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7 Nigerian Foods That Promote Weight Loss

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If you are on a weight loss journey, and you struggle with knowing the exact healthy meals to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and to snack on, then this article is the most important article you will ever read.

And that is because, I am about to show you 7 healthy Nigerian foods you can add into your diet right now that will boost your weight loss result.

As a weight loss coach who has helped 3,247 people and counting, live a fit and healthy life over the past 4 years…

I discover that many people struggle with their diet and after trying to lose weight for a long time, end up going back to eat junk foods.

That is why I’d like to share with you 7 healthy foods you can buy in any local market and from most fruit and vegetable seller anywhere in Nigeria that you can include in your diet for weight loss.

My advice is that, you should include these foods in your diet and eat it as part of a healthy weight loss diet.

So what are these foods…

1. Green Leafy Vegetables

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I am talking about Green Vegetables such as African Spinach (tete), Ugwu (pumpkin leaf), bitter leaf etc.

These vegetables are ultra low in calories, low in fat and rich in magnesium and can lower your risk of getting type 2 diabetes.

You can make vegetable soup with these vegetable leaf, and when you add them into your diet, it will give you result on your weight loss journey.

Some of the healthy vegetable meals you can make include: Efo Riro ( Vegetable Stew), Bitter Leaf Stew, Okra Soup etc.

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2. Local Nigerian Rice e.g. Ofada Rice

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This ofada rice is also known as local rice, brown rice. It is low in calories and gluten-free. It is ten times better than refined rice such as Uncle Bens rice.

Ofada rice is packed with anti-oxidants very high in fibre that makes you get full easy when you eat it.

If you are on a weight loss journey, it is super important that you add this Ofada/local rice into your diet because of it’s weight loss benefits.

3. Avocado

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Personally, I call Avocado the perfect super food for weight loss.

Avocado is high ins omega-9 fat and when you eat it, can help your body reduce bad cholesterol and curb hunger which in turn helps you lose weight.

Avocado is actually one of the best kind of food you can eat to lose weight and I always recommend my client to eat as much of it as possible without feeling guilty.

4. Watermelon

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Watermelon is 92% water and the other 8% is filled with good nutrition such as fibre that is important for your weight loss journey.

It is alkaline in the body and helps your body to detox and burn off belly fat too when you eat it as part of a healthy diet.

5. Sweet Potatoes

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Sweet potatoes are naturally sweet and contain a lot of high fibre. When you eat sweet potatoes, it makes you feel fuller for longer.

Sweet potatoes don’t just help you trim your waistline, it also contains vitamin A which boost your immunity and promotes good eye, skin and bone health.

The best way for you to eat Sweet potatoes as part of your weight loss diet is when you boil it to eat.

6. Garden Egg

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Garden Egg is extremely low in calories, low in sodium but very high in fibre.

The fibre rich garden egg helps you reduce the food you consume and thereby reduces the calories you eat.

If you really want to lose weight, you should consider eating garden egg. You can snack on it raw, eat it as part of a meal or even use it to prepare healthy garden egg stew.

7. Green Tea

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Green tea is so powerful that when you drink it regularly, it will boost the rate at which your body burn fat by 17% on a daily basis.

And no, I am not talking about all those “slim tea” out there that are being heavily promoted with celebrities name on it.

I am actually talking about ordinary green tea. One of the brands is Lipton green tea.

This tea is the ONLY beverage that I recommend to my weight loss students apart from Water and Lemon water.

And when they use it, the result they get in their body system is just astonishing. Luckily for you, this tea is very affordable.

If you go into any supermarket e.g. ShopRite, you can get the Lipton Green tea brand for about N500 – N700 Naira.

Now let me say this…

Just knowing these 7 foods on their own is not enough. You need to actually prepare and eat them as part of a daily weight loss diet.

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Thank you for reading,

Olu Aijotan

Nutrition & Fitness Coach

P.S. I’d like to hear from you what you think of this post. Please leave me a comment below. I’ll be reading and possibly replying some of your comments. Thank you


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