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My Dear Fat Loss Subscriber & Friend,

I hope you are enjoying the Flat Belly Newsletter series that I have been sharing with you for the past one week.

Just in case you are reading this for the first time, let me say you missed part 1 & 2 And you can read Flat Belly Newsletter #1 here and Flat Belly Newsletter #2 here.

Are you still here?

Good...then I assume you have read both Part 1 & 2. This is the final and concluding part 3 of this newsletter, so I want you to pay attention to it.

If you do a lot of search on Google, you will discover that a common website that pops up on your search result is Linda Ikeji's blog.

Few weeks ago, I was doing a search on the internet when I came across an article she posted on her "Dear LIB series" where she shared the real life agony of a man.

Rather than tell you the story, let me show you the article so you can read it:

You can tell from the above that this man is ABSOLUTELY worried about his wife.

And let me tell you a truth, most men actually worry about their partner like this, even though many of them don't admit it.

I know this because it happened to me too.

Remember how I said to you that my wife's figure was ballooning after we got married and it became a source of concern to me. But unlike other men who complain or start looking out, I decided to do something about it.

The reason why men are concerned about their women's look are in two parts:

Reason # 1 - It makes them proud when their women rocks a good dress and they are the talk of the town or even when their friends compliment them that they are "taking good care of their wives" etc.

Reason # 2 - Men are VISUALLY stimulated. Have you ever wondered why men
look, look and take a third look when they see a good looking figure 8 well dressed lady walk past?

Its because "pleasure" is derived from visual stimulation. It does not matter if the man is well behaved, spirit filled, tongue speaking, demon casting, devil binding etc. You can't question it, its the way he has been wired!

BIG HINT: The above is why you will see a man leave their very good manned and well behaved wife or partner at home and still chase the "gum chewing girl" that has a flat belly and amazing body in his office.

There is no doubt that a woman's (and even men) body changes over time, and to retain a good body, you need to actually work for it.

You can rock a trimmed and good looking body and a flatter belly if you follow genuine flat belly advice that works!

Even if you are not doing it for your partner, you will be doing it for yourself. To boost your confidence, to be healthy, and to silence your critics.

Question Of The Day For You: Is Your Belly
Too Big For A Solution?

A lady left a message in the comment section below saying that she does not think the tips I have been sharing will help her because she is overweight and in her own words, "her belly is EXTREMELY big".

You see, I don't blame this lady for saying this.

When you have tried so many different pills, weight loss teas, gym's, herbal remedy, and even taken advice from family an friends who have ABSOLUTELY no clue how fat loss works and you see no result watsoever, nothing, Nada, its EASY to conclude that just maybe nothing will work for you.

But I Have GOOD NEWS For You Today....

No matter how you got your belly fat. Whether you've always had it from childhood or it runs in the family, as a result of pregnancy or you suddenly starts to get a bigger tummy recently, you CAN get rid of that "Big Belly".

I know this because I have seen it happen to several hundreds of people who have followed and use my flat belly advice. And the good thing is that, it does not in anyway involve using any of the expensive weight loss pills you see being sold out there.

You only need to follow a proven flat belly program that has been tested and proven to work without any side effects whatsoever.

That program is called: The Flat Belly Miracle Program.

And because seeing is believing and to prove to you beyond reasonable doubt that this program works, I want to show you... 3 case studies of Nigerian ladies. REAL people just like you who have used the flat belly advice that I share in my new program titled: The Flat Belly Miracle to get a flatter belly:


Here's a Facebook Testimony from a working class lady who has a full time job and she was able to lose 3 inches from her belly within 3 weeks just by following my flat belly advice below:

NOTE: If this working class lady can lose 3 inches off her belly even with her demanding job, you have no excuse yourself. You too can lose belly fat even if you work 8.am - 8pm.

Here's Another "Before" And "After" Photo Of Chidinma Who Recently Use My Flat Belly Advice To Remove Extra Rolls Of Ugly Fat Around Her Waist And Sides In Just Few Weeks!:

Here's the picture of Her Back So You Can See How She got Rid Of Fat Around Her Sides

Here's The Exact E-mail Testimony Chidinma sent To me 
After Her Body Transformation Below:

And here's the last testimony from a lady who is a NURSING Mother.

Not only that, this lady is not actually fat. She is slim, but she was able to get a flatter belly even after pregnancy. Here's her testimony below:

"Before" And "After" Photo Of Daisy Who Recently Gave Birth And
Got A Flatter Belly In Just 8 Days By Following My Flat Belly Advice

Here's The Exact E-mail Testimony Daisy sent To me 
After Her Body Transformation Below:

These are just 3 out of the many testimonies of REAL Nigerian women who SUSPENDED their unbelief and say to themselves that:

 "What do I have to lose just to TRY this"

When they did, it worked for them and that is why you can now see their amazing testimonies on this page.

Dear friend, you too can get result like this If you get On:
 The Flat Belly Miracle Program.

You can even get better result of a flatter belly.

I want you to imagine how healthier you will be just by following a set of simple flat belly advice that ACTUALLY work.

I want you to imagine how silent all your critics will be when they see you wear dress that you normally would not have been able to wear few months ago.

I want you to imagine how much confidence you will gain back when you don't have to be too self conscious simply because you join a community of women who are now winning the war on their belly fat.

I want you to imagine how your partner/boyfriend/fiancÚ/spouse will complement you when they discover that your body has changed from that flabby big belly to a flatter one.

I want you to imagine that one style sex becomes a thing of the past because that big belly that use to be a barrier has disappeared and you can enjoy sex in various different variety.

And all of these will happen to you and many more if you get yourself on my new program titled The Flat Belly Miracle Program.

When you do, the changes you will see in your body in 28 days will look like a miracle. You will be shocked by it, people around you will not even believe it. And your colleagues at
work will open their mouth wide in disbelief.

I am going to launch The Flat Belly Miracle Program Tomorrow (next 24 hours!).

I want you to prepare your mind to get yourself on this program.

If you are a nursing mother, a working class lady, a stay at home mum, a student or even a business woman, this program will work around your schedule and help you lose flabby fat around your stomach.

I know you have questions about This Flat Belly Miracle Program, and what I have done is to answer some of your questions below.


Question 1 - What exactly is The Flat Belly Miracle Program. Is it some kind of pill?

Answer -  The Flat Belly Miracle Program is not a pill; nor a drug. It is a 28 day step-by-step belly fat burning advice in a book that you follow routinely for 4 weeks that burns belly fat like in the testimony of the 3 ladies in the testimony above.

It also contains a 28 days belly fat burning meal plan and simple 10 minutes belly fat burning workouts that burn fat in your mid region and gives result of a flatter belly within 2 - 4 weeks. 


Question 2 - I gave birth to my children through caesarean and my belly is big. I have tried various different pills, slimming tea and belly fat capsules with no result. Will the Flat Belly Miracle Program work for me?

Answer - YES, it will work for you. As long as the doctor has cleared you fit enough to engage in daily normal routine.

With the Flat Belly Miracle, you will be able to get your body back after pregnancy  using natural fat burning Nigerian meals just like Daisy in the testimonial above. The program will burn the "baby fat" off your body. 


Question 3 - I am a nursing mother, can I use the Flat Belly Miracle Program?

Answer - Yes you can if you delivered naturally and your baby is at least 6 - 8 weeks old (minimum).

If you delivered through caesarean, you must get a clean bill of health from your doctor before embarking on this belly fat loss program.


Question 4- Is the The Flat Belly Miracle Program for ladies only? What about the guys. Will this work for men too?

Answer - The Belly Fat Loss Miracle Program is for both men and women as we have similar anatomy.

It does not matter if you gain your belly fat through pregnancy or sedentary lifestyle as a lady or you gained it from drinking lots of beer or unhealthy eating as a guy. 

This will reduce your belly fat inch by inch until it becomes flatter like in the testimony of the lady above.


Question 5 - I use to be slim and beautiful, but now have Belly Fat. My family and friends now call me fatty, some call me "orobo"(Yoruba word for fatty) and some people ask me if I am pregnant. It is very embarrassing. Please how can your program help me?

Answer - What you need is to follow a proven Belly Fat Loss routine that actually works like the Flat Belly Miracle Program.

If you follow it consistently, you will start seeing the fat drop off from your belly area inch by inch every single week. Within 2 - 4 weeks, you will look amazing, sexy and get back your "sweet 16" body.

This is exactly what happened to Chidinma and Daisy; the ladies in the testimony above and it will happen to you too.


Question 6 - Apart from the fat in my belly, I have stretch marks around my belly area. Its so embarrassing, Can you advise me what to do to get rid of this UGLY stretch marks.

Answer - Stretch Marks is a result of stretching of your skin when fat is getting stored in your belly area and any other part of your body. (also happens during pregnancy too)

I have a SPECIAL gift called The Stretch Mark Report; for you if you get your copy of the Flat Belly Miracle Program within 48 hours of launching the program.

The Stretch Mark Report will guide you to erase stubborn stretch mark from your body using Nigerian home made recipe.

Make sure you get yourself a copy within that time to get this bonus material as a gift.


Question 7 - I am interested in getting The Flat Belly miracle Program, How much is it, when will it launch and how do I pay to get my own copy?

Answer - The Belly Fat Loss Miracle Program will launch tomorrow at 8.am in the morning. I will send you an email with instructions on how to pay for your own copy.

The price will be released on the launch date and it will be very affordable.

Once you make payment and send your details, I will confirm your payment and send you the download link via email same day. 

The Belly Fat Loss Program is currently only in Soft Copy (E-book) and you can download it to get started to a flatter belly same day payment is made. This material is not available in any bookshop anywhere in Nigeria. 


Question 8: How am I sure I will receive my own package after payment? I am afraid of being scammed. I prefer to come and visit you in your office to pay cash and collect my own copy, where is your office located?

Answer: I understand your fears; I can assure you that you will get your copy same day payment is made. 

I have been doing this for nearly four years. Over 15,000 people have read and used my belly fat loss advice. In that time, I have helped over 967 Nigerian women to lose between 4kg - 15kg, get rid of excess unwanted fat, some of whom you have seen their testimonies over the course of belly fat loss letter 1 - 4 that I sent you over the past few days.

One more thing, I have a Full Time Job that pays my bills and even allow me to go on holiday in Europe twice per year, and because of this, I do not run an office. 

I run Naijaweightloss.com blog from my living room in my spare time after work.

It is a labour of love. You have nothing to worry about, you will get your own Flat Belly Miracle Program if you pay for it.

So that's all the major questions answered. If you have any questions I did not cover, please feel free to leave them in the comment section below and I'll answer them.

Remember, the launch date for the Flat Belly Miracle is tomorrow morning at 8.am.

On that day, I'll send you an email with instructions on how you can get yourself on this program to get a flatter belly.

All I want you to do is to follow the instructions to get on the program and you can start on your journey to a flatter belly in the next 28 days.

That will be all for now. If you have any further question, please post in the comment section below and I'll answer them.

I'll talk to you tomorrow morning. Do NOT Miss the email.

Your Friend & Flat Belly Coach

Olu Aijotan

Author: The Belly Fat Loss Miracle Program 

P.S. - Feel free to send me your questions via email. I'll answer them all in my spare time later as I have to go out shopping with the Mrs right now. Do enjoy your day. God bless :)

P.S.S - Do you know that if you don't work on your belly fat, your body will start to get a lot of stretch marks? Just maybe you have the stretch marks already.

Stretch Marks is a very UGLY thing. And its caused by the stretching of the skin. It happens in pregnancy too and when your body piles on more and more fat and you don't do anything about it.

GOOD NEWS: I recently just found out a NATURAL CURE for stretch marks using local Nigerian remedy. I have decided to give this secrets to every person that gets their own copy of The Flat Belly Miracle tomorrow morning. Make sure you don't miss it.

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