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17 SURPRISING Nigerian Foods That Kills Belly Fat!

I want to talk about an issue that is actually a thorn in the flesh of a lot of people. Maybe you or someone you know is also having this same problem.

I assure you, this is going to help you.

If you or someone you know is having a HARD time shedding fat despite eating just one meal or starving yourself daily, then I want you to read this write-up very well
and digest it.

When you undergo a starvation diet, and you are not seeing result or you see result for few days and then the fat comes back, there are various factors that could be
responsible for it BUT the One I want to talk about in this mail is the one that has to do with your “Nutrition”.

Here is a DEEP truth for you:

Your body is designed to withstand and adapt to any inconvenient situation or environment it finds itself.

If you ask the average person (and this could be you too) the best way to burn fat, the first advice they give is: Go on a Diet by eating just 1 Meal Per Day!

Not only is this advice common, its sometimes being propagated by friends, partners, family members, and extended families who will see you at social functions, giving you a sneer eye and telling you exactly how many times you should be eating daily etc.

It’s sad that some fitness instructors as well are even propagating these typs of starvation diets. I see a lot of diets with various different names like:

1. Warrior Diet

2. South Beach Diet

3. Indomie Diet (Eating one indomie per day!)Diet

4. Atkins Diet

5. Pasta Chocolate Diet

6. Chicken Soup Diet (Eat it thrice a day!)

7. Zen Diet Etc!

The common relationships between all these diets are:

1. Restriction from eating at least three meals per day.

2. Restrict you to or promote the use of one type of food. e.g.Indomie or Chicken Soup Diet

3. Promises a quick Weight Loss From Starvation.

4. Strictly limit your intake of fat etc.

If you or someone you know are currently on this type of diet,
you are GREATLY exposing yourself to a Risk that will not
only seriously affect your health, but the fat you
shed temporarily will Come Back!

Let me explain this a little further by telling you a bit of Biology. For those of us who did “sciences” in secondary school, you will be familiar with this when I am done.

The human body was designed by God to respond to stimulus. When a mosquito stings you, or a sharp needle goes through your skin, your body’s sensory receptor, sends a
message to your brain that something dangerous is going through your skin, and then your brain tells itself that there is pain.

That is when you quickly feel a sharp sting and REACT to that pain.

It’s the same thing with FEAR.

Have you noticed that when you face FEAR (it could be fear of anything….), your breathing speeds up, your heart races and your muscles tighten? Your brain reacts to a stimulus by releasing chemicals that causes your heart beat to increase.


In the same way that your body responds to Pain, Fear and other conditions that are altered by your environment, so also is exactly how your body responds when you go
on a starvation diet.

Your body DOES NOT see it as a diet. Your body actually start to think that there is lack of food (famine)…and then it starts going into what is referred to as “survival or starvation mode”.

Survival mode is part of your body’s survival mechanism and what it does is:

1. It slows down your body metabolism and try to save as much energy as it can.

2. Breaks down your body muscle (Your body starts using your muscles for energy)

If you skip a day of eating, your body is not going to freak out and slow down your metabolism rightaway. Starvation mode usually kicks in after a continuous fasting or food intake restriction usually between 3 – 5 days.

Truth is…when you starve yourself, You Will Loose Weight! The starvation diet will produce quick weight loss.

But since you can’t eat chicken soup or Indomie Noodles once in a day all your life, your starvation diet will come to an end at a point.

And once you go back to eating normal food, your body that’s been in starvation mode….instantly discover a supply of food…and starts processing sugar and it up as fat in your fat storage cell again because it thinks that this is a one time opportunity to store before you go into starvation mode again.

And for those who go ON and OFF starvation diet, they continue in this vicious circle of losing fat and then piling it back on….

Can you see that if you want to permanently lose body fat and get fit and healthy, going on a starvation diet is not the way to do it.

What you need to do is combine a “Fat Loss Nutrition plan” With a “Fat Loss Excercise routine”

When you eat the RIGHT foods and you engage in portion control (which I’ll talk about in my next post), you will achieve what is called a Calorie deficit.

What is a calorie deficit?

A calorie deficit occurs when the amount of fat burned is more than the calorie supplied by the food you eat, and the result is fat loss.

In plain language, when you eat 2,000 calories of food a day and your body burns 2,500 calories, that is extra 500 calories is burn from the excess fat in your body.

SO for us to lose weight, we must eat in such a way that our body continues to burn extra calories every day while we lose weight over a period of time.

And we can do this by eating foods that will reduce the level of insulin that is being produced in our body.

These foods are foods that contain complex carbohydrates (rich in fiber  vitamins & minerals), vegetables (contains micro-nutrients that boost immune system) and plant based proteins etc. These types of food reduces the secretion of insulin (that fat storing hormone) in your body.

And….FINALLY without wasting time, Here are the 17 foods that helps you burn fat off your body:

1. Plantain (Green)
2. Lemon (Zap some of it in water to drink daily)fresh-fruit-and-vegetables
3. Red & Green Pepper
4. Water Melon (Juicy!)
5. Ginger
6. Beans
7. Soy Beans
8. Grapes
9. Nuts (Cashew, Peanuts & Walnuts ) Contains Omega 3 healthy fat
10. Mushrooms
11. Sea foods (e.g. Sardine, Crabs, Cray fish, Crustaceans)
12. Olive Oil
13. Onion & Garlic
14. Wheat & Oat based food (Wheat bread, Wheat meal, Quaker Oats)
15. Bananas
16. African Mango
17. Brown or Ofada Rice (healthier than white rice)

There you go with the seventeen foods. However, While writing these foods down, I came up with two other bonus Foods:

1. Egg, plus the yolk.
2 Avocados (Popularly called Pear in Nigeria)

Add these foods in your daily food intake. They are readily available for you here in Nigeria and you can source them from the market.

Stop starving yourself today, don’t give yourself Ulcer.
Eat healthy with the foods I have listed.

In my next 30-Day Fat Loss email to you in the next few days (make sure you keep it a date), I’ll be giving you a 2-Day Nigerian Healthy Meal Time Table.

The next article will be much more beneficial than this one. In it, I am going to reveal exactly how to eat at least 5 Times Daily and still BURN fat off your body.

Yes, I mean 5 times daily!

So watch out for that email and when you receive it, download the 2-Day Food Timetable to use it to burn fat off.

Finally, to end this report, I want you to please drop your comments in the comment box below.

I know you have questions to ask me or you want to make a comment on how this report has changed your life. Do not leave this page until you leave your comment. I want to hear from

Finally….Kindly share this write-up and the upcoming ones with your friends, families and everyone that you can think of that might benefit from this report. (You can use the share or facebook button at the end of this article)

Your Friend & Fat Loss Coach

Olu AIjotan

P.S – I recently got an email from a 29 year old female subscriber who does not want to be named) asking for help. She said a lot of people (especially her mates) now calls her madam. Simply because of her weight. She explained how this is embarrassing for her and she would like to do something about it.

That is exactly why I created the 30-Day Fat Loss Program. In it, I share 30 Day Fat Burning Meal Time table plan and a Complete Body Transformation Workout program that will transform her body in just 30 days into that sexy slim body that commands confidence.

P.S.S – If  you are REALLY serious about getting rid of excess unwanted fat using the 30-Day Fat Loss Program, then click the link below to get yourself a copy of this program today:

Thanks for reading!

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13 WORST Nigerian Foods that causes Belly Fat!

If you downloaded the Food Diary I mentioned in my last article and you filled it out, by now you should have a list of foods recorded in your food diary that you ate over the past seven days.

And if you are like most people, the foods that you’ve recorded in your diary are most likely the MAJOR causes of Stubborn fat around your body.

If your food diary contain foods like the below:

1. Pounded Yam

2. Fufu

3. Garri

4. Starch

5. Rice

6. Bread (Agege & Sliced)

7. Excess Palm Oil based soup/stew

8. Biscuit

9. Soft Drinks

10. Fries

11. Alcohol

12. Flour Snacks from eateries (e.g. Meat pie)

13. Canned Foods & Bottled Drinks

The above foods are the REAL reason why we now grow fat, have big tummy, grow love handles and get “Christian mother arms” and have a huge waist line.

Truth be told, our Nigerian foods (listed above) are EXTREMELY fatty. This is because they contain simple-to-digest, basic sugars that has little real value for your body.


ANd that is why they are referred to as “simple Carbohydrates”.

We’ve been made to believe that eating fats or food that contains fat are responsible for making us fat.

This is the BIGGEST lie that has EVER been told to Man kind. Infact, this Lie has caused a lot of people to get fatter and even sicker.

But today, I’m here to tell you the truth.

The SHOCKING truth is that….

Carbohydrate is RESPONSIBLE for making us fat. To understand Why, let me open your eyes to the science of how fat is being stored in the body.

When you eat carbohydrates based food like Rice or Poundo Yam, your body automatically releases a hormone called “Insulin”.

This insulin controls the level of sugar (which is a by product of carbohydrate) in our body by transporting the excess sugar from the carbohydrate foods into the major organs like the muscles, liver and then STORE the rest of it (excess) in your body fat cells.

When it stores the excess sugar in your body fat cells, that is EXACTLY when you stat seeing the manifestation in the form of bulky thighs, big tummy,flabby arms and love handles etc.


The secretion of insulin in our body is a NATURAL process which is needed to prevent your body from shutting down.

If insulin is not produced to take care of the excess sugar (as a result of the carbohydrate Nigerian foods we eat) in the body, this sugar (which is toxic) can damage some vital organs & clog you arteries and block capillarries.

When you hear that someone has what is called “type 2 diabetes”, this is exactly what is happening to them.

It simply means that their body is no longer able to produce insulin that can handle the large amount of sugar in their blood stream.

In plain terms, they have what is called an elevated level of blod sugar. That is why the Yoruba’s call it “Ito Sugar

Anyway, from a weight loss point of view….the more food you take from simple and refined carbohydrates, the more insulin your body produces.

…And the more insulin your body produces, the more fat your body will end up storing.

Therefore, to reduce the level of sugar in your body that is being stored in the fat cells by insulin, the best ACTION to take is to cut down and reduce the major fat INDUCING foods that I have listed below in your food diary.

Now you might say…..Olu….if I cut out all these fat inducing simple carbohydrate food, what will I eat?

My answer is….Don’t Panic!

I want you to know that Carbohydrate is very essential for energy production, long life and good health, But that only applies to “Good” carbohydrate.

While bad carbohydrates foods (like the 13 foods above) are referred to as simple carbs, the good carbohydrates are referred to as complex carbohydrates.

Research shows that good carbohydrates increases energy naturally, induce fat burning and improve long-term health.

Now that we’ve IDENTIFIED the bad carbohydrate, in my next email, I am going to reveal to you 17 Foods that RAPIDLY burns fat!

These 17 foods contain a list of Good carbohydrates that you can use to SUBSTITUTE the bad carbohydrates that already exist in your food diary.

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I believe that so far, I have been able to OPEN your eyes to defend the lie that Fatty foods are responsible for fatness.

What you have read so far are some fat burning secrets I reveal in my new book The 30-Day Fat Loss Program, Which I’ll release very soon.

In this program, I show you exactly how to transform your body into that super slim sexy figure within 30 days.

I give a COMPLETE 30 day Fat Burning Meal Time Table Plan that comprises of 100% Nigerian foods with a perfect combination of  fat burning fruits and vegetables that will have you seeing result from the first week of using the powerful program.

I also give you a complete body transformation work out program that will burn fat off your body even up to 38 hours after you complete the workouts.

In my next email to you in a few days time, I shall be telling you more about the 30 Day Fat Loss Program.

In the meantime, I would love you to please post your comments on your experience with this article. Also, if you enjoyed this article, please share the content with your family and friends about these 13 Nigerian Foods that causes Fat!

Thanks for reading.

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Do You Keep A Food Diary?


A subscriber sent me an email two days ago asking exactly how she can lose weight  before her 33rd birthday.

She is about 110kg and most of her age mates call her “Mummy”. And she REALLY wants  to do something fast about it!

The first question I asked her was….”DO you keep a food Diary”?

What you eat…

When you eat…

How much you eat…

…seriously determines how much pounds of fat you pile on to your body.

When you eat a combination of food that is very high in carb and fat, snack on junks, starve yourself, eat very large meals etc while living a sedentary lifestyle (non activity lifestyle), you are simply jeopardizing your fat loss goal.

Burning fat off your body is 70% what you eat and 30% excercise you do.

So the first step…is to watch EXACTLY what you are eating. If you don’t watch it, you wont know for sure how much calories you are piling on your body every day.

And that is exactly why I am giving you this Food Diary.

Research into diet and weight loss at the Havard University, USA has revealed that by simply keeping a daily food diary, dieters lose twice as much weight on average as their counterparts who do not keep a food diary.

How simple is that?

So…take 5 minutes, download the food diary I have put up, if you can, print it out, if you can’t, simply draw the same format on a piece of paper with a pen.

Then….make a note of everything you eat and drink on a daily basis for the next 7 days.
When you do, you will soon see exactly what you are eating, how much you are eating and areas where you will need to improve.

Simply right click on the food diary image below and choose “Save as” to download it to your computer. Once you are done, print it out  or draw it on a piece of paper like in the picture, and use it to  record your daily food intake.


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How to Know If you Are Overweight Or Not!

Before you go out there and start doing exercise, its very important that you tell if you are overweight or not.

Now, if you are reading this article, you might say…erm…but my friends or my partner told me that I am now fat, so I really want to lose weight.

The truth is, wether you are fat or not is not dependent on what your friends said to you while you met at the market last weekend or what your partner said the last time you were in bed together.

There is a very simple formula that is used commonly by those in the medical profession to determine if you are truly overweight or not.

And unless you know for sure that you are overweight or not, do not bother to undergo any weight loss routine that will make you lose weight, instead of routines that will help you maintain your present age bracket.

 Its called the Body Mass Index (BMI). This term is actually internationally recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as a formula for classification of weight.

The body mass index is the ratio between your body weight and your height.

The BMI is actually calculated by your body weight in Kilograms (kg) divided by squared of your height in meters (m2)

If we are to write this mathematically:  BMI = Weight/(height x height)

So if you want to measure your BMI, here are the steps to take:

Step 1 – Measure yourself on a bathroom weighing scale. If you don’t have this, go to the nearest clinic or Gym to use theirs.

Step 2 – Take a measurement of your height using a tape calibrated measurement in meters and ask someone to help you take your measurement.

So, let’s assume you weight 75Kg and you height is 1.85 Meters, here’s how you will calculate your BMI.

Multiply your weight by itself e.g. 1.85 x 1.85m = 3.42(m2)

Then use the above height result to divide your weight. So, in this example, your weight is 65KG

Therefore, 75kg /3.42m2 = 21.9

Now, evaluate your BMI based on the WHO BMI classification charts:

Normal Weight: BMI range 18.5 – 25kg/m2

Overweight:  BMI range 25 – 30Kg/m2

Obesity: BMI range is anything greater than 30KG/m2.


So if you are not sure if you are overweight or not, I want you to take the above steps and use it to measure your own BMI.

Also, if you don’t want to work this out manually, you can use the BMI calculator that is to the right hand side of this article (In the sidebar) to do it automatically.

Make sure you know your BMI before you take the next step towards losing weight or maintaining it.

Once, you’ve calculated your BMI, I want you to write a comment below letting me know what your BMI is and the classification (Normal, Overweight or obessed). Seriously, I want you to leave a comment below.

If you have enjoyed this article, make sure you share it with your loved ones and friends by sharing this page with them via email or Facebook.


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2 Nigerian Foods That Causes Belly Fat!

Few days ago, i wrote an article on 3 easy steps to get rid of unwanted ugly fat easily. Few days after that, i received an email from a reader asking exactly what types of food causes Belly fat.

Actually, i covered those types of food in one of my Weight Loss 16 page reports that you can download for free at this link here. If you are yet to download your own copy, then go and do so right away.

However, in today’s short article, I am going to share 2 more foods that actually causes belly fat.

Now, I am sure i have explained that there are two types of fat. I mentioned that they are visceral fat and subcutaneous fat. If the above confuses you, then you should read my previous article where i dealt with this subject.

Visceral fat, is the one that is also referred to as abdominal fat too. Now, I am going to talk about 2 Nigerian foods that actually causes it. Are you ready for this, because its going to shock you and you will might even disagree with me? Ok, if you are ready, let’s get going…..

Food #1 Fried Chicken

Yes, we all love Chicken, infact, our rice meal is incomplete without it. As a matter of fact, Nigerians are argueably the highest consumer of chicken in the whole ofAfrica. But let me tell you, Fried Chicken will make you fat. Just one fried chicken thigh itself has nearly 400 calories and 22 grams of fat. Now, imagine if you eat two of those chicken thighs….that is 800 Calories on its own.

Not only is it fattening, the oil that is used to fry it is very high in saturated fat. This is bad for your body because of the high cholesterol level.

A good alternative – Grill your chicken and remove the skin instead, this is a more healthier option.

Food # 2 Akpu or Fufu 

This food is common among the Yoruba’s and Ibo people. These two tribes of people consume a lot of this EXTREMELY starchy food. Too much of starch makes you fat, this is because its very high in carbohydrate which the body stores in form of fat. Do you know that a wrap of Akpu alone on its own contains round about 207 calories.

Now, if you eat 2 wraps alone, that is 414 calories altogether and this does not include the fatty soup that we eat it with. Now, it might not seem like a big amount of calories…..but it is if you are trying to avoid belly fat, especially if you are prone to it (I am going to talk about different body types in my next article)

So there you go……remember, i said earlier on that you might not agree with me completely with the above, because they are common Nigerian foods that we most times can’t do without.

However, if you want a flat belly….do everything you can to stay away from these two food above. Eat healthier options. If you absolutely have to eat them, do small portions and eat it at least 4-5 hours before going to bed.

I hope you have learnt something from today’s article. Make sure you leave comments in the comment section below to let us know what you think. And…share this article with other people too.

NOTE – We are working on the weight loss challenge program and it will launch very soon. If you are interested, go and sign up at www.naijaweightloss.com to be able to get the details when we launch this program.


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10 Motivating Reasons to Lose Weight Really Fast In Nigeria

Few days ago, a client sent me an SOS email declaring that she absolutely have to lose weight.

I was going to send her couple of tips and also to encourage her to sign up for the Naija Weight Loss Challenge that will help her transform her body in just 30 Days. However, on a second thought, i decided to ask her the major reason why she wanted to lose weight.

And she responded…“I don’t know…I am getting fatter by the day and its not pleasant”.

And that comes to my topic for today. You see, if you want a flat belly or toned arms or reduce the amount of fat on your hips, you need to be crisply clear  about why you want one!

Write Down The Reasons Why You Want To Lose Weight

One of the actions you can take today is to write down the list of clear cut reasons that you want to lose weight. You need to be specific about it. Don’t just say; if i lose weight i will live a better life, you need to state exactly what things you will be able to do that will lead to that better life.

Let me tell you, there are lots of people who want something, but at the end of the day, only few get it.

You need to have “these reasons”  it stored in Notepad on your phone, or on a cardboard, or on the back page of your writing pad, or even on a sticker note put on your bedroom wall etc.

Read Your List Frequently

Now, once you have your list, read it at least once a day. Read it every single time you feel conscious about your weight. And make sure you share your list with your accountability partner.

Note – If you want to know who an accountability partner is, you should read my post on 3 Steps to get rid of unwanted fat.

Anyway, to give you ideas on motivating reasons to lose weight, I have compiled below the top ten reasons why some clients (who sent me email)  want to lose weight.

Reason # 1 – I’ll be able to fit into my old clothes

Reason # 2 – I’ll be able to feel better about myself; Self esteem will increase

Reason # 3 – I’ll be more attractive and appealing to others e.g. hubby, colleague at work, boyfriend, families etc

Reason # 4 – I’ll be happy with myself when i look in the mirror

Reason # 5 – I’ll enjoy sex and be able to satisfy my partner more

Reason # 6 – I’ll be fit and will not get out of breath easily.

Reason # 7 – I will not get teased or be the subject of discussion for others.

Reason # 8 – My back pain will be gone, my health will improve and I’ll live longer

Reason # 9 – I’ll feel a sense of accomplishment for doing one thing good for myself

Reason # 10 – I’ll feel less conscious in public

So the above are few reasons why anyone should take deliberate step to lose weight. Now, this list is not exhaustive as we are completely different and have different motivating factors and goals.

So, I want you to share your own personal reasons why you want to lose some weight by leaving a comment in the box below. If you are on facebook also, you can leave a comment using the facebook comment box below too.

Remember that when you share your reasons, it becomes real to you and you get motivated to lose all those unwanted fat.

So go ahead now…leave a comment below.


Olu Aijotan

Your wellness & fitness Coach

P.S If you have any comments or questions, please leave a comment in the box below and I’ll reply to them.

P.S.S – If you enjoyed this article, please ensure you share them with your friends and family.

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