The First Step You
Must Take To
Win The War On
Embarrassing Belly Fat?

From: Coach Olu Aijotan
Time: 07.58

Dear Friend & Subscriber

So in my last letter, I showed you the 3 major causes of the
fat around your belly
. Just in case you missed that letter, you
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Moving on to today...

I post on Nairaland caught my attention recently.

In it, the author gave advice on: Disguise Tips For Women With Big Tummy

Here's a snapshot of the article so you can read it yourself:



What Is My Point?

Whatever you do, DO NOT take advice from people like this (and even from friends who gives funny suggestions that do not work!).

If you "hide" your big belly, it will not make your belly flatter. It will only make you look unattractive.

There is nothing visually appealing about any woman covering
their belly fat with flamboyant clothing.

Many Nigerian women (and even men) have completely resigned to
fate that they will not be able to win the battle over belly

But really, I can't blame them. It is because they have tried so
many different methods of burning belly fat that DO NOT work.

They've tried:

1. Running for hours on the threadmill in the gym
2. Buying gym equipments to use at home
3. Drinking Slimming tea every morning for months!
4. Taking local herbs advertised by illiterates
5. Using "Exercise belts" that do not work!

Some even go as far as taking advice from friends and family who have no clue to heat up their belly with towel soaked in
hot water in the hope that it will "melt" the fat.


If you are doing any of the above, it will not work. I know
this because I have seen hundreds of women who have done it
without any success whatsoever.

3 Simple Ways To Win The War Over Belly Fat

You see, for you to win the war over belly fat, you need to do
just THREE things. Here they are:

a. Measure the Size of Your Belly

b. Eat NATURAL belly slimming foods

C. Do Simple Belly Fat Burning Workouts (NOT sit-ups or crunches)


Believe it or not, this is the first thing you need to do.
IGNORE this first step and you will not see the result that you

Here's why:

Have you noticed that when you are going to visit a friend in a
new place for the first time, It will appear that the journey is longer than necessary and when coming back, the journey appears shorter.

Do you know why that is?

It is because, the first time you visited, you have no idea how
long the journey is. However, on your way back, you have an
idea (measurement), how far you've come and your eyes sends signal
consistently to your brain that you'll soon get home.

The same way that your eyes sends signals to your brain through
measuring the length of the journey, so also is the way that
your brain will start getting reassurance that you are seeing
result in your belly.

Most Nigerian Women who want to lose weight
IGNORE this first process and go ahead
to register at the gym.

Then they give up going to the gym when they are not seeing results as expected because there is no form of measurement to indicate that their belly fat is dropping.

Don't get me wrong. I don't hate gyms. My point is that, "signing up" at a gym without following the RIGHT belly fat loss advice will not work.

And this actually make them to return back to square one. And
then go back to eating more and more fatty foods that make their belly bigger and expose their skin to more and more stretch marks.

Talking about stretch marks...

You will agree with me that most Nigerian women have this and it is very unsightly.

I once got an email from a married man pleading with me to kindly advise him on how to help his wife get rid of stretch mark.


Simply because each time he is about to make love to his wife,
he looses erection because the stretch marks turns him off.

This couples sex life is nearly non existent and boring simply
because of stretch marks caused by expansion of the waistline (belly)

And if you know the anatomy of men very well, you will agree
with me that they are "visually stimulated".

Anyway...back to Belly Measurement.

Result Beget Result.

If you try something and you see some result...what happens?

You become more encouraged to do more of it to get more result.

But you will only be able to tell if you are getting result by
measuring where you started from.

That is why you MUST measure your belly first to get rid of
belly fat.


STEP 1 - Get yourself a Tape rule. If you don't have one, ask your local tailor.

STEP 2 - Stand in front of a mirror while raising your top up
to reveal your belly

STEP 3 - Put the tape rule around your waste to the most
protruding part of your belly area and read the measurement in

Step 4 - Write down this measurement on a notepad or save it in
the notepad on your phone.

So let's say your belly measurement is 38 inches, and you
follow my belly fat loss advice for 2 weeks and your belly size
drops from 38 to 36.

This means that you have dropped 2 inches in 2 weeks right?

If you see a result like that, I am sure you would be delighted
and would want to continue to use my fat loss advice until you
drop more inches off your belly.

This is exactly what happened to a lady simply called Nina, whose details has been protected for privacy.

She subscribed to my new belly fat loss program and I advised
her to "measure her belly" before she starts which she did, and
within 2 weeks, here's the email she sent me:


This lady is married with kids and have a demanding job, yet
she was able to get rid of 2 inches from her belly in just 2
weeks just by following my Belly Fat Loss Program.

So many people believe that for you to get a flatter belly, you
have to starve yourself, workout in the gym, drink chinese tea,
drink foul smelling, bitter tasting herbal drinks or even sign
up at the gym and workout very hard.

But let's be realistic:

You probably have a Job and have to get up for work as early as in the morning, spend time at the office working non-stop
without break time and then rush back home in traffic to get
home very late at night.

Tired exhausted and ready to go to bed.

And it does not stop there, if you are married, you have to
"take care" of the husband and the kids too and this leaves you
with no time to even go to the gym at all.

But I have GOOD NEWS for you...

You don't need the gym to get a flatter belly. You only need to
follow a proven belly fat loss program that has been tested and
known to work without any side effect whatsoever.

The same program used by the lady in the testimony above. That
program is called The Belly Fat Loss Miracle.

It is a combination of time tested belly fat loss advice that
will target your core abdomen and burn off both the Visceral
fat and Subcutaneous fat off and flatten your belly so fast
that you'll say its a Miracle.

Over 300 Nigerian women have listened and acted on my advice
and coaching and lost between 3 - 5 inches in few weeks using
the same strategies that I share in this Belly Fat Loss Miracle

In my subsequent belly fat loss letters which I will send to
you on Monday 2nd December 2013, I will show you more email
testimonies from real Nigerian women just like you who have
used this Belly Fat Loss Miracle.

Not only that,  I'll even show you "before" and "after" pictures of some of them who have given me their permission to let you see it to show you how your belly will become flatter in few weeks from now.

For now, I want you to follow the steps above to measure your
own belly with a tape and share the measurement in the comment
section below if you want to.

Also, if you have any questions or comments, kindly reply my email and I'll respond to it.

Do enjoy the rest of your day. I'll talk to you later.


Olu Aijotan (Belly Fat Loss Coach)

P.S. Apart from measuring your belly, the other two things you
need to do to win the war on belly fat are belly fat burning
exercise and eating belly slimming foods. I'll tell you more
about it in my next email.

P.S.S - Share this Belly Fat Loss letter with friends and family
that you know will benefit from it. Thank you.


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