Are You STRUGGLING With Your Diet
And Gaining Weight and "Big belly" because of
What You Eat?

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In it, I'll reveal how your daily food intake and diet could be giving you "Big Belly" and making you fat and EXACTLY...

What you can do to STOP it.

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But before I get started, let me introduce myself...

If you are reading this, chances are that you know a lot about me already. But for the benefit of others who don't, I'll do a brief one.

My name is Olu Aijotan.

I run the fitness & Nutrition website .Many thousands of my clients call me Fat Loss & Nutrition Coach. That is because I have helped them lose between 3kg - 35kg of fat off within 4 - 12 weeks!

Today, I want to talk to you about something that most people IGNORE, but yet is CRUCIAL to the success or failure of their weight loss journey.

If you've tried slimming teas, herbal products, workout DVDS, Gyms, intermittent fasting, strict diets etc that don't work, then its because you've IGNORED this crucial component.

And that component is: NUTRITION - What you Eat!

Do you know that...

Your Diet is RESPONSIBLE for Weight gain
and Making You Fat!

You might not know it, but the meals, snacks, other colleagues food at work, food at parties that you eat and how you combine to eat it contributes HUGELY to how your body store fat.

You might say...

Olu, I don't eat three times daily.
Infact, I eat just once daily, yet I am still fat!

The TRUTH is that, even if you eat once daily, that same food and how you eat it coupled with your daily lifestyle is still RESPONSIBLE for making you fat.

Here's why...

You see, many of our Nigerian foods are very HIGH in carbohydrates. List any 5 meal that you've eaten recently...Rice, Pounded Yam, Fufu etc. And you will discover that they have a generous portion of carbohydrates in them.

When I say GENEROUS, the carbohydrates make a larger part (between 60 - 70%) of the entire meal. I mean, take a look at the below meals and snacks below and tell me which part of it is bigger?

Can you see that the "swallows" are basically packed full of carbohydrates and are the biggest in terms of size on the plate?

Not only that...

When you add it with "FAT" from the type of stew....and eat them very late in the nights is a RECIPE for weight gain.

Then you have all the pastries in form of Gala, Meat pie, chin chin, and even chips, chocolates and cakes that you snack on on at your desk at work on those days that you rush out of the house in the morning...

Which you then wash down at the same time with a chilled bottle of soft drink (e.g. Coke/fanta) which by the way contains 8 - 10 tablespoons of sugar!

That combination alone is responsible for the added pounds of fat you can feel under your body flesh. I call it "FAT BOOSTER"!

Here's How Your Body Stores
These Food As Fat!

When you eat a "fatty meal" like the above, your body breaks down the carbohydrates from the "swallows" into sugar that is released into your blood stream (blood glucose)

The sugar is then used by your body in form of energy. However, because we eat a LARGE portion of food high in carb and fat, our body sometimes are unable to use up all the sugar released from the food we eat...

So another hormone in the body called INSULIN kicks in and start to mop the excess sugar from your body and start to transfer them into a storage bank called "The Fat Storage Cells" which is what makes us fat!

And most times, the MAJOR reason for eating fatty food is...

 Lack Of Time to Prepare Healthy Ones.

If you have a full time job, you spend most of your time at work and have little to no time to actually cook.

You then resort to eating junks that you can lay your hands on. The problem is....these junks are small in mass but very HIGH in calories.

When You Eat Them, Your Stomach
Will NOT Be Full, But Then Your Body Still Store The
Excess Calories In Form Of Fat!

That is when you see the NEGATIVE RESULT in form of fat around your body, on your neck, arms, face, hips and even your belly which is the most difficult place to lose fat!

Now, your NATURAL response to excess fat on your body and especially around the belly area is to decide to do ANYTHING possible to get rid of it!

And usually, you'll follow the same route that most people follow which includes any of the following...

  • Going on a Diet. e.g. Indomie Diet, Atkins Diet, Bile Diet, Kale Egg Diet, Cambridge Diet etc.

  • Taking Slimming Tea e.g. Chinese slimming tea, Green Tea, Ginger Root Tea etc

  • Taking Herbal Products e.g. Edmark, Clean 9, Keratone etc

  • Hitting the gym e.g. Running 2 hours on the treadmill, lifting weight etc

  • Intermittent Fasting & Starvation

And here's the problem....

All of these options DO NOT
work in the long term!

When you go on a restrictive diet such as the (indomie, Atkins etc) you restrict your body to just one type of food e.g. Eating indomie alone or Kale Egg alone or just veggies alone etc.

This is unhealthy, boring, tasteless & unpalatable. Lets be truthful, what is exciting about eating "Indomie twice daily" for 30 days???

Herbal Slimming Tea's & Pills when taken in excess actually runs the stomach and can cause you to start purging. Most  sources of these teas and pills are not even known, yet people put that in their stomach in the name of fat loss.

NOTE: Of course, there are very good tea's out there such as green tea (which Joe Okoro recently introduced to you) which is a good antioxidant, and good for weight loss when you take it as part of a healthy weight loss program (not on its own only).

Not only that...who has time to spend 2 hours in the gym all in the name of weight loss? This is even difficult especially if you have a full time job and rarely even have time for yourself.

And oh yes.....Intermittent fasting & Starvation. Many people torture themselves by doing this too. If you have been doing this to yourself....I have one word for you....


Stop starving yourself. Stop depriving your body of good food. It will do you no good.

Let me ask you....

Ever since you've been taking herbal slimming pills, restrictive diets, doing intermittent fasting, have you seen a permanent weight loss?

I Can Bet That The Answer Is NO

That is because, you start to go through a vicious cycle of losing the weight temporarily, seeing quick result...and then as soon as you return to normal eating, you are gaining the weight back!

And afterwards you resign to fate and come to the conclusion that you wont be able to lose this excess fat, that this "Big Belly" will not go down forever and then you start to feel that you'd be better off just accepting the fat on your body and living with it.

Health & Fitness expert call this repeated loss and regain of body weight as weight cycling or Yoyo Dieting.


Don't resign to fate. Don't resign to carrying excess fat around. Don't resign to having a "baggy body" irrespective of what you have tried in the past that probably didn't work.

Now Let Me Shock You...

Do you know that you can lose weight, burn off those extra pound of fat and drop the extra rolls of fat around your belly by just healthy meals?

No, I am not talking about all those boring, tasteless repetitive meals that most people who are on restrictive diet eat.  I am talking of tasty, delicious, sizzling and great smelling satisfying meals.

Yes! Imagine being able to eat the above meals everyday and still be able to get a flatter tummy and amazing body without stress!

And Guess What...I Can Help
You Achieve This.

It means NO MORE boring tasteless, rigid meals all in the name of fat loss.

No more starvation, making your body endure hours of painful deprivation that makes you edgy, cranky and even at that never gives you the result you want.

And when you are able to eat delicious fat burning meals such as this, you now have a PERMANENT solution to the problem of "excess weight gain".

You will start to burn off the excess fat easily without stress and your will start to feel good in your body.

Let me ask you...What would you prefer?

Option #1: Starving yourself and eating boring tasteless food once a day, losing weight temporarily only to gain it back...


Option #2: Eat healthy delicious meals at least 3 times daily and start to shake off the excess fat off your body and your tummy starts to go down until it becomes flatter?

I know what I'll choose....
Option #2.

And I Believe That Is What
You'll Choose Too.

And if that is the case, then you should be on the lookout for my new program coming out next week on the 9th June 2014. 

Its called 100% Nigerian Fat Loss Recipe Cookbook  - It is the ANSWER to all your fat loss problems & issues with weight gain!.

This cook book contains 100% Nigerian deliciously tasty Nigerian recipes that are fat burning that you can cook and eat in the comfort of your home without feeling guilty while at the same time still burn off excess fat as a result of eating them.

With this cook book, you'll NEVER have to starve again.

You'll never have to put up with boring, tasteless diet. You'll never have to complain of having no time to cook meals again.

HINT: This is especially for you if you have a full time job and RARELY have time for yourself.

I'll launch this cook book on Monday, 9th June 2014.

 Don't worry...I'll give you more info in my next email.

In my next newsletter which I am going to send to you on the 4th June 2014 at,  I'll be REVEALING two 100% Nigerian fat burning meal recipes and show you exactly how to cook it in a healthy fat burning way.

Not only that, I'll also show you the 3 top mistakes that people make when it comes to weight loss and how you can avoid it.

Be on the lookout for this in your email. I'll send it to you on the 4th of June at and the title of the email will be: Swap your asteless Diet with this...

So kindly check your inbox on 4th of June at for it.

But for now...before I go, I want to ask you for a favour.

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Yours Sincerely,

Coach Olu Aijotan

Nutrition & Fat Loss Coach

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