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From The Desk Of: Coach Olu Aijotan
Time: 07.28

Dear Friend & Subscriber,

If you'd thought you'll never be able to afford any of my fat loss materials (Also known As The 30 Day Fat Loss Program and my new program: The Flat Belly Miracle Program) because of its current price of N6,500, then this is the most important message you will read today.

This is because...

I am about to give you a One Time Opportunity For The Next 3 Days to legally "STEAL" my Fat Loss Materials at an
insanely low price starting today Wednesday 19th March, 2013.

I know this  firesale offer is crazy, but let me tell you a REAL LIFE short story of why I am running this special offer.

I sent this story to my subscribers (of which you are one) so if you've read this story, you can scroll down to see the discount offer. But just in case you missed it, I have reproduced the same email below:

Let Me Tell You The REAL LIFE STORY Of Why I Am Running This Fire Sale Offer:

How My Wife Saved My Life (True Story)

I usually don't write about my personal life in my emails to you because you signed up to my newsletters so you can get genuine advice on how you can burn fat, lose weight, get your desired body, maximize your life and even inspire people around you about your transformation.

But today, I want to make an exception if you don't mind please. I want to tell you a story. A very personal one. It took me a long time to decide to write this emotional story. It will take you about 15 minutes for you to read it all, so kindly be patient and allow me please. 

I am writing this story because of two MAJOR reasons. The first reason I'll tell you now in next paragraph, the second reason I'll tell you at the end of this story.

Few days ago, I received an email from a subscriber (just like you) and she said these EXACT words: 

"Coach Olu, thank you so much for all you
are doing for me in regards to weight loss.
In fact, your wife is VERY lucky to have you".

I smiled while reading the email and replied back that: 

"Thanks for your kind words. Actually I am
the lucky guy. Incredibly lucky to have her
as my wife". 

There are many reasons why I said that statement, but let me tell you one of the reasons in a story.

About 10 years ago, I was broke.
Actually...very poor!

I could count the amount of personal clothing I had then. I had two pairs of shoes. One that I wear daily and the other that I wear on special occasions. 

Few years before that, I never went to university because I could not afford it. I was at a point in my life where I was depressed, shattered, shaken, unable to make out a sense of direction. 

I Mean, Why Won't I?

All my mates were advancing in school and making something out of their life. Mine seemed stagnant. It got so bad that I would refuse to attend any old student association meetings that my friends

I mean....What would I tell them when I see some of my friends? How would I explain that I have not made sense out of my life.

At that point, I decided to do something about my life. I decided I was going to make something out of this life I had.

I am
smart, intelligent, hardworking and enthusiastic. I knew I was. Its just that life dealt me a bad card (well...at the time).

I took up any job I could; working in a factory, I even cleaned out dirty toilets
(No kidding). But I didn't just do that, I decided I was going to be good intellectually even if I did not have a university certificate. So I read every book I could; newspapers, journals, websites, e-books, tutorials, borrowed books etc

At the time, I lived with a cousin of mine. He was doing fine. Has his own apartment and a decent job. I was sleeping on his sofa.

That was around the time I met my wife through a mutual friend. At the time, we were just friends. 

Nothing more to it. I didn't even have any funny feeling that many guys have with female friends. I mean, I was preoccupied with making something of my life. Not only that, who would want to date a loser like me, considering that is what my ex-girlfriend said before we broke up.

So I was happy just being friends. And we had this friendship for over 12 months when another tragedy struck!

My cousin felt I was choking him too much, and he sent me packing from his apartment. I became homeless. I packed a shirt, a jean, toothbrushes etc in a backpack and move from place to place. 

Believe this: I slept rough on the streets for 3 days straight. I had no source of income, no place to sleep, I was hungry and weary. I would spend my days sitting in the library reading, and spend the night sleeping on public sitting benches. 

And for the first time in my life, I did what I had NEVER done ever in my life.

begged for money. I literally walked up to someone and pleaded with them to give me some money for food. I had nothing, not even a dime to eat. 

It was at that point that my friend rang me. She asked how I have been and why I've not been in touch for a while. Been the typical person I am, I just said, I am fine. But she sensed everything was not ok. And she probed

At that point, I had no choice...I had to tell her everything. After all, I am alone and have no other source of help. She was moved with so much compassion that she emptied her account without her parent's knowledge as she was a student at the time, just to send me 40. At the time, it was
equivalent to about N10,000. 

That N10,000 did a lot for me at the time. Incidentally, an older friend of mine who was newly married and unfortunately could not accommodate me allowed me to freshen up in his house. And for the first time in 3
days, I had a refreshing bath.

After few days, I was able to persuade someone I met through a mutual friend to allow me sleep in the hallway of their apartment. And nearly 2 weeks later, I got another job. It was a cleaning job. I spent little and saved as much as I could. 

At some point, I knew it was time to rent a place of my own. While I could afford the rent, I still need to pay a deposit. Which at the time was so much that I could not afford it.

So I asked the only person I knew; my friend...for a soft loan. I remembered, she sent me 150. And I added the 450 I had saved up, to rent a small room. It was a tiny room (12 x12) but it served me.

All through the years, I moved from being a cleaner to doing various jobs...factory worker, sales, customer service, web designer, help desk support, heating engineering, IT engineering to becoming the CEO of my own company!

As we speak, I have been immensely blessed. I say this with a total sense of humility and gratitude. That same person who was homeless 10 years ago, now have a home both in Nigeria and the UK. I am now able to afford to go on holiday 2 - 3 times a year whenever it pleases me and not only that, I have been a source of blessing to thousands of other people, through my giving and through my writings. 

I Kid You Not!

If not for that intervention from that friend of mine, I wonder what I could have ended up as. That friend of mine....saved my life. 

The story DID not end there. That friend of mine became my wife nearly 7 years after that incident. 

And guess what, that same friend is the main reason why you are subscribed to my fat loss emails. She was the inspiration behind this
website. She was the main reason why I started NaijaWeightLoss.com

If you've been on my mailing list for a long time, you would have heard me tell the story of how I started this website few years ago because I was trying to find out how to help my wife stay in shape. 

So you can see the exact reason why I said to the person who emailed me that I was the lucky one to have her as my wife.

This friend saw beyond who I was at the time. She saw my dreams, the vision, the goals and ran with it along with me. That virtue...is RARE and for that, I consider myself incredibly lucky.

And this brings me to the second reason why
I am telling you this story:

My wife's birthday is coming up on the 22nd Of March (its a Saturday) and I am planning something really SPECIAL for her. Some family friends will be around for the special occasion. 

I usually give her an outstanding birthday present every year, but I want to surpass myself this year and do something REALLY BIGGER!

I have secretly found out what her idea of a perfect birthday gift is. I have priced this gift and Its a cash consuming gift. And I have been setting aside some cash to buy this gift for the past 6 months. I have saved up 85% of the cost of this gift, but I am short by few tens of thousands of Naira. 

So I thought of an idea that will help me generate the rest of the money I require to get this gift. And the idea is for me to....

Run a discount fire sale where I'll give out all my products at way less than it original price. I intend to run this firesale for 3 days and will call it "My Wife's Birthday Firesale Offer".

And here's how it will benefit you:

If you are reading this email, chances are
that you've been reading my fat loss emails, recipes, workout ideas etc but never bought any of my products, maybe for various reasons such as lack of trust, unsure if it will work, never had the time to or simply because you feel its too expensive for you.

But now is a good opportunity to take advantage because you will be able to get access to all my fat loss materials, including my newly released Flat Belly Miracle Program at 40% off original price. 

But not only that, you'll also be indirectly helping me to give out a perfect birthday gift to this friend and wife of mine who saved my life 10 years ago, and who incidentally is also the inspiration behind this fat loss blog and emails you arereading.

So you can see that this is a WIN - WIN situation.

You get my fat loss materials at discount price...and I get to give my Mrs a
perfect gift. 

So here's how it will go...

I'll send you an email to kick start the "Birthday Firesale Offer" on Wednesday The 19th Of March and end it at Midnight, Friday the 21st Of March 2014.

The email will contain instructions on how to get my program at the discount prices and all you need to do is follow the instructions to get your fat loss program at a discount.

NOTE - Since this is a Birthday firesale offer, I will not extend it whatsoever, so it will end on Friday 21st March. So please get ready for it.

Finally, I want to say THANK YOU for reading this amazingly emotional story and to let you know that I appreciate you for taking time to read another side of me that you probably did not know until now and I hope
you didn't mind that it was personal. 

I'll see you on Wednesday (19th march). Do have a lovely week ahead,


Coach Olu Aijotan

Your Fat Loss & Nutrition Coach,

HINT: I am Doing This Sale Because My Wife Saved My Life 10 Years Ago (Read Story Above...)
 It's Her Birthday On 22nd March 2014 (This Saturday) And I want To Give Her An AMAZING Birthday Gift...

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I am giving you this opportunity to get yourself a copy of my two major fat loss materials at a discount price for the next 3 working days only (19th March 2014 - 21st March 2014)

So, After Friday, the 21st March, this special Birthday Fire sale offer will close and all the products will go back to their normal price.

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I know you have been on my list for so long and you know about all my products, so you don't have all day to read endless long sales page , and I know you are convinced already that this program will help you lose weight and get a flatter belly,
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Birthday Fire Sale # 1 - The 30 Day Fat Loss Program
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I am ABSOLUTELY so confident that this program will help you lose between 5 - 10kg in just 30 days of using it. If you are on this page, chances are that you already know about this program but you've never got your own copy.
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I launched this program two months ago, and currently the price if N6,500.
Current Price of Flat Belly Miracle Program: N6,500
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Order for Both 30 Day Fat Loss Program And Flat Belly Miracle Program together and pay just N6,000 only!

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  • If you have been starving yourself; used green teas; tried using the gym to get rid of excess fat and its not working for you.
  • If you have lots of dresses you have abandoned in your wardrobe simply because they do not fit anymore because of your bigger size.
  • If you go to work very early (5.am) and return back home late in the night (9.pm) and have little to no time for elaborate fat loss program that takes lots of time.
  • If your partner & colleague has ever laughed at you or passed a nasty remark or comment about your body and you want to avoid the situation from happening again.
  • If your sex life and even your confidence has gone down to Zero because of your belly fat which is unappealing to your partner.
  • If you want to get a flatter belly and get back the body that brings out the amazing  figure 8 African woman in you.

Follow The Instructions Below To Partake In this Birthday Fire Sale DISCOUNT SALES Offer

STEP 1 - Decide On Which Of The Three Birthday Discount Price You Want to Order, and pay the EXACT amount into any of the bank details below:

Bank Name - Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB)

Account Name Tunity Services

Account Number 003-5858-507


Bank Name United Bank For Africa (UBA)

Account Name Tunity Services

Account Number 101-4607-102

NOTE - If you are unable to go to the bank, you can ask someone to pay on your behalf, do a direct transfer through Internet banking, mobile money transfer or ATM direct transfer.

STEP 2 - Once you make payment, simply send me the details of your
payment to sales@naijaweightloss.com

Make the subject of your email to say any of the below depending of which option you paid for:

1. Birthday Fire sale Option #1

2. Birthday Fire sale Option #2

3. Birthday Fire sale Option #3 

Send the following details in the email:

- Your Full Name
- Your Email Address
- Teller Number You used To Make Payment (or state what method you paid with if e.g. via mobile, internet,ATM etc)
- Payee Name On the Teller
- Bank Name You Paid Into

That is all you need to send to me.

Once I receive your payment email and I confirm your payment from the bank, You will get an email from me which will contain the download links of all the fat loss materials (as above) that you ordered for so that you can download it and start using it.

PLEASE NOTE - All the above products are digital books in soft copies (Adobe PDF) and are NOT available in the bookshop. You can only get them on this website and nothing whatsoever will be shipped via courier.

This Birthday Discount Sale Offer EXPIRES FINALLY at 11.59 on Friday 21st March 2014

Make sure you order yours immediately so that you can get all the special Bonuses that come with the original program that Is Included In the Package.

Thank you for reading & for taking advantage of this Special Birthday Fire Sale Offer And For Giving Me The Opportunity To Give A Beautiful Woman The Birthday gift That She Deserves.

Yours Sincerely,
Olu Aijotan - Your Personal Nutrition & Fitness Coach

PS - Take advantage of this offer rightaway. I will not extend the deadline date because the birthday is on 22nd March 2014 (Saturday). So , make sure you take advantage of the discount and get yours as soon as possible.

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