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I want to say a BIG Thank You to you for leaving me comments and questions in the comment section.

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Not only that....I compiled all some of your questions, especially about the Fat Loss Recipe Cookbook and I'll be answering them all today.

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I need to fulfill the promise I made in the previous Newsletter #2  to show you EXACTLY what the BEST Healthiest Cooking Oil in the world is and how you can make it yourself!

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Let's Go!

 Cooking Oil

The healthiest Fat Loss cooking oil well known to Nutritionists and Fitness Coaches that aids Fat Loss is....

  Coconut Oil!

Coconut oil is edible oil that is extracted from the flesh of the coconut. Yes, that same coconut that you break and eat like the one below...

This coconut oil is way healthier than any other cooking oil out there.

Better than Vegetable Oil, Palm Oil, Canola Oil, or any other oil you've been told in the past are REALLY good for fat loss.

NOTE: Palm Oil is healthy to eat. However, if you are trying to lose weight, you MUST reduce its consumption in your diet.

And here's why coconut is better...

Coconut Oil is a "Fat-Burning Fat".

That is, even though its classified as a "Fat and Oil" macronutrient, it is Thermogenic and increases your metabolism thereby burning more fat off your body!

The way your body breaks is down is that...

The fat from coconut oil are sent straight to your liver where it breaks down and is used for energy right away.

In simple terms, it means your body does NOT store it as fat but uses it INSTANTLY as energy. That is why is is VERY good cooking oil for fat loss.

So if you want to burn off belly fat and lose weight, you should be cooking your MEALS with Coconut Oil!

But Guess What....

Getting pure Virgin Coconut oil in Nigeria can be quite scarce.

There is one common in the most local market in south western Nigeria that is called "Adi Agbon" but most people don't TRUST it!

This is because some of it are diluted with paraffin to keep it runny and their source of production might not be neat etc.

Most Supermarkets like Shoprite and "Cash n Carry" stock Coconut Oil in jars and bottles, but they are EXPENSIVE. 

Let's be realistic for once....

Who would spend N4,000 on a bottle of Coconut Oil that will only last you for just two batches of cooking when there are other cheaper oils (even though they are unhealthy)

That is why I have taken the pain to research and find out EXACTLY how you can make this Coconut oil in your spare time at home.




1. 2 Coconuts (With brown husk)
2. 4 Cups of hot water
3. Knife
4. Clothe Filter (type used for filtering Raw Pap)
5. Bowl for mixing
7. Blender or grater
8. Hammer


STEP 1 - Use the sharp edge of the knife to pierce through the coconut one after the other and drain the coconut juice into a bowl.

STEP 2 - Wrap the coconut oil in a kitchen towel and use your hammer to break it into smaller pieces, then use the knife to peel off the coconut flesh from the hard outer brown covering (husk).

STEP 3 - Scrape off the brown bits on the back of the coconut flesh away and place the coconut flesh and the coconut water in a blender. Then add 4 cups of water to it and blend the mixture until it becomes smooth.

STEP 4 - Place your clothe filter ( sieve clothe) in place and pour your blended coconut mixture through it to extract the juicy liquid from the coconut pulp.

STEP 5 -  Place the extracted juicy liquid (called Coconut Milk) into a pot on low flame on a cooker. Then continuously stir the mixture while cooking to avoid it getting burnt.

STEP 6 - As you stir, the mixture becomes thicker and then the oil starts to separate itself from the mixture.

The water from the liquid will start to evaporate leaving the oil and some froth or mush behind in the pot.

Turn off the heat and set the pot aside to cool down.

You can then remove the froth and pour the left over oil in a jar. This home made coconut Oil is now ready to be used for cooking!

CALORIES: 1 tablespoon contains 120 Calories (Approx)   

Time Taken to Prepare: 55 minutes!

NOTE - There are some food you cannot use "coconut Oil" to make such as Vegetable Soups, Swallow Draw Soups etc.

I have a SECRET way of cooking these type of soups the healthy way...

And I REVEAL them in the Vegetable Soup section of my new book titled...

The 100% Fat Loss Recipe Cook Book and this cook book will be out on Monday 9th June at

So keep an Eye on your email and I'll send you details on how you can get a copy for yourself same day.

But for now, let me answer some of the questions that were posted in the comment section in regards to The Fat Loss Recipe Cook book below:

Your Questions...And My Answers!

Question #1 - What Exactly is this 100% Nigerian Fat Loss Cookbook?

Answer: Its a recipe book that contains delicious fat burning meals that you can prepare and eat to lose weight NATURALLY without putting yourself through eating boring and tasteless food that most yoyo diets put you through.

With the recipes in this cookbook, You'll ELIMINATE cravings, and kick-start your weight loss journey with HUGE successful result you can see in days!

Not only that, you'll never have to lose weight to gain it back again

Question #2 - In what format can I get this book?

Answer: The format is in PDF Soft Copy.

This means you can download it right away and start using it. The product contains 10 separate sections covering every area of delicious fat burning Nigerian meals that you can prepare and eat.

There is also a special BREAKFAST section specifically for early risers who go to work very early.

In it, show you how to PREPARE 15 minutes quick fat burning meals in the morning, that will ensure you'll never feel hungry while at work.

Question #3 - Are the meals in this cookbook entirely Nigerian Meals?

Answer: This book DOES NOT contain any foreign meals that you have no clue what they are.

All of the Ingredients in the 100% Nigerian Fat Loss cookbook are READILY available in any Nigerian local Market to purchase and are NOT expensive.

They are delicious, tasty, filling and fat burning. So you'll NEVER worry about where to get your ingredients from or what food you really should eat to burn stubborn belly fat.

Question #4 - How much is this cookbook going to cost?

Answer: The price is N10,000. However, in the first 2 weeks of the launch, I'll be making this cookbook available to you for just N6,000 only. And if you purchase yours in the first week, you'll get all the attached bonus that comes with the cookbook.

Remember, this price is definitely cheaper than anything you've paid in the past for Cambridge Diets, Herbal Slimming Teas, Slimming Belts....that do not work and even cheaper than what you'll pay a Nutritionist to give you just a list of foods to eat.

For this book, you are getting a complete fat burning cookbook set that you can use to burn fat off, and then maintain your slim body without gaining the fat back.

Question #5 - How am I sure this is not a scam?

Answer: I have given you lots of free information in the fat loss food newsletter series that I should have charged for.

I did that for a reason. To demonstrate to you that I am an expert at this and actually deliver. Not only that, I have served thousands of people and help them achieved their desired body.

They were able to achieve that RESULT because I delivered on my promise of giving them what they paid for when they paid for it and coaching them till they achieve success.

That is what I want to help you achieve too. SO this is NOT a scam. When you pay for a copy of the cookbook, you'll receive yours.

So There You Go...

I have answered the MAJOR questions. However, I may have missed some out...

If you have any further questions that I am yet to address, please feel free to post them in the comment section and I'll respond to it directly.

Finally, make sure you mark your calendar and be on the lookout for an email from me on 9th of June 2014 at EXACTLY

When you see that email, follow the INSTRUCTIONS to get yourself a copy of the 100% Nigerian Fat Loss cook book so that you'll qualify for the early bird bonus materials too.

I'll see you next week Monday 9th June.

Yours Sincerely,

Coach Olu Aijotan

Nutrition & Fat Loss Coach

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