Are you looking for a sure fire business opportunity? Then please read this...

“Would You Like Me to Personally Give
The Exact Secrets That Sold
N5.2 Million Naira Worth Of Product On The Internet
...For FREE?

...And Teach You Exactly How You Can COPY
My Secrets and Use it to Make REAL Money On The Internet
For Yourself Right Here In Nigeria.

From The Desk Of: Olugbenga Aijotan
Location: Walsall, United Kingdom
Date: 13th April 2014

Dear Friend,ims-sidebar-milclicks-bnr

If you’d like to know exactly...

How just anybody (you inclusive) can create a SUCCESSFUL and PROFITABLE business on the internet that sells like crazy and FLOOD your Bank Account with lots of ENDLESS CASH…

...Starting with just a simple idea, then this is the most IMPORTANT message you’ll ever read.

In the next few paragraphs of this letter, I am going to "reframe" your mind..

I'm going to show you how to set up simple internet campaigns that makes between...

 N450,000 - N1 Million Every Month!

Before I tell you about this Internet Business Secret, let me make something perfectly clear:

This is not one of those “get rich quick” websites
that promises you a fortune for doing nothing.

But first of all...

Let me introduce myself properly. My name is Gbenga Aijotan and I am the Founder and CEO of; A business coaching & consulting company.

I create SIMPLE internet campaigns that generates several hundreds of thousands of Naira in Revenue weekly while working from home on my computer (see pix below);

These internet campaigns makes me CRAZY revenue without the "wahala" of opening office, recruiting and paying staffs or even  opening a shop!

I call this internet campaign....My profitable Internet Business System!

So what is this Internet campaign all about, you might ask...

Let Me REVEAL It To You...

This Internet Business System Involves…

Identifying an audience that have a problem they are DESPERATE to solve...

Then creating Internet campaigns that puts solution in front of them to satisfy their need while getting paid for doing so.

These solution could be in form of Information Marketing and Consulting where you provide REAL and GENUINE solutions in digital forms like “E-books, videos, Audios, software’s” that can be downloaded on the internet.

Here’s The Work Flow…

Forgive my weird handwriting in the workflow above....

But that workflow REVEALS exactly how the internet business system works and how I have used it to make Millions of Naira from my own internet campaign.

This type of system workflow that I hand drawn above is similar to what Jeff Bezos at and even Brian Tracy uses to sell millions of dollars worth of product every year.


The Billion Dollar Industry!

According to IBIS World, the internet publishing industry is actually a $27 Billion industry with an annual growth of 11%. This statistics is for the United States of America.

In Nigeria alone, this industry is currently worth cumulatively N500 Million and has a potential of hitting N10 Billion Naira over the next 10 years right here in Nigeria.

Yes, you read that right.

 N10 Billion Naira!

I have a question for you...would you like a slice of that pie?

Let me show you exactly how I am using the workflow I showed you earlier on to generate revenue DAILY from my internet business using this system and positioning myself to even earn some more, and how I want you to be a part of it...

How A Tiny Little Website Made Me 
N5 Million Naira In Just 7 Months!

I created a very simple tiny little website in the health niche, using my perfect internet business secret workflow that I have shown you above...

This tiny little website is so simple to make that even a primary 6 student can create it.

I think it took me just 3.5 hours to create this simple tiny little website on a Saturday morning and I spent another 6 hours creating the information product in form of an E-book.

And I followed STEP 2 in the workflow to create an internet campaign which I ran for the next 3 weeks, and VOILA...

 By the end of that first month...

It Made N273,100 in 30 Days!

The following month after that,  I used that tiny little website to make another....

N246,500 in REAL PROFIT

In the 3rd Month of setting up this simple website, the profit climbed up to...

N433,000 in REVENUE...

And the 4th month, I tweaked the website using one of my secret internet profit maximizer in my arsenal which I am going to teach you to use for yourself and the profit climbed up to...

N754,900 Sales PROFIT...

And every single month after that, the profits climbed up and up into Millions and that tiny little website has generated a cumulative profit of....

 N5 Million Naira In 7 Months!

Fast forward today, and I am currently doing an average of N650,000 in sales every single month with that tiny little website.

And guess what....I spend an average of just 2 hours on it daily!

All the numbers I shared above are REAL numbers, with PROOF to back it up.

Apart from the health niche, I am also using this system in several other niches which includes "business growth", "relationship" etc and the result I am getting in terms of profit has been the same of

...ENDLESS Cash Every Single Time...

Now I must admit that I have been using this system for many years (since 2007) and I have used it, perfected it and I think it has made me up till presently a total of...

Over N50 Million Naira cumulatively 

Yes! You read that right.

Now if we put aside the figures for now, this Internet business system has not only changed my life, it has changed the life of family members and even friends around me.

This business system has given me FREEDOM and WEALTH beyond what a full time JOB in even the highly lucrative Oil & Gas or Telecoms sector in Nigeria can offer. And it is about to impact yours too...

Take For Example...

Last year, I went on Vacation numerous times outside the country. I want you to take a look at some of the pictures below to give you an idea of places I have visited:

My first visit was to Barcelona city in Spain. Here's a picture of me with the "shy" Mrs in the town centre:

And Yes! My visit wont be complete without a trip to my FAVOURITE football club stadium. Barcelona FC Nou Camp:

And here's another picture of me spending some time in the beautiful Albufeira, Portugal.

I also visited Lisborn, the town made popular by Nigerian Super Eagles as training camp for world cup preparation back in the 90's.

As you read this letter, I am currently in England ( I might upload pics soon) and also planning another set of trip for myself and family to Miami, Florida USA and also to Paris, France.

I go on these holidays from some of the profits I have made from my Internet Business system.

PLEASE NOTE: I am not stating the below claims or putting up pictures to brag or show off.

Far from it! I am doing it to open your eyes to how POWERFUL this internet business system is and how it can change your life the way it changed mine.

Now Let Me Ask You a QUESTION.

Do you know of any job in Nigeria that will allow you to workk from home, rake in Millions of Naira consistently without any staff or office/shop and allow you to approach a foreign embassy...

Walk out with a visa in hand and within days catch a flight to any destination of your choice on vacation with your family whenever you can, without having to PRACTICALLY beg your boss at work for annual leave.

I DOUBT there is...


Here's what's Really Amazing...

This internet business system is SIMPLE but effective. As long as you can READ and WRITE and have common sense, you can run this program and profit from it.

I have CLOSELY guarded this internet business workflow secrets for so long that I have never shared it publicly with anybody...

But today, you have an INCREDIBLE advantage!

I am about to hand over to you this closely guarded profitable Internet Business System...for FREE

But I must be sure that you QUALIFY to be given access to this profitable system, so I want you to click on the link below to check if you qualify.

m getting with this Internet Business System...

November 2011 Earnings Amounts To 

Need Proof? Click here to view Statements
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December 2011 Earnings Amounts To 

Need Proof? Click here to view Statements
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(The page is so long with credit alerts that posting on this page will interfere with the information here)



First of all, let me introduce myself properly, My Name is Gbenga Aijotan and I am the Founder and CEO of

About  7 years ago, I uncovered an Internet Business System Which I have tinkered with for nearly 6 years until it became a perfect system. Ever since I perfected this system, I have used it to build a profitable internet business that has generated lots of sales and Millions of Naira in Revenue.

I Kid You Not!

This system has made me more money than I can EVER imagine myself earning while working full time at a JOB in any Nigerian Company. Between 2011 and 2014, I have used this same system to generate Millions of Naira every single year in a row.


Hi my name is Ronald Nzimora and today with the permission of my friend and partner, Patrick Ogidi, I want to share with you an amazing story.

It’s about how I discovered the perfect business and how Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote, got introduced to it and used it to start his business empire, one which today has made him worth. . .

Over $23 Billion Dollars

I think this story will be a real eye-opener because it will not only help you see how the riche Nigerians tap into this secret money well. . .

But also show you that it’s possible for anybody, including you, to get started just like them, in this ‘brand new business system which requires

  •  no investment,

  •  no start up capital,

  •  no experience and definitely,

  •   needs no physical office ever.

Think such a business does not exist?

Well, think again.

Because you’re about to discover

How Dangote’s Grandfather, Alhaji Sanusi Dantata Taught His Grandson, Aliko Dangote This Business System Which He Used To Build Enormous Wealth

I hope this story will be a wake-up call. And after reading it, you will be among the first set of people to cash in on it and profit, before there’s a rush.

(Alh. Sanusi Dantata, Aliko Dangote’s Grandfather)

In 1978, in the dusty town of Kano, Aliko Dangote’s grandfather, Sanusi Dantata called him into the house and gave him a loan of =N=500,000 to start his business. As the story goes, Dangote paid back the loan in 6 months.

You may be familiar with this part of the story. What you haven’t been told is

What Kind of Business It Was

This business was started by Dangote’s great-grand father, and had been passed on down the Dantata family until it reached the young Aliko. 

Hear what Dangote says in an interview in Forbes Magazines, May 2013, about this business which his grandfather taught him…

Aliko Dangote

“All that I am today and that I have become, I owe it to what he (my grandfather) showed me as I grew up.”

Fast forward 33 years later, this same business opportunity is alive and well.

Want to learn what it is? 

Let Me Tell You How I Discovered It

Sometime in mid 2011, I had gone online to see how much sales I had gotten from my books, which I sell on the Warrior Forum. As I turned on my computer, my Skype (software which allows you to make video phone calls and chat on your computer) pooped up and I saw there was a message from someone I hadn’t met before.

Her name was Keisha *surname withheld for privacy*.

In her message, Keisha said, she had bought my book from the Warrior Forum and was interested in me helping her authenticate a shipment she was handling for a client from South Africa.

What do you do? I asked. 

That’s When She Told Me…

She told me about this incredible business opportunity and how she does it from home. She said,

“Look all I do is three things…

#1: I find a group of business owners who wants to bring in a specific product to their country.

#2: Then I find another group of business owners who sell this particular product.

#3: Then I link the two of them together (the importer and the exporter) and I get paid.” 

“That’s it?” I asked.

“Yeah, that’s it! You should try it out as a second income source” Keisha replied.

But it sounded too simple. Way too simple that …

I Ignored It For The Next 7 Months…
Until I Bought The Edition Of Forbes Magazine
You See Below!

Inside the magazine, there was an interview of Alhaji Aliko Dangote, and when he was asked what business gave him his start, he said…

"My Grandfather got me started in the Export Brokerage business.

He gave me a loan of =N=500,000 which I really didn’t need. And I paid it back in six months.

This is the secret business that started my wealth in 1978…"

My Mind Immediately Flew Back
To What Keisha Had Told Me!

Maybe there was something in this business I thought.

So I decided to test it. I went back to Skype, copied out the “little training” *name withheld* had given to me. Then I made a couple of phone calls. And visited this website she had also mentioned.

Then after the contracts ended, I didn’t even try again. I was too in love with my internet marketing business to care.

Yes, shame on me. I know L

But Why Haven’t You Heard Of This Before Now?

2 Reasons.

Reason # 1: The few people doing this business are doing it UNDERGROUND.

It’s not obvious what they do. Think about it. They do not use an office. There’s no need to. They simply use the internet and their phones to make calls and connect these deals. That’s it.

So they can hide and you wouldn’t even know what they’re doing.

Reason #2: The people doing this business, especially here in Nigeria GUARD it jealously.

They hate sharing the details of this business with other people. I have met a number of them and when you ask them to share some details with you, they just stop talking with you.

The Greedy bastards. Yes they’re that hard-hearted.

Seriously, because if it was for my lucky meeting with that woman online … 

I Would Never Have Heard Of This Business Too!

But now that I know about it, I’m going to expose this knowledge locked up inside my head until now and share it with you.

Despite what those who are already in this business and who do not want others to know about it think.

I really don’t care about them and what they think anyways. All I care about is that anyone who wants to should have this information and use it to liberate themselves. 

The Earlier You Start The Better…

Because you’re already missing out.

Imagine if you knew about this business opportunity last year, imagine how many deals you would have already gotten by now, and how much you would have made by now.

However, know this: You can’t do this business on your own, without someone like me showing it to you.

With me by your side, showing you exactly how to set up these deals,

You’ll Be Off To A Flying Start!

So, on Thursday 10th and Friday 11th of April, I'm holding a LIVE TRAINING where I will show you Step By Step how to setup your own version of this business opportunity, in under 90 minutes! 

The Live Training is called. . .

“Export Brokerage Business System: “The Secret Business Opportunity That Started Aliko Dangote’s Wealth in 1978… And How You Can Tap Into It in 2014 to Create Enormous Wealth for Yourself and Your Family”

This training has never been taught anywhere else in Nigeria before now. You’ll be among the first set of people who will ever have it. And it will be a complete “bootcamp” training that shows you how to set up this business and have it running before the end of that same day!

I start from ZERO.

You’ll watch me search for a deal and set it up, then wait for my cash to be paid, all in less than 30 minutes.

And when you attend, you will not only be given a FREE copy of my SPECIAL REPORT of the same title at the end of the class, so that after the event, you can go through it at home anytime you please,

You Will Also Have the Following ADVANTAGES

Advantage #1

You’ll get access to the database where you’ll find thousands of people looking for these kind of deals to make. No need to spend days wondering where to find deals.

Advantage #2

I’ll show how to get access to *name withheld*, the woman who exposed this business opportunity to me. She even knows this business more than I do because she’s been doing it for over 5 years now.

What’s more. 90% of what I’ll teach you is what I learnt from her.

Advantage #3

You will be able t start immediately after the event!

Yes this business opportunity is so good, you can start immediately! Just pay attention to what I’ll show you and then start.

What If You Can’t Attend The LIVE TRAINING?
No Problem!

You’ll also get the REPORT, plus a VIDEO RECORDING of the presentation! plus every other thing those who attend the event get.

Nice idea, right?

Stull interested?

Read on …

Here’s what you’re going to learn (at the LIVE event and inside the SPECIAL REPORT)…

  • What this business opportunity is exactly and why you never heard about it until now.
  • The simple 3-step process for starting this business in less than 90 minutes without start-up capital, without an office and without any experience ever.
  • How to avoid the many people who are waiting to scam you if you are a newbie in the business
  • How to ensure you get paid what you are due, without any hassles or “come today, come tomorrow” games. (This is a critical factor I this business. If you  miss it, you’ll get frustrated)
  • How to know what the people you're connecting want so you can give it to them.

  • The biggest mistake you can ever make in this business and how to avoid it. (This mistake if you make it, will ensure you earn nothing.)

  • 2 places on the internet where you can in 10 minutes or less, verify authentic business connections so you DO NOT WASTE your time chasing scammers and time wasters.
  • The local and international laws around this business that can put you into trouble. (I'll tell you what they are and how to avoid them)

  • The last minute error newbies in this business make that costs them big. (If you make this mistake, many people will be waiting to scam you)
  • How to get PAID in one week while others get paid in months or not at all.
  • How to work once and get paid, month after month, WITHOUT doing any extra work again.
  • How to ensure you get paid what you are due, without any hassles or “come today, come tomorrow” games. (This is a critical factor I this business. If you miss it, you’ll get frustrated.
  • The two critical documents which have you NEED to have to ever get paid. (I will tell you at exactly which points in the process you should use each of them.)
  • How to know to the last kobo how much you should get paid.
  • Where to find business connections who are EAGER TO GIVE YOU MONEY.
  • And so much more.

Everything you need to be successful I will show you.

Now Let Me Tell You Who This Is Not For…

  • It’s not for you … If you are a lazy person. Simply put I don’t want lazy people coming to learn this business opportunity. They won’t use it anyway. So if you’re lazy, don’t come.
  • It’s not for you … If you are not willing to do some work to make your life better
  • It’s not for you … If you believe people should do everything for you while you just “siddon and chop”
  • And it’s definitely not for you, if you think you cannot start where Dangote started from. He started with this business opportunity I’ll show you.

However if you’re the sort of who is willing to… 

Take A Proven System And Put It Work in 90 Minutes
Or Less, Then This is For You

Now normally, you'd expect to be asked to invest a lot of money to attend a training like this.

Something like =N=75,000, which is the real value this training should go for.

Well, if we did it would be totally worth it. But then, you're not going to pay anything near =N=75,000,

Neither will I ask you to pay =N=50,000 either.

Or even =N=35,000.

I also won't ask you for =N= 25,000.

Not even =N=20,000.

And surely not =N=15,000.

So how much is it?

I want to make it super easy for you to attend, by asking you to pay just


Am I going crazy for asking you to invest this low amount?

No actually, my head is screwed on real tight.

The reason for asking you to pay ONLY =N=12,000 to attend is so that:

You Will Have No Excuse

At ONLY =N=12,000, you cannot say the even is over priced. You cannot say it’s too expensive. You cannot say we hate you and do not want you to attend.

It’s cheap and anyone can afford it.

So there you go.

No excuses!

And Oh, Before I Forget! Your Satisfaction Is
100% Guaranteed Or Your Money Back!

If at the end of the training (or if you can’t attend you finish listening to the event and studying the SPECIAL REPORT), you do not think you can take what I show you and make 10 times your =N=12,000 investment, simply let me know and I will offer you my sincere apologies for wasting your time and then give you a FULL refund before you leave the venue!

It shall never be said that I stole somebody’s =N=12,000. Never!

Now …

Here’s How To Register For The Training


OPTION 1: Bank Deposit

STEP ONE: Make a deposit of =N=12,000 into

Bank: First Bank PLC

Account Name: Profit Marketing Systems Limited

Account Number: 20 17 37 98 50

STEP TWO: After payment, send an email message (not text message please!) with YOUR NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER and TELLER NUMBER to

You can also call 08098137237.

As soon as we confirm your registration, we will forward you the venue.

In any case, the venue is at Trinity Court, 3A Fatai Kafo Street, Off Lekki-Epe Expressway, Agungi, Lekki.

Only those who register will know the venue. We don’t ant people hanging around... and making things uncomfortable for others... like it was the case in the past. 


OPTION 2: ATM Card Payment
(Your Have a Valid ATM Card From A Nigerian Bank For This To Work!)


Once your payment goes through, remember to click on "Continue to merchant website" to be automatically redirected to our home page.

STEP TWO: After payment, send an email message (not text message please!) with YOUR NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER and TELLER NUMBER to

You can also call 08098137237.

Now you have two choices here. To register and join us on the Thursday, 10th of April, 2014 or to close this page.

If you register and join us, I assure you, it will be a wise choice because your life will change as a result.

If you decide to not join us, it will be stupid, but that’s still a choice.

I look forward to you making the right choice.

Sincerely yours,

Ronald Ikenna Nzimora and Otunba Akin Alabi

P.S. WARNING! If you don't join this very simple business right now, you'll regret it.

That's a fact.

Just imagine how stupid you will feel when in 12 months time, your friend who was wise enough to get started in this business and has bought all kinds of good stuff for himself and his family using the profit he gains from it starts telling you about it, and you suddenly remember that you were reading it here too 12 months earlier but refused to join.

Then you will be thinking, "if only I had joined Ronald and gotten this training back then, it would be me bragging to my friends about this wonderful business and they would be begging me to teach them."

P.P.S. Remember, this is just =N=12,000 to get this secret. It's the perfect business opportunity you've been looking for all these years. It's proven to work and many of those profiting BIG from it do not want you to know about it.

I will teach it to you and I guarantee you will see the potential or you will get 100% of your investment back.

Do not wait to be told and do not waste time or you will miss out on being among those who will ever learn this system. Register now.

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