or Eating Breakfast Late

If you always skip your breakfast or you eat a late breakfast, it can cause your body to gain excess weight.

And here's why...

When you skip breakfast, you are more likely to eat any junk food that come your way e.g. Biscuit, Orange Juice, Gala, or any other sugary food that come your way.

Not only that....

When you skip you breakfast, and you spend your entire day working at your day job, you become so hungry at midday that you eat a very heavy meal for lunch filled with lots of calories.

Habit 2: Eating Too Much Food Even When Full

Do you eat a lot of food when you are hungry?

DO you binge eat?

This is another bad habit that induces fat and causes your belly to become big too. If you eat more food thank your body burn, you will gain fat!

For some people, they eat a lot because they "think" that they have a BIG appetite and the "smell" of food alone can make them jump in excitement.

If you also eat when you are bored or you are feeling emotionally depressed or unhappy, you are causing your body to gain fat!

Many mums are guilty of this too. Some mum's can't stand their children not eating and wasting the food they eat, and they end up eating their kids meal!

If you are currently doing this...you need to stop eating your kids meal!

It is NOT a sin to refrigerate or cut down how much food you give your children to eat if they don't finish it.

Habit 3: Depriving Yourself Of sleep

Do you know that a lack of sleep can cause weight gain and belly fat?

Sleep helps your body to recover and reset from the stress that it had undergone during the day.

I've noticed that a lot of us don't give our body enough rest that it deserves.

Infact, I dare say that some people give their machines e.g. TV, Generating Set etc resting time so it can perform optimally.

But we don't even give our body time to rest.

When you deprive yourself of sleep, your body stress level remains very high and stress induces your body to produce an hormone called cortisol which can indirectly induce more belly fat!

Habit 4: Eating Dinner Very Late In The Night

If you sleep late always, you will find that you tend to overeat at nights.

At night, your body is in resting mode, and is not doing too much activity. This means that every food you can eat at that time will not burn off easily to be used in form of energy.

I am a living proof of this myself. About 4 years ago, I stated staying up late till 2.am to complete all my projects.

Overtime, I discovered that my tummy started getting bigger and bigger.

Then I had a deep look into my daily routine and discovered that I was eating lots of bread and tea and sometimes Garri with Groundnut (yes...i love local Nigerian food) and this caused some weight gain.

As a fat loss coach, I nipped that in the bud myself, and I am totally fine right now.

But if you find that you eat late dinner, you are more likely to gain belly fat!

Habit 5: Drinking Carbonated Drinks Regulary

Six months ago, I did a survey where I asked over 500 Nigerian women age between 30 - 45 what their No.1 sugar addiction is...

About 67% of them (yes, I actually did the maths) confessed that their No.1 addiction is soft drinks and orange juice. This soft drinks contain a lot of sugar which I personally call Poison!

Infact, I've received e-mails from many people saying...."Coach Olu, I don't drink soft drinks, but I like taking "bitter cola".

In my shocked state, I responded by saying...."Any drink that is soft drink...is unhealthy for you and will cause weight gain".

It doesn't matter if you are drinking pepsi, sprite, coca-cola, hi-malt, maltina or any other sugary drinks out there....

These drinks will cause you to gain belly fat. And if you are hooked on these drinks, you need to start cutting down your portion as soon as possible.

Now, I know you are thinking...

"Coach Olu...Yes, I am guilty of one or more of this habit, how can I stop any of these habits."

Don't worry....

I'll tell you, but I won't do that in this post, so that it won't become too long for you to read.

At some point in this weight loss series, I will show you exactly how you can stop all these bad habits.

Not only that, I am seriously working on a *BRAND NEW* weight loss program that I call "The Fat Burner Program" which will help you get rid of any fat that you've gained in the past.

If you are highly serious about losing weight and melting off belly fat so you can have a flat belly and a figure 8 body, you will love this Fat Burner Program.

The Fat Burner Program is for you if you've struggled with fat for a long time without getting any result.

It will help you melt off fat from your body like butter!

Don't worry, at some point before the end of this week, I'll tell you more about this new weight loss program.

But for now, I have a Question for you...

Do you have any bad habits that you is causing you weight gain or making your belly become big?

If you do, please feel free to tell me about it in the comment.

I have listed 5 of these habits out. I am sure I've missed one or two of them.

I'd like to read what your bad habits are. Don't be shy. Coach Olu won't bite, so tell me about it below.

I'll be waiting to read from you.

Thanks for reading and do have a lovely day.


Olu AIjotan

P.S. In my next e-mail which I am going to send to you tomorrow Wednesday 8th March 2017, I am going to talk to you about the part 3 of this series which I title: The dangers of belly fat!
Whatever you do, you don't want to miss that PART 3!

P.S.S. But for now, send me comments below about any bad unhealthy habits that you think is causing you to have belly fat and gain weight.


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