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How To Eat Healthy Over The Christmas Holiday

The Christmas is upon us and it’s in 11 days from now.

If I am honest, it’s very difficult to eat healthy during the Christmas holiday considering every mouth watering fat inducing dish that will be flying around.

On a normal day, the average person will usually consume 1,500 to 3,000 calories of food daily. However, over the Christmas period, this consumption can rise up to around 4,500 to 6,000 calories on Christmas day!

According to the British Dietetic Association in the United Kingdom, people gain on average 2kg of extra fat over Christmas.This excess fat is caused by the amount of fat-inducing foods that is readily available to be consumed with reckless abandon.

This excess fat is caused by the amount of fat-inducing foods that is readily available to be consumed with reckless abandon.

If you are on a weight loss journey, it’s very easy to throw caution to the wind, live the moment and eat and eat until you drop while hoping that you will start all over again in January of the following year.

This is a plot, don’t fall for it. Do not let the festivity in the air derail you from your weight loss journey.

The truth is, you can still eat delicious meals over Christmas and enjoy every bit of this holiday without gaining extra weight.

As your fat loss coach, I’ve got your back on this one, and that is why I want to walk you through how you can eat healthy over the Christmas period.

Try these tips, and you will not only enjoy Christmas, you will also do it in a healthy way that will not leave you feeling guilty that you will gain weight from what you eat.

So without wasting time, let’s get down to it….

1. Be Selective In What You Eat…

The traditional Christmas meal in Nigeria is Rice. We love it so much that we make it in various different ways; White Rice With Stew, Fried Rice, Jollof Rice, Coconut Rice, Egg Fried Rice etc

And usually, this rice is served with chicken, Beef, Moi Moi, Fried Plantain, ColeSlaw as well.

There’s usually other foods available such as pounded yam and other pastries such as Chin Chin, Puff Puff, Buns, Fish/Meat Pie, and others such as cake, chocolates, icecream etc.

When eating your main meal over Christmas, be selective in what you eat. It’s ok to actually eat your rice, but you have to be selective in the way you eat it.

Here’s a good example of how to do that….

STEP #1: Serve yourself coconut/fried/jollof rice (whichever one you prefer) the size of your fist on a small plate.

STEP #2: Then peel the skin of chicken and put on the plate. It’s ok to put in Moi Moi as well.

STEP #3: Then add as much Vegetables as you can to your plate.

This will ensure that your plate has about 60% Protein (Chicken & Moi Moi), 20% Vegetables and then 20% Carbohydrates (Rice).

When you serve yourself in the above way, this will ensure that you are eating less calories. This is better than having your plate filled with 80% Carbohydrates (Rice) and 20% Protein (chicken).

Also….If you have to eat swallows e.g. Pounded yam.

Make sure the size of your pounded yam is very very small (less than the size of your fist), then add as much protein e.g. lean beef, chicken, fish etc. and also vegetables stew such as “Ugwu, Spinach etc” in it as much as possible.

By doing this, you will be eating less carbs, but taking in a lot of vegetables and protein from the beef/chicken.

But that is not all….

Ignore the cake, chocolate, chin chin, puff puff and any other food that is sugary. Instead, make fruit salad and snack on this instead.

A good example of a juicy fruit salad is when you combine Water Melon, Apple, Grapes, diced Mango, Pawpaw etc. You can use any other fruits in season.

2. Avoid Too Much Alcohol & Sugary Drinksice-water-1520106

Stay away as much as you can from drinking multiple bottles of beer, fizzy drinks, orange juice in packs such as five alive, chivita.

Most sugary drinks and alcohol are very high in calories and sugar content. Too much consumption will increase your chances of gaining weight. 

Instead, you can squeeze any fruits of your choice (e.g. Lemon, Cucumber, Orange etc) in water to flavour it and keep in the refrigerator for few hours to chill and drink this instead.

If you absolutely crave for alcohol and you really really want it badly, just 1 glass of red or white wine is ok to drink.

3. Use Smaller Plates

If you serve your meals in a large plate, you;ll tend to heap your plate full with lots of food than your body actually needs. ‘ll most likely pile the plate full with

But that is not all, you will be more inclined to want to finish the food on your plate and end up overeating just to ensure you don’t let it go to waste.

To avoid this, I want to STRONGLY suggest you dish your meals in a smaller plate. When you dish your food, use small plates to dish it. You can never put too much food on a small plate. It helps to limit portion sizes and prevent you from overeating.

4. Drink A Cup Of Water Before & After Every Meal

Before you eat any meal, make sure you drink a glass cup of water, and immediately after a meal, drink another cup of water.

I personally do this myself to prevent me from helping myself with multiple servings and “eating” too much, especially if the meal is my favourite or is delicious. .

And I believe this will work for you too. When you drink a glass of water before and after every meal, you will become full quickly, you will tend to eat less food.  And remember, the less of the fatty foods you eat, the better for you.

5. Learn To Say NO

I know this bit is very hard. But it’s something you have to do too. Every family friend or Neighbour or relative you visit over Christmas will offer you as much food as possible to eat.

If you are on a weight loss journey, or want to continue to stay healthy and you’ve had a fair share of food for the day, don’t be too shy to say NO to it.

Don’t feel bad about turning down a meal if you already have a stomach full of food. Politely turn it down, and if the family member is very close to you and you are unable to turn it down, simply ask for water and a snack instead.

6.Keep Active And Stress-free

I will not ask you to do some high-intensity workout or go to the gym on Christmas or Boxing day. But what I’ll advise is that you keep active on that day in a different way.

Take brisk walks for about 15 -20 minutes. This will help your body work and burn those extra calories and also help you destress too.

So there you have it! If you follow what I have shown you above, you will be able to eat healthy over Christmas and still maintain your desired weight.

So, try these tips over the next few days running up to Christmas and let me know how it goes.

Please leave me a comment to let me know what you think of this article. You can also share any other Christmas healthy eating tips you’ve tried in the past too.

And before I close, let me remind you to keep an eye on your e-mail for the announcement of my Christmas Discount Bonanza when you can ethically STEAL all my fat loss programs and materials at discount prices. 

I’ll send you the full details of this  via e-mail on the 16th December at Make sure you keep an eye on your e-mail for this.

Thanks for reading and do have a lovely Christmas in advance.


Olu AIjotan

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