- Healthiest Cooking Oil in The World (Part 3)


From the Fat Loss Kitchen of: Olu Aijotan (Nutriton & Fat Loss Coach)
Time: 8:23 am

Dear Friend & Fat Loss Subscriber,

My name is Olu Aijotan, and I am a Nutrition and Fat Loss Coach.

As at the time I am writing this letter, I have helped over 1,500 Nigerian Men & Women lose between 3kg - 35kg of excess body fat.

What I am about to show you is the EXACT secrets I have used to help them achieve this.

So I want you to pay attention, especially if you've tried different diets, pills, fasting method etc without seeing any result so far.

I will not take you through a long boring sales letter today.

Instead, I am just going to go straight to the point and tell you exactly what I have for you, and exactly how I am going to give it to you.

if you’ve tried every diet imaginable, if you’ve taken every pill, if you’ve tried exercise routines,
machines and personal coaches and truggled to lose weight, you still haven’t taken the weight off; then I
want you to PAY ATTENTION to this short but informative letter.... you’re about to read the letter you’ve been waiting for all your life.

Here’s why...

Your Diet Is RESPONSIBLE for
Making You Fat!

Yes, I am talking about all the diets that you've tried in the past that do not work. When you are advised or told to go on a diet, the first thing that comes to your mind is....

  • Starve yourself for the entire day, and then eating one small meal that consist of just leaves, fruits and vegetables only.
  • Buying very expensive "meal replacement therapy" from multilevel marketing companies such as slim fast, lipo6, edmark, forever leaving products etc
  • Drinking foul smelling herbal drinks that promises a lot but deliver no result....Nothing!
  • Swallowing imported unregulated fat loss pills that you have no understanding of its content or source 30 minutes before eating..
  • Going on a diet that restricts you to eating just 1 or 2 set of meals only repeatedly for days, weeks and even months!
  • Preparing and eating meals that looks very boring and tasteless on your tongue.
  • Drinking Lipton Tea without milk, lemon tea, grass tea, and expecting it to help you lose weight.


If you've been trying to get back a good toned body by trying to lose weight using the above methods and fashion, then let me tell you a truth....

You've Been Wasting Your Valuable
 Time & Money!

Not only that, you've been putting your body under intense stress, hardship, and depriving it of the
healthy benefit of good food.

Here's Why...

Putting yourself on a diet like this is NOT sustainable on a long term!

Let me ask you, do you know of anyone who live all their lives just eating vegetables alone Or Fast and Eat Just one meal daily for the rest of their lives?

I Am Sure You Know No One Of Such!

When you place yourself on a restrictive diet, intermittent fasting, starvation, Pills, herbal products all in the name of fat loss....

Your body finds out that you are not getting the correct amount of food it needs daily and start to react by
rejecting every form of restrictions that you have placed on it...

That is why you notice that few days after you place yourself on a restrictive diet or starving yourself you
start to feel cranky, famished, restless, pain in your stomach etc.

And when you FORCE yourself to continue on a restrictive diet such as this, you may even start to purge out of control or have pain in your belly!

And that is when you discover that...

Eating diet foods this way has become monotonous and boring having to eat only one type of food everyday, and having to give up meat and cereals etc

  Losing Weight By Dieting is VERY DIFFICULT to do.


Its Annoyingly Difficult!

It's Tiring!

And hence, you start to relapse. That is when you go back to....

Eating Fatty Foods All Over Again!!!!

Even though you lose some kg at the start of your restrictive diet, you quickly go back to normal eating
and then start to gain back every little pounds of fat that you've lost.

And you get tangled in a web of dieting cycle that leave you going back to what you use to like below...

Cycle 1 - Going on a restrictive Diet

Cycle 2 - Losing some weight

Cycle 3 - Going off your restrictive diet

Cycle 4 - Gaining back the same wait...

With this happening every single time.....with absolutely NOTHING to show for it.

But you know what....

Its Unfortunate. So unfortunate that despite all the money spent, all the stress gone through, all the deprivation...

Yet, you lose the weight, and then gain it back with ABSOLUTELY no RESULT to show for it!



This is called Yoyo Dieting. and those that do it are called Yoyo Dieters!

Being a yoyo Dieter is demeaning. Its tiring. It's demoralising. It kills self esteem and even make many people believe that they can NEVER lose weight because they keep gaining the weight back.

I Don't Want To Be a Yoyo Dieter.
I Am Sure You Don't Want to be Too...

I am a foodie. I love food so much that I can NEVER, EVER eat just one meal daily! I love my food yummy, tasty, delicious.

Not only that, I hate boring. I hate tasteless. I hate repetitive. I hate expensive methods of depriving myself of food.

And I am sure you do too...

That is why I have spent the past 3 - 4 months in my Fat Loss Kitchen to research, experience, test and come up with.....

The 100% Nigerian Fat Loss Recipe Cook Book
How To Eat Healthy Delicious Fat Burning Nigerian Meals
& Still Lose Weight Easily!

This fat loss recipe cookbook is your ANSWER to all the weight loss, boring diet, "big belly" problems you've been having....

With this cookbook, you'll be able to...

Cheat Your Way To Getting An Amazing Toned Body
By Eating Delicious Meals

I call it the EASIEST way to burn off fat from your body and get an amazing toned body without enduring starvation, weight loss pills, overbearing diets, and boring programs that make it difficult to lose weight.

The contains fat loss Nigerian meals that you can 100% source all of its ingredients in any local Nigerian Market.

I am talking about fat burning Meals such as the one below...



I personally love this fast breakfast. I find it DELICIOUS, tasty and yummy. Banana is yummy and having it with scrambled egg is not just great for breakfast, its super filling! Below picture is the one I made MYSELF.


1. One ripe Banana
2. Two Eggs
3. pepper (Atarodo) & tomatoes
4. 1 tablespoon of Olive oil
5. Pinch of Salt & Seasoning


Peel your banana and slice into a flat pate and keep separately.

Cut your pepper and tomatoes into small slices/bits. Add the cut pepper and tomatoes to your egg and beat it. Put a little Maggi and pinch of salt.

Put 1 tablespoon of olive/coconut oil in a heated pan on cooker/stove. Put the whisked egg into the heated pan and turn it regularly so it does not stick.

Once done, turn down the heat and serve the egg with the sliced banana. See picture above of the one I made myself :)

NOTE: You can make your egg look more pleasing to the eye if you chopp your tomatoes & pepper fresh. I was in a rush in the morning and used grounded pepper instead.

Serve and Enjoy!

CALORIES PER SERVING: 303 Calories (Approx)    SERVES:  Serves 1

Time Taken to Prepare: 15 minutes!




I love this particular meal because I get to put both chicken and sweet potatoes together. The combination is deliciously amazing. Forgive my choice of words, but I have a thing for Potatoes and you too will enjoy it...


1. 1 medium sweet potatoes
2. 1/4 ground pepper
3. 1 table spoon of crayfish (grounded)
4. 1 medium chopped onions
5. 1/2 tablespoon Olive Oil
6. 1 medium chopped garlic
7. 5 - 10 pieces of chicken breast (remove the skin)
8. 1 cup of Ugwu leaves (chopped)


Season your chicken and boil it. Then Peel your potatoes and cut it into medium sized pieces. And Boil the potatoes in water that just about covers the potatoes.

While it's boiling, add your grounded pepper, crayfish, Onions, Garlic, Olive Oil and salt to taste and allow to boil till nearly fully cooked. Add your spiced boiled chicken to the mix.

When the meal is very tender, add your chopped Ugwu leaves and allow to cook for 3 - 5 minutes so the Ugwu is not fully cooked.

Once its done, set it aside and allow to cool. Serve and squeeze a bit of lemon on it & Enjoy!

CALORIES PER SERVING: 370 Calories (Approx)    SERVES:  Serves 1

Time Taken to Prepare: 30 minutes!

The 100% Fat Loss Nigerian Cookbook has so much variety that you will find LOADS of different food to eat every single day for at least 30 days!

Without wasting time, let me tell you EXACTLY what you are going to discover in the 100% Nigerian Fat Loss Recipe Cookbook

  • The easiest Fat Burning breakfast you can prepare in just 15 minutes daily and eat before going to work. This is very good if you have a full time job.
  • How to affordably source for all your fat burning INGREDIENTS stress free, even if you live in the remotest part of it the country.
  • My SPECIAL Kitchen secret for storing all your PERISHABLE fat burning Ingredients for later use. You'll be surprised you didn't even think of this before now!
  • The No.1 cooking Oil for fat loss and how you can make it easily in the comfort of your home.
  • Over 80 different fat burning recipes that is GUARANTEED to make your taste buds happy and satisfied!
  • A simple but effective way to even still eat all your fatty foods and still get to lose weight doing so.
  • A Fat burning NATURAL Ingredient you can put in drinking water that will help you burn fat and lose weight EASILY.
  • How to prepare your stew and Vegetable stew in a fat burning way that you can eat and even have your family members eat too.
  • And much more....

 - Imagine laying your hands on a cookbook that REVEALS all the fat burning meals Nigerian meals that are available in Nigeria to you...

 - Imagine gaining access to a cook book that you can use to prepare meals that will make your family and friends surprised at how delicious but fat burning your meal is.....

 - Imagine being able to eat exactly the same meals that your family eat without you having to RESTRICT yourself or cooking your meals seperately.

The above, is exactly what you'll get inside the 100% Nigerian Fat Loss Recipe Cookbook.

I want you to know that this Fat Loss Cook Book and fat loss advice works, and is GUARANTEED to give you RESULT!

 But Don't Just Take My Words For It.

I want you to take a look at the below testimonies of REAL Nigerians just like you who have used my fat loss advice to burn off fat, lose weight, get an amazing sexy body and change their story!

want you to know that I have been helping people lose weight for quite a while now and that this fat loss recipe cookbook and my fat loss advice works and is GUARANTEED to give you RESULT...

Please Find Below The Recent Testimonies From Clients Of My...
30 Day Fat Loss Program and Flat Belly Miracle Program


Testimony 1:
How Ebun (Mother Of 3 Kids) Shook Of The Excess Fat And Got Her Body Back!

Testimony 2:
How Nneka Dropped From Wearing Size 14 To Size 10 Dress!

Here are other testimonies from those who are too shy to send their photo's in but sent me email testimonies instead...

E-Mail Testimony One:


E-Mail Testimony Two:

E-Mail Testimony Three:

E-Mail Testimony Four:


E-Mail Testimony Five:

E-Mail Testimony Six:


E-Mail Testimony Seven:

Would you want to see the same type of "Before" and "After" RESULT for yourself, ENJOY same benefit and SEE the same type of  SUCCESS as the people above.....

I am sure you do!

Then I STRONGLY suggest you pay attention to what you will get from The 100% Nigerian Fat Loss Recipe Cookbook below

Here's Exactly What You'll Learn In The
The 100% Nigerian Fat Loss Recipe Cookbook...


Fat Loss Recipe Cook Book
Quick Start Guide

This first book is contains the exact steps you need to know about The 100% Fat Loss Recipe Cookbook right before you start using it.

In it, I also REVEAL the secret Fat Burning Nutrients and my GUARANTEED Nutrition strategy that works 100% Without fail for getting rid of excess fat EASILY!


Fat Loss Cookbook Two

The 15-Minutes Fat Loss Breakfast Recipe Cook Book


This is the first cook book in the series. It contains exact fat burning Nigerian meals you can prepare in just 15 minutes that you can eat before going to work!

This is especially for you if you work full time and have little to no time for preparing elaborate meals

When you eat meals in this cook book, you'll never go hungry while at work! Not only that, you'll kick-start your day with so much energy and buzz that you will keep your body METABOLISM revved up for the entire day!


Fat Loss Cookbook Three

Fat Loss Regular Meals Recipe
Cook Book


This cookbook contains flat belly regular meals you can eat regularly on a daily basis usually in the afternoon or evenings.

This cookbook alone contains over 15 Regular meals  that you can make right in your home and eat to lose weight and get a flatter belly EASILY!

I personally share recipe's that I prepare myself and take to work on a daily basis that you can store in a cooler to keep it warm or toss in the microwave to warm up before eating at work.


Fat Loss Cookbook Four

Fat Loss Regular Meat-Pork-Chicken-Sea Foods Recipe Cook Book

Have you been told that you must cut animal protein out of your diet to lose weight?

Then you need to read this cookbook. Not only are you allowed to Eat Animal protein, I also show you exactly how to make delicious Meaty, Pork, Chicken and Sea foods recipes that are very delicious, tasty and also help you burn fat off EASILY


Fat Loss Cookbook Five

Fat Loss Soup & Stew Cookbook


I'll show you EXACTLY how to make fat burning Nigerian Stew for your Major Meals.

Not only that, I'll also REVEAL exactly how you can make healthy version of many of your favourite Nigerian Vegetables Stew.

You'll be able to include these stews and vegetables in your meals without feeling guilty whatsoever about eating them as part of your daily Nutrient Intake for Fat Burning.


Fat Loss Cookbook Six

Fat Loss Swallows Cookbook

Do you know that when It comes to Fat Loss, there are actually some swallow's that aid's fat loss that you are allowed to eat.

In this particular cookbook, I'll REVEAL these swallows to you. Not only that, you'll learn exactly how to make the fat burning Swallows too and use if for burning fat off your body.


Fat Loss Cookbook Seven

Fat Loss SNACKS & SIDES Cookbook

This Fat Loss Snacks & Sides Recipe Cookbook contains healthy delicious fat burning snacks you can eat in replacement for all the junks that causes "big belly".

Not only that, you'll learn about the Fat Burning side dishes that you can eat alongside with your major meals.


Fat Loss Cookbook Eight

Fat Loss SALAD Cookbook

You'll be able to get access to variety of fat burning salad recipes that you can prepare in your own home.

I am going to show you how to make healthy, delicious tasty salad that are COMPLETELY different from all the boring ones you've tried in the past.


Fat Loss Cookbook Nine

Fat Loss Smoothies & Drinks Cookbook

This smoothies & drink cook book will show you how to prepare tasty Fat Burning Detox Drinks that will help you hit the reset button and cleanse your internal organs to increase your metabolism.

All the detox smoothie drinks in this recipe are 100% made from Natural Nigerian Ingredients that are COMPLETELY safe and proven to help with detoxification of the entire body.


Fat Loss Cookbook Ten

Fat Loss Intercontinental Meals Cookbook

This cookbook brings to you healthy fat burning recipes from all around the world.

They contain fat burning meals from various different countries in Europe, America, Spain, Italy etc. that you can actually find many of the recipes in major supermarkets e.g. Shoprite, Cash n Carry etc in Nigeria.

NOTE: This cook book is the ONLY cookbook in the list that contains meals that are not Nigerian. Every other cookbook are 100% Fat Burning Nigerian Recipes.

Now let me ask you...

How Much Will These Ten Cook
Cost you?

Before I tell you how much it will cost, I want you to know that what Intend to do before now was to sell these books individually as 10 different fat loss meals cookbook.

Infact, If I was to do this, here's exactly how much the REAL value of these materials are based on how POWERFUL the result they will help you achieve...


No 100% Nigerian Fat Loss Recipe Cook Book Price Worth
1. Fat Loss Recipe Quick Start Guide
2. Fat Loss 15 Minutes Breakfast Cookbook
3. Fat Loss Regular Meals Cook Book
4. Fat Loss Meat, Pork, Chicken and Sea Food Cookbook
5. Fat Loss Soups & Stew Cook Book
6. Fat Loss Swallows Cook Book
7.  Fat Loss Snacks & Sides Cook Book
8. Fat Loss SALAD Cook Book
9. Fat Loss Smoothies & Drinks Cook Book
10. Fat Loss Intercontinental Meals Cook Book

This means If I was to sell the materials INDIVIDUALLY, I could sell them at a combined price of N50,450 Easily.

I want you to know that these cookbook recipes have been used and confirmed to work to help you get rid of excess fat over and over again.

Not only that, I want you to know that I am basically giving you all my secret fat burning cooking methods.

Many of them known to only my wife alone, but you'll now be getting access to it.

I want you to have a think about how expensive the pills, Cambridge diet, slimming tea, herbal tea  you've purchased in the past.

 I want you to think about the undue stress, hardship hunger pangs, tummy ache and dizziness that you've been through as a result of using these methods...yet they didn't work!

Now I want you to imagine preparing the delicious tasty, yummy meal recipes in this fat loss cookbooks, and then start seeing the pounds of fat dropping off your body like no mans business.

You Will Simply Be Able To Eat DELICIOUS Tasty Nigerian
and Get Away With It...SIMPLES!

Once you lay your hands on the cookbook, you will start seeing the result in just 2 weeks of preparing the meals inside.

With the kind of result that the Fat Loss Recipe book will get you, charging as much as N50,000 for the materials is actually a fair price.

 But I Won't Charge You Anything Near That Amount!

No, I won't charge you N40,000 either..

And not even will I charge you N25,000...

I actually plan to cut the above price and charge just N15,000 for the entire cook book collection.

But Guess what?

My Wife Intervened!

Here's what she said about the 100% Nigerian Fat Loss Recipe Cook Book

She said and I quote.....

"These Fat Loss Recipe book will be VERY useful
for most families, and you will be doing a lot of good deed if you sell
it to them at discount price of N10,000 naira only" because that
will be like N1,000 for each cookbook".

And oh yes, since the Queen say so....The King Approves it!

And that is why I have set the price of The 100% Nigerian Fat Loss Recipe Cookbook to just N10,000 only!

But Wait....

I want to ensure that you have ABSOLUTELY no excuse for not getting yourself a copy of this 100% Nigerian Fat Loss  recipe book...

So I have decided to do something SPECIAL for you because you are my special reader as my way of saying "THANK YOU" for opening my emails and reading them....

Today, you'll get the COMPLETE 100% Nigerian Fat Loss Recipe Cook Book for just...

One Easy Payment Of Just N10,000 N6,000 Only

But Please Wait....

I want to further sweeten the deal for you so I am going to give you the below bonuses if you invest in The 100% Fat Loss Recipe Cookbook.

SURPRISE Bonus #1 
100% Fat Loss Recipe Shopping Guide. (Value =N=5,000)

When you order my “100% Nigerian Fat Loss Recipe Cookbook”, I'll give you access to my EXPERT shopping guide.

It will guide you on how to shop for all your Fat Loss Recipe Ingredients And How to Store It Without So that It will be available to you at any time you need it EASILY.



SURPRISE Bonus #2 
The 7-Day Slim Down Plan.
 (Value =N=6,500)

The 7 Day Slim Down Plan Works on the SCIENCE of reducing the level of fat hormone (cortisol) in your body when you eat 5 healthy mini meals daily for 7-Days.

If you want to lose fat fast while:

- Eating your Favourite, normal foods
- NEVER having to take DEADLY slimming pills
- Keeping your weight loss FOREVER
- Eliminate Starvation & Stress Eating
-Seeing Fat Loss Result Visible On your body
- Feeling Great about How you look.

This 7-Day Slim Plan is worth N6,500 on its own. But I am going to give you for FREE when you invest in the 100% Nigerian Fat Loss Recipe Cook Book.


Amazing Bonus #3 
60 Days Personal Coaching & Support. (Value =N=75,000)

When you order my “100% Nigerian Fat Loss Recipe Cook Book” today, you will have access to my private email and telephone number.

You'll be able to ring me up and ask any questions or send me an email and I'll answer you without charging you a single kobo for it.


I am giving you access to these bonus materials because I want you to start seeing RESULT quickly in your body when you start using these materials.

And to further help you make a decision right away to get access to this fat loss recipe cookbook and all the bonuses attached to it, I am going further by putting all of the risk on me by giving you....

My 100% 365-Days No Questions Asked
Iron Clad Money- Back Guarantee!

If you go ahead to invest in the "100% Nigerian Fat Loss Recipe Cook Book" today, and if in the next 365 days (That is 1 year), you do not see any VISIBLE result in the form of losing weight, getting a flatter belly, dropping dress sizes as a direct RESULT of using this Fat Loss Cook Book..

Then simply send me an email and I'll ask you for your bank details and transfer the full refund of N6,000 that you paid for the cook books to you without asking questions!

I won't just REFUND you the FULL purchase price...

I will also let you KEEP the entire set of the cookbooks without asking any questions whatsoever.

I am doing this because I am ABSOLUTELY sure that this cook book will help you and I want to you to have 100% total CONFIDENCE that you'll get at least a 1000% worth of what you paid for this cook book set.

But You Have To Take Action Today....

The price of The 100% Flat Belly Cook Book and its bonuses will not stay at N6,000 forever. You see, I can only coach so many people at a time...,

So this means the 60 Day Coaching Bonus will only be available to those who purchase their cook book set within the next 7 days only ( Saturday & Sundays inclusive).

So, do not waste time, so you will NOT miss out on this price discount of N6,000 alongside with the bonuses including the 60 day Coaching (Worth N75,000).

Get your own copy of "The 100% Fat Loss Cook Book Recipe" TODAY and start eating delicious fat burning meals while at the same time shake off excess fat off your body and get a flatter belly and toned body. Kindly follow the below payment instructions to order your own copy rightaway....

Order The 100% Nigerian Fat Loss Recipe
For Just N10,000 N6,000 Today!


STEP 1: Pay The Sum Of N6,000 into Any Branch Of the below bank details:

Bank Name - Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB)
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STEP 2: Once payment has been made, simply send the details of your payment to: pay2joe(at) ( Please replace (at) with @). 

Kindly make sure the subject of the email reads: 100% Nigerian Fat Loss Recipe Cook Book

Details to be sent are:

-Your Full Name
- The Amount You Paid
- Teller No (No need for this if you paid via internet banking)
- Date Of Payment
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- Payee Name
- Which of the account you paid into above (UBA or GTB)

NOTE: If you are paying via internet banking, ensure you put your "Full name" as reference in the reference box when doing your transfer. This will help us confirm your payment promptly and send your package as soon as possible.

Once I confirm your payment within the next 24 hours, I will send you your 100% Fat Loss Recipe Cook Book in two batches Over a period of 1 week as soft copy via email download.

NOTE  - Since this material is in soft copy, it will only be available as a download. No hardcopy will be sent via courier.

Non of my materials are available in any bookshops In Nigeria. They are only available in Soft copy for this program.

So what are you waiting for?

Don't delay, go order your own copy of this fat loss recipe cook book right away so you can get access to the 3 bonus materials advertised on this page.

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Go place your order now, you no longer have any excuse. You can now BREAK all Diet Rules and not only burn off fat, but you'll be able to get your own flat belly and amazing body back!

 I wish you an amazing toned body and flatter belly.

Yours Sincerely,

Olu Aijotan & Joe Okoro

(Your Fitness and Nutrition Coach & healthy Living Guy)

PS - This is your sure fire way of enjoying your favourite Nigerian Meals and still get to burn fat, lose weight and get a flatter belly.

PSS - Go get yours right away, eat delicious fat burning meals, break all diet rules and end up with a flatter belly and toned body EASILY!