The True Story Of How
Nonso; A Married Mother Of 2 Kids
Lost 20Kg of Body Fat And
Got A Flat Belly

...PLUS Multiple "Before" and "After" pictures of
her body transformation!

My name is Olu Aijotan, and on this page, I want to share with you the weight loss story of one of my client called Nonso.

Few Months ago, I launched a *BRAND NEW* Fat Loss Program called 90 Day Fat Loss Coaching.

The Aim Of The Coaching
Was simple...

To help 30 people who weigh 90kg and above to lose weight rapidly over a 3-month period.

After announcing this 90 Day Coaching, over 35 people subscribed to be coached by me.

Recently, these 35 individuals completed their 90 Days Weight Loss Journey under my guidance.

And here's the TRUE story of how one of them lost 20kg of  Fat and got her slimmer toned body and flatter belly back.

Introducing Nonso...

Nonso is working class Married Lady with 2 kids.

And here's the first e-mail she sent me JUST before she subscribed to the 90 Day Coaching Program...


After she paid for the 90 Day Coaching, she sent me her payment details via email (see below)


And here's the first email I sent to her to kick-start her 90 Day Coaching (below)


In the first few weeks of her coaching. Here's the testimonial she sent to me of how she lost 12kg and 5 inches midway into the program.

While she was on the program, there was a time she felt like giving up. She sent me this email...


And below is my email response to encourage her not to give up (see below):


She listened to my advice and carried on with her caching program.

She FINALLY completed her 90 Day Coaching despite all odds and now she has her own better body!

See her "before" and "after" picture below


Can you see how her "big belly" became flatter in that picture above. Not only that, did you see how her "back fat" also dissappeared?

That is the work of the 90 Day Coaching Program and this is Nonso's Testimonial of how it worked for her.

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