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From The Desk Of: Coach Olu Aijotan
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My Dear Fat Loss Subscriber & Friend,

I was amazed by the amount of people that clicked the link and read this flat belly newsletter series.

Over 7,586 people including YOU are following this FLAT BELLY newsletter series and over 497 comments and counting left.

I say a very BIG thank you for reading. Do keep the comments coming. I am reading them all and will be answering all your questions in the comment section as much as I can.

Without wasting time, let us get to the crux of today's flat belly newsletter #2.

Lets face the TRUTH...

The major reason why you are reading this newsletter #2 is for you to get practical ideas you can start using from today that will take your belly from having extra muffin of fat hanging around your tummy, to having a flatter belly that remains flat even when you sit down like in the picture below:

When you get rid of that extra muffin of fat around your tummy, everything about you changes. First of all, you start getting complements from people who barely notice you before. Your tailor is most likely to be the first person to notice it. This is usually true for most of my clients.

Then you are able to wear dresses that you never thought could fit you ever again. Every trace of self consciousness on the state of your old tummy will suddenly disappear, you become a lot more confident about yourself. Not only that, you become a lot more healthier.

And if you remember, I did say in the first newsletter that belly fat is caused by so many factors that includes pregnancy, hormones, stress, sedentary lifestyle and even pregnancy. 

REVEALED: The Mercy Johnson Story

And this is exactly the kind of result that Mercy Johnson, the popular Nollywood Actress who recently gave birth got when she got her body back after pregnancy. Here's a recent picture that Linda Ikeji (The popular blogger) posted about her recently on her blog:

While Mercy Johnsons big belly was a result of pregnancy, she was able to get her flat belly and body back simply by following a set of rules, and for you to start seeing Amazing result like hers (either you got your belly fat through pregnancy or not), you need to follow a set of rules that works!

IGNORE any of those rules, and you will not see the desired result, no matter how many pills you take, or how many hours you spend in the gym.

3 FLAT BELLY Rules That You MUST Follow
To Win The War Over Belly Fat!

Rule #1 - Get Yourself Measured

Have you noticed that when you go to visit a friend in a new place for the first time, it usually appears that the journey is longer than necessary and on your way back, the journey appears shorter?

Do you know why that is?

It is because, your brain had no idea how long the journey would take on your journey down.
However on your way back, you have an idea (measurement) how far you've come because your eyes sent signal consistently to your brain that you will soon get home.

The same way that your eyes sends signals to your brain through measuring the length of the
journey, so also is the way that your brain start getting re-assurance that you are seeing result
in your belly.

Most people who "wish" they have a flat belly ignore this first process and soon give up because there is no way to ACTUALLY indicate if their belly fat is actually burning off.

Result Beget Result...

If you try something and you see some result...what happens?

You become more encouraged to do more of it to get more result. But you will only be able to tell if you are getting result by measuring where you started from. That is why you MUST measure your belly first to get rid of belly fat.

How To Measure Your Belly So As
To Win The War On Belly Fat

STEP 1 - Get yourself a Tape rule. If you don't have one, ask your local tailor.

STEP 2 - Stand in front of a mirror while raising your top up to reveal your belly

STEP 3 - Put the tape rule around your waste to the most protruding part of your belly area and read the measurement in inches.

STEP 4 - Write down this measurement on a notepad or save it in the notepad on your phone.

So let's say your belly measurement is 38 inches, and you follow my belly fat loss advice for 2 weeks and your belly size drops from 38 to 36. 

This means that you have dropped 2 inches in 2 weeks right?

If you see a result like that, I am sure you would be delighted and would want to continue to use my fat loss advice until you drop more inches off your belly. This is exactly why you MUST measure yourself!

Rule #2 - Eat Fat Burning Flat Belly Meals

To get rid of low hanging fat around your midsection, you also have to pay attention to what you eat. You need to stop eating junks. Do not use your stomach as a trashcan. Replace all the fatty foods in your diet with whole, quality healthier meals that I call Fat Burning Flat Belly Foods

Before I show you some of these foods, let me show you in simple terms how the average Nigerian eat their meal.


60% Cabohydrates 30% Protein 10% Fat

If you currently eat your meals like the above, its WRONG! WRONG!! WRONG!!!

For you to win the war on belly fat, you need to eat your meals in the opposite direction. Your meal MUST contain less simple carbohydrates and more protein, vegetables, and essential fat and oil.

Here's how you should eat your meals to target your belly fat right now:

40%  Protein Based 20%
Carbohydrate (Complex)
Vitamins (from vegetables)
15% Fat and Oil (From Nuts)

And these fat burning flat belly meals below will burn your belly fat in that measure from what I have shown you above:

Fat Burning Meal 1:

Boiled Unripe Plantain With Fish Stew + 1 Apple (Approx 270 Calories)

Fat Burning Meal 2

1/2 cup of quaker Oats With 3 spoons of skimmed milk + 1 Banana (Approx 285 calories)

Fat Burning Meal 3

1 medium cat fish peppersoup with 1 Apple (400 Calories)

Fat Burning Meal 4
1 cup of moi moi with 2 slices of water melon (320 Calories)

Some other fat burning flat belly foods you can add to your diet includes: Avocados, Beans, Oatmeal, green vegetables and fruits, potatoes, plantain amala etc.

If you start eating your meals like the above, your body will store less fat in your stomach area and instead start burning off the fat around your belly and this will make it become flatter and flatter.

And this takes us to the last rule you MUST follow which is:

Rule #3 - Do Flat Belly Workouts

When you engage in effective flat belly workouts, you are speeding up the rate at which your belly becomes flatter. And no, these workouts do not require you to run 10k miles on the treadmill in the gym, it does not require you to do some painful back breaking routines either.

As a matter of fact,  I am going to show you two of the routines that I currently use myself that works really good for belly fat, so you can try it out when you get home from work or over next weekend.

Best of all, these workouts are very effective, and target the fat in your belly area and you can do this in your living room or bedroom or even in the office:

2 Simple Effective Flat Belly Workouts

Belly Fat Burning Workout 1: Step Hop 

Step 1: Stand with feet hip-width apart, knees slightly bent, hands on hips.

Step 2: Step forward with right foot, then lift left knee to hip level as you hop straight up on right leg.

Step 3: Land with feet together. Do 16 repetitions, alternating sides.

Belly Fat Burning Workout 2: Mountain Climber 

Step 1:
 Begin in a push up position on the hands and toes. 

Step 2: Bring the right knee in towards the chest, resting the foot on the floor. 

Step 3: Jump up and switch feet in the air, bringing the left foot in and the right foot back.

Step 4: Continue alternating the feet as fast as you safely can for 30-60 seconds.

Try these simple workouts at home, and let me know what you think of it in the comments below.

The Flat Belly Miracle Program

I hope you've enjoyed all the tips I have shared in this Flat Belly Newsletter #2. What you are reading on this page are just a little snippet of what I actually REVEAL in my new program which I call: The Flat Belly Miracle

This is my second fat loss program created after the amazing success of my first one (The 30-Day Fat Loss Program) which has been used by over 850 Nigerian men and women up till date.

My new program called The Flat Belly Miracle Program is a 28-day program that will target fat around your belly area and drop it inch by inch within 28 days of using it.

The program contains over 25 belly slimming meals that you will eat 5 times daily that will target your belly fat and burn it off inch by inch.

You will be able to see the result for yourself by measuring your belly every week using the tape rule method I showed you earlier on in this newsletter.

The Launch Date For The Flat Belly Miracle Program Will Be In The Next Few Days From Now.  


When you use the program, you will be able to see a dramatic eye popping result like that of one of my clients whose name is: Oyinade (Surname protected for client privacy)

She gave me permission to put up her picture up on this page as testimony as long as I don't show her face as she is a private person. She wants you to see how she was able to reduce the fat around her belly area by following the exact belly fat advice I teach in The Flat Belly Miracle Program:

Can you see in that arrow how her belly use to be big and now she has a flatter belly?

You too can reduce the fat around your belly if you get yourself a copy of of The Flat Belly Miracle Program and use it to burn off that roll of fat around your belly when I launch the program in a few days time. 

Who is this Flat Belly Miracle Program for:

1. This program is for you if you are a new mum or a working mother and you still have baby fat around your stomach that you want to burn off and make it become flatter.

2. This program is for you if you are slim, but you belly is big and people keep asking if you are pregnant.  (REVEALED: In next newsletter, will show you testimony of a slim lady who used this program to target and burn off belly fat)

3. This program is for you, if you have a very big belly and you have tried so many different methods such as herbal drinks, belly fat pills and you've seen no result whatsoever and you  are currently even considering going for a weight loss surgery.  

4. This program is for you if your belly fat is destroying your relationship and your sex life and  your partner is complaining seriously about it.

5. This program is for you if you have a full time job, spend more time at work and in traffic and have no time for an elaborate weight loss program. 

If you are always busy with work and rarely have time to even go to the gym or eat proper meals, then this program is for you, because in it, I also show you exactly how to prepare simple 15 minutes belly fat burning meals that you can eat before going to work or that you can pack along as lunch.

I am currently working with my graphic designer to complete the front cover design of the Belly Fat Loss Miracle. 

I am actually pressuring him to do it on time before I send you the next Flat Belly Newsletter in the next few days.

If he completes the front cover design, I will probably give you a sneak preview of what the cover of the program looks like.

In my next newsletter #3 that I'll send to you In few days time, I  am going to answer any questions you may have about belly fat and about The Flat Belly Miracle Program  Which I'll launch soon.

I will also REVEAL the amazing testimony of 2 Nigerian Women Who got flatter Belly from Following the advice I share in the Flat Belly Miracle Program.

Before then, I want you to kindly post one question you have about the program or belly fat generally in the comment box below. I'll be waiting online to read your questions and answer all of them. 

Even if you don't have any questions, I want you to post your comments below. I'd love to hear from you.

Don't worry...I won't bite, so kindly post your comments.

That will be all for today. Thanks for reading.

Do enjoy your weekend.

Yours Sincerely,

Olu Aijotan
Your "Flat Belly" & Nutrition Coach

P.S. - I hope you've learnt a lot from today's newsletter. I want you to tell me what you think of the flat belly tips I have shared with you today and tell me how you will apply it to get a flatter belly.

P.S.S - Whatever you do, please leave me a comment. Click on the "add comment" at the top right hand side of the comment box to add comments. Don't close this page without leaving one. Plus...share this page with one person you know will benefit from it :)

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