Is your Belly Fat Giving You
Sleepless Night?

From: Coach Olu Aijotan
Time: 08.01

First of all, I want to say thank you for taking time to read my Belly Fat Loss Letters.

Over the next 5 - 7 days, I will email you series of newsletters where I'll show you more about your belly fat and how you can get rid of it.

To get us started, I have a very IMPORTANT question for you:

Is Your Belly Like The One In The Picture Below?

Or Just maybe you are slim and not as fat as the woman above. Maybe your own belly bulges out when you are sitting down like the one in the picture below:

If this is you, then I want you
 to seriously pay attention
to this Letter...

This is because it will seriously help you combat your sleepless nights.

Over the past two years, I have helped over 450 Nigerian women (and men) lose weight and get flatter belly and one common question I get via email is:

 "Coach Olu, How do I Get Rid of My Big Belly".

Lets face the truth:

Many Nigerian women/ladies have very "BIG belly". I am not even talking about the married ones who have kids.

If you doubt me, just watch music videos of new generation artiste like Tuface, Wizkid, Banky W & Iyanya on TV, and you will see lots of female dancers who are mostly single but have a very have big belly under their dress.

Let me save you time by showing you one in Tuface's Video titled "Enter The Place".

Can you see that the belly fat right there in the picture above disfigured the beauty of this African woman. My dear, that is the havoc that "Belly fat' can wreck on the body.

Which brings me to something very important:

The top 3 mistakes Most Nigerian Women Make
When It comes to Their BELLY Fat

Note - You might be making these same mistakes too...

Shocking Mistake 1 - They Hide Their Belly Fat

Instead of finding a solution to the bulging tummy, some women start to cover their belly by wearing free flowing dresses that hides the size of their belly.

They keep all their tight fitting dress in their wardrobe and buy more free flowing dresses. While this might work in the short run, it won't get rid of the belly fat unfortunately.

Too bad some women do it for ages and get comfortable with it.


Shocking Mistake 2 - They Squeeze Their Belly

This happens especially when taking pictures. Some ladies try to create an illusion that they have a flat belly by squeezing their belly in. 

How do I Know this?

Because I know so many ladies that do.


Shocking Mistake 3 - They Use "Belly Girdle"

In an attempt to hide their "big belly", some women even take it to the extreme by spending several thousands of Naira to buy "Belly Girdle" that they use to "hide" their belly fat like in the photo below:

I am not sure about you, but if you are making any of the
3 mistakes above, I want you to STOP right now!

Your Belly fat will not go away if you continue this way. While you may appear thinner or come across as having a flat belly when you wear a girdle, it will only temporarily compress and redistribute fat and skin around you abdomen area.

When you take the girdle off, the fat goes back to its original place.

So How DO You Get Rid Of Belly Fat?

  • If you think spending 3 hours at the gym running  5km on the treadmill will get rid of your belly fat, you are DEAD wrong!
  •  If you think starving yourself or doing only "situps" will
    flatten our belly, you are wrong again!

If you know anyone who give you advice to do the above two things to get rid of your belly fat, make sure you run away from them. In short, stop taking advice from your friends, colleagues at work and even families who have absolutely no clue how to get rid of belly fat!

Lets be honest...

If their advice actually works, your belly should be flatter by now. It is not flat because their
advice simply DO NOT WORK!

I am going to show you how to get rid of your belly fat:

But before that, you need to know exactly what causes that Belly Fat in the first place.

Think about it, you might have always had a flat belly, and then suddenly you start noticing the belly getting bigger and bigger and you just can't seem to stop it.

If this sounds like you, then the first thing is for you to know exactly why your tummy keeps getting bigger. If you blindly start using some stinking and bitter herbs because someone recommend it, you might be destroying your body system without you knowing it.

So what are the causes of this belly fat?

There are three main causes of Belly Fat In Nigerian Women:

Cause 1 - Fibroid Growth

Fibroid are knots of tissue that can grow like small balls inside, outside or within the walls of a woman's womb. According to BUPA (a popular health agency in the UK), some fibroids can be as small as tiny maize seeds but can also get as big as the size of a football.

With a size like that (football), fibroid can actually make a stomach become big like a pregnant tummy.

However, I must let you know that fibroid as big as this size is not actually common. This means, unless your doctor has actually done some test and advise you that you have
fibroid, its most likely that your "big belly" is not caused by fibroid.

What is my point: only a small percentage of Nigerian women have big belly as a result of fibroid and usually, they know this through their doctor's confirmation.

NOTE - If you have fibroid and you want advice on it, please speak to your doctor as I am not an expert in this.

Let's move on to the next major cause of "Big Belly", which is:

Cause 2 - "BabyFat" From Pregnancy

If you've recently just given birth or had a baby, you probably had a bigger tummy than before pregnancy. The reason is because pregnancy causes fat gain around your
belly area for two reasons:

Reason 1 - It helps the skin around your stomach to stretch itself to accommodate the baby. That is why sometimes, you will see stretch marks around the tummy area as a result of
the stretching of your belly.

Reason 2 - The fat cushions the baby to protect it until its time for delivery.

However, after the baby is delivered, the fat will remain there as "baby fat" which makes a lot of nursing mothers have big belly even many months after child birth.

If you have given birth to a child and you are reading this, I am sure you will relate to what I am talking about.

And finally, this brings us to the last cause of belly fat which is the most common one:

Cause 3 - Fatty Nigerian Foods

When I created my first ever weight loss solution called The 30 Day Fat Loss Program which has been used by over 500 Nigerian women (and men) to lose between 5kg - 10kg, one of
the things I shared in that material is how our Nigerian foods are very fatty.

Take for instance a meal like Pounded Yam and Egusi Stew With Chicken.

It contains about 70% carbohydrate, 20% Protein, 10% Vegtables etc. This means that the biggest part of our meal contains carbohydrate which is RESPONSIBLE for making us fat.

The carbohydrate gets broken down into sugar which is further converted into energy that your body uses when you walk, run, move around etc.

The excess sugar (which is a by product of the carbohydrate from pounded yam etc) is then transported and stored in a fat storage cell which are like tiny balloons that expands when you pour water in it.

This fat can be so stubborn that it leaves every other part of the body and go ahead to store itself in that place that you don't want it, which is: The Belly.

That is when you start seeing your belly come out and become bigger and bigger till you are unable to wear your sexy dress again because the fat around the belly area disfigures it.

But that is about to become a thing of the past because you are incredibly lucky to be reading this Belly Fat Loss Letters Series.

My Dear...

You see, the fat that stores around your belly are actually two different types of fat.

And I have to tell you about both of them before you even get started to getting rid of your belly fat because one of them is so dangerous, that it can shorten lifespan.

The two types of fat

 1. Subcutaneous Fat - Right now, if you lift your dress, and pinch your stomach like the one in the picture below; the excess roll of fat you can hold with your hand is called "Subcutaneous fat".

Don't worry if you can't pronounce it. Just know have it at the back of your mind that it is the fat that lies directly under the surface of your belly skin. That is the fat that is jiggly when you tap your stomach and it vibrates etc.

You see...

2. Visceral Fat - There is another form of fat that you cannot even see and this one is very dangerous. This one is called "VIsceral Fat".

It is dangerous because it wraps itself around your internal organ such as your liver and makes your liver work harder.

According to The Duke University Medical Centre, if you have excess visceral fat, you have a high chances of developing insulin resistance, which can lead to Type 2 diabetes and even heart and internal organ disease.

So can you see now that you really need to work on that belly fat not just to get a flatter belly, but also so you can avoid spending millions of Naira on surgery in the near future.

Apart from the trauma of going through an internal organ disease, I am sure you know how expensive these surgeries can be.

You obviously have heard about few nollywood celebrities in the news appealing for money to travel abroad, so they can perform surgery to replace one internal organ or the other.

I won't mention names, but I am sure you are familiar with these scenario. I am sure you don't want that. I don't want it for you too.

One thing I want you to know is this:

You Can Get a Flatter Belly Irrespective Of What The
Cause Of Your Belly Fat Is.

It does not matter if you have:

  1. Signed up at the gym and did not get any result

  2. Massaged your belly with hot water after pregnancy without seeing
    any visible progress

  3. Used girdle all your life because the fat refuses to go

  4. Drank all manner of slimming tea, belly fat concoction or taken all
    those herbal capsules.

All you need to do is to ensure you read every Belly fat loss letters I'll send you over the next couple of days.

The Part 2 Of this Belly Fat Loss Series will be out on Friday 29th of November 2013 and I will alert you via email to read it if you are on my email list.

The second part of this Belly Fat Loss Letters Series will be much more beneficial than this one.

In it, I am going to show you:

1. The first thing you need to do if you want a flatter belly. IGNORE this and you will not see the desired result that you want. I know this because I have been able to successfully help as many as 300 Nigerian Women get rid of belly fat and I know hat works and what does not.

2. Why you should not get fat loss advice from your friends who have absolutely no clue about how to get rid of belly fat.

3. List of 10 natural Nigerian belly slimming foods that will burn off exess fat around your belly area.

4. The story of a Nigerian woman who used the advice I gave her to reduce her belly fat by 2 inches and how you can copy the same exact secrets I gave her and use it too.

5. I am also going to introduce you to a Belly Fat Loss System that can perform miracles of a flatter Belly in just 4 - 6 weeks of using it.

Whatever you do, DO NOT miss that second Belly Fat Loss Letter.

For now, I want you to kindly leave me a comment in the comment box below.

If you have questions in response to today's letter, you can leave them in the comment section. I'll be reading every comment and reply them as much as I can.

Do enjoy the rest of your day.

Your Friend and Fat Loss Coach

Olu Aijotan

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