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Dear Friend & Subscriber,

If you'd thought you'll never be able to afford my fat loss materials (Also known As The 30 Day Fat Loss Program) because of its current price of N6,500, then this is the most important message you will read today.

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Last week, I asked for your help in answering my 6-questions survey on how I can serve you better on NaijaWeightLoss.com and you responded, that you'd like me to run a promo on my fat loss materials so that you too can enjoy the benefits of achieving your dream body at an affordable price.

Well...I Listened To You...

This is why I am running this special low price promo to give you an opportunity to get yourself a copy of my fat loss materials for the next 5 days only (18th Nov 2013 - 22nd November 2013)

Why 5 Days?

Even though I am offering you this ridiculous offer, the truth is that these products are of very HIGH value, and giving them to you at a ridiculously low price for more than 5 days will SURELY kill my business and even create an impression that the products are less valuable.

So, After Friday, the 22nd November, this special offer will close and
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NOTE - These fat loss materials contain Result Guaranteed No fail techniques to drop between 5kg - 10kg of belly fat in 30 days and has been used by over 300 Nigerian women who have gained a flatter belly and a trimmed & toned figure 8 body as a result of using the product.

Here's Testimony posted on my blog and via email from Nigerian Women just like you who have used this same fat loss materials:






Here are the Fat Loss Materials You Are Getting Below Just for - N3,500 Only:

30 Day Fat Loss Nutrition Guide

The Nutrition Guide Will Tell You What Local Nigerian Food To Eat Everyday For 30 Days That Burns Fat Off Your Body Naturally...

3o Day Fat Loss Workout Video

This Workout Video Will Burn Fat Off Every Part Of Your Body That Has Excess Fat And You Only Need Just 20 Minutes Daily And You Can Do This In Your Living Room Before Or After Work. No Gym Required.


3-Day Detox Diet Report

This Report Will Will Guide You Step By Step To Flush Fat Toxins Out Of Your System Using Natural Nigerian Fruits To Make Detox Smoothies

BONUS - Stretch Marks Report

Excess Fat Leaves Stretch Marks On The Skin. This Report Written By A Skin Care Expert Will Give You Remedies That Fades Stretch Mark Faster Than Any Skin Cream You Have Ever Tried Your Entire Life.

These Fat Loss Materials Are For you:

  • If you are currently overweight, Obese, have fatty "love handles" and fat around your stomach, arms and other areas that you don't want it.
  • If you have been starving yourself; used green teas; tried using the gym to get rid of excess fat and its not working for you.
  • If you have lots of dresses you have abandoned in your wardrobe simply because they do not fit anymore because of your bigger size.
  • If you go to work very early (5.am) and return back home late in the night (9.pm) and have little to no time for elaborate fat loss program that takes lots of time.
  • If your partner & colleague has ever laughed at you or passed a nasty remark or comment about your body and you want to avoid the situation from happening again.
  • If your sex life and even your confidence has gone down to Zero because of your belly fat which is unappealing to your partner.
  • If you want to get a flatter belly and get back the body that brings out the amazing  figure 8 African woman in you.

Follow The Instructions Below To Partake In this INSANE PROMO Offer

STEP 1 - Pay the sum of N3,500 into any of the bank details below:

Bank Name - Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB)

Account Name Tunity Services

Account Number 003-5858-507


Bank Name United Bank For Africa (UBA)

Account Name Tunity Services

Account Number 101-4607-102

STEP 2 - Once you make payment, simply send me the details of your
payment to sales@naijaweightloss.com

Make the subject of your email to say: PAYMENT FOR INSANE PROMO OFFER

Send the following details in the email:

- Your Full Name
- Your Email Address
- Teller Number You used To Make Payment
- Payee Name On the Teller
- Bank Name You Paid Into

That is all you need to send to me.

Once I receive your payment email and I confirm your payment from the bank, You will get an email from me which will contain the download links of all the fat loss materials (as above) that you ordered for so that you can download it and start using it.

PLEASE NOTE - All the above products are digital books in soft copies (Adobe PDF) and are NOT available in the bookshop. You can only get them on this website and nothing whatsoever will be shipped via courier.

This Insane Promo Offer closes FINALLY on Friday 22nd November 2013

Make sure you order yours immediately so that you can get the special Bonus: Stretch Mark Report that Is Included In the Package.

Thank you for reading & for taking advantage of this offer.

See you on the inside.

Yours Sincerely,
Olu Aijotan - Your Personal Nutrition & Fitness Coach

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