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From The Desk Of: Olu Aijotan
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Dear Friend,

Do you know that the major causes of weight gain and belly fat are actually the food you eat.

I Am Talking About Foods Such As The Below:


These Nigerian meals are packed full of carbohydrates and very high in calories and the way you combine them as a meal and eat them releases PLENTY of sugar into your blood which in turn gets stored as fat in your body.

And these fat are stored in your hips, your arms, thigh, neck and even your belly, which is where excess stubborn fat likes to hide itself.

Of course, there are other CAUSES of excess body fat such as "pregnancy weight", stress, medical condition etc.  But fatty food you eat is usually the major cause.

To lose weight PERMANENTLY, you need to start eating healthy fat burning NIGERIAN meals and...

follow advice from experts who understand nutrition & fitness and how the body burns fat. Someone who has been doing this for years, has experience and has helped countless people achieve the same result...

And This Is Where Someone Like Me Comes In...

My name is Olu Aijotan and many of my clients and subscribers  call me "Coach Olu". So far, I have helped over 1,500 Nigerian men and women lose between 3kg - 35kg of excess body fat and...

I want to help you too by showing you how to eat healthy fat burning Nigerian meals.

So...If you have been struggling with belly & body Fat and you've tried various different methods, starvation, and it never worked for you, then I want you to sign up for my newsletter..

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