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"How Our Nigerian Foods Are Making Us Fat And Exactly What You Can Do About It Today"

Dear Friend,

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Just in case you don't know me, my name again is Olu Aijotan.

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Now, Lets get started...

If you have been trying to lose weight and get rid of belly fat all your life and never succeeded, then this is the most important letter you will ever read.

I want you to kindly spare yourself the next 5 - 10 minutes to read this newsletter.

I am about to show you the root cause of why the stubborn fat refuses to go away and exactly what you can do right now to get rid of it.

For me to do that, first of all, I have a question for you...

"Why Do We Really Get Fat?"

Do you really know?

Don't worry if you don't. I will answer that question for you.

But before I do,  I want to show you a comment I received on my blog recently from one of my subscribers (just like you):

Can you see in that comment how this subscriber (Arike is her name) is extremely worried and at the same time unhappy about her body weight?

I am not sure if you feel exactly the same way while reading this, but If you do, I can imagine the pain you feel.

The truth is...

Our Nigerian foods are extremely fattening!

BIG FACT - Do You Know That The BIGGEST Cause Of Belly Fat Is The FOOD that you eat.

This is because they are mostly filled with carbohydrates and lots of fat. I know these type of food are what we've eaten right from cradle, but the truth is that, these same food are what causes belly fat and a lot of weight gain.

Lets take for instance, the really popular pounded yam (pictured below), together with a bowl of Egusi....

So, lets say you eat a large plate of pounded yam with delicious Egusi soup like the one in the picture above.

The calories in that ONE meal is about 1,200 calories!

That is based on the fact that 1 gram of carbohydrate = 4 calories and 1 gram of fat = 9 calories.

According to the National Health Service (NHS) UK, the recommended daily calorie limit:

For a woman = 2,000 calories.
For a man
  =  2,500 calories

Imagine, once you eat a 1,200 calories pounded yam, what about the calories in the lunch & dinner?

If you combine the calories for the 3 meals, you will be pushed over the recommended calorie limit.

Carbohydrate like Pounded Yam is RESPONSIBLE for making us fat!

When you eat carbohydrates based food like Rice or Poundo Yam, your body automatically releases a hormone called "Insulin".

This insulin controls the level of sugar (which is a by product of carbohydrate) in the body by transporting the excess sugar from the carbohydrate foods into the major organs like the muscles, liver and then STORE the rest of it (excess) in your body fat cells.

Think of your body fat cell like a "Balloon that expand as you put air in it".

When your body fat cells stores the excess sugar from the food you eat , it starts to expand like a balloon.

That is EXACTLY when you start seeing the manifestation in the form of Big belly, bulky thighs, flabby arms and love handles etc.

NOTE - The secretion of insulin in our body is a NATURAL process. It prevents your body from shutting down.

If insulin is not produced to take care of the excess sugar (as a result of the carbohydrate Nigerian foods we eat) in the body, this sugar  can damage some vital organs & clog you arteries and block your blood capillaries.

When you hear that someone has
what is called "type 2 diabetes", this is exactly
what is happening to them.

It simply means that their body is no longer able to produce insulin that can handle the large amount of sugar in their blood stream.

In plain terms, they have what is called an elevated level of blood sugar. That is why the Yoruba's call it "Ito Sugar".

Anyway, from a weight loss point of view....

The more food you take from simple and refined carbohydrates, the more insulin your body produces....And the more insulin your body produces, the more fat your body will end up storing.

And guess where all the fats are stored???

They are stored in your arms, your belly, your hips, your neck and even those places where you have love handles....

So in summary, our typically Nigerian Diet is....

Eating a lot of:

Carbohydrate + Unhealthy Fat = Lots of Insulin + Fat!

Insulin (store Fat) + Fat = Lots of Fat Stored in your body  + Risk Of Diabetes

Fat Stored = BELLY Fat and Fat in every part of the body!

Can you see how the body is storing lots of fat?

Can you see exactly why the lady in that comment I showed you earlier has fat all over her body?

It Is The Food She Eats.

If you are in same situation like that lady, I want you to think about all the foods you have been eating.

Are they Fat Storing Foods?

Apart from the pounded yam, there are other fat-storing meals you should stay away from:

Fat Storing Meal #1: Akpu or Fufu

Fufu in a cup or 1 wrap contains 207 calories (approx). And guess what, most times, the average individual eat 2 wraps of fufu.

Making it a total of 414 calories without the fatty soup that we eat it with. It contains 78% carbohydrate and less than 3% protein.

If you are trying to get rid of your belly fat, then this is a food you must DEFINITELY stay away from.

Fat Storing Meal #2: Banga Soup With Edible cooked Starch

It is also referred to as Ofe Akwu by people in south east Nigeria, where “Ofe” means Soup, while “Akwu” means palm fruit. In the yoruba land, its referred to as Obe Eyin.

This soup is very popular and is eaten by lots of people, but the truth is that...its VERY VERY FATTENING. Its cooked with palm oil, which contains 99.1% fat.

As with other Nigerian soup, Banga is eaten with other carbohydrates like pounded yam, Cooked Starch etc.

The Cooked Starch (yellow swallow mould in that picture above) is VERY starchy. That cooked starch alone contains approximately 500 calories.

According to research, 1 table spoon of palm oil contains 130 calories. In other to cook Banga soup, you'll most likely need 5 - 6 table spoons of palm oil.

SO, that is...5 x 130 = 780 calories.

Using simple maths; Banga Soup (780 calories) + Starch (500 Calories) = 1,280 calories!

From just ONE meal!

That is a lot of fattening there my dear!

I know you might look at what I have posted above, and even disagree with me about the food.

Just like a lady argued with me on facebook few days ago, check out her argument in the picture below and my reply too:

The truth is, we can stick with every single beliefs we have and find it difficult to accept the truth, but its a known fact! If you are trying to lose fat around your belly, this is a food you should RUN away from!

Other Fat-Storing Meals You Should

Stay Away From:

If the meals you eat on a daily basis contain foods like the below:

1. Pounded Yam

2. Fufu

3. Garri

4. Starch

5. Rice

6. Bread (Agege & Sliced)

7. Excess Palm Oil based soup/stew

8. Biscuit

9. Soft Drinks e.g. Coke, Fanta, Lacasera, Viju Milk etc.

10. Fries

11. Alcohol

12. Flour Snacks from eateries (e.g. Meat pie)

13. Canned Foods & Bottled Drinks

The above  foods are the REAL CAUSES of  that Unwanted Belly Fat,  Love Handle (around your waist) and Fat around your arms.

Now, if you are reading this, you most probably would be in one of the three categories below:

CATEGORY 1 - You are single or Married, but you've been struggling with fat for a very long time.

You have fat all over your body and you probably weigh between 75kg - 150kg or more. This fat has given you low self confidence and you are tired from being too self conscious of what people think about your body.

CATEGORY 2 - You have a very super slim body. Infact, your body size is between size 8 - 10 (UK), but with your slim body, you have a very big belly. Infact, some colleague or friends think you are pregnant.

CATEGORY 3 - You are a new mum, just gave birth recently or many months ago, and you can't seem to get back to the size you are before the pregnancy. You have baby fat that has refused to go.

I want you to know something:

You Can't Just Register At The
Gym Only And Expect
You Lose Weight.

It just doesn't work that way. You need to watch what you eat as well.

Irrespective of what category you are in the above, I want you to know that you can get rid of the excess unwanted fat on your body.

How, You Might Ask?...

A good start is for you to cut out the fattening foods from your daily meals.

But....what will I eat if I stop eating all the meals you listed above?

Don't worry, in my next email newsletter which I'll send to you tomorrow morning, I'll be sharing with you the alternative foods you should eat.

I want you to suspend any of your unbelief you might have as a result of your previous experience and trust what I am telling yo

If you suspend your unbelief and use every single fat loss tips I am sharing in this report, and follow all my instructions, You will start seeing result in your body.

And if you continue this over few weeks, you will be able to transform your body into the one you desire.

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