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In the first part of this newsletter series, I showed you the EXACT problem with our Nigerian meals and how the way we eat them is making us fat.

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In today's newsletter, I want to show you exactly Why and How You can swap your boring, tasteless diet foods with HEALTHY Delicious Meals That you will enjoy eating while at the same time losing the extra pounds and burning fat off around your belly area.

Let me ask you a QUESTION...

How Much Food Should You
REALLY Eat In a day?

Do you know? I doubt if you do.

Trust me, most people don't know. Some so called "Fitness Expert" don't even have a clue too.

Many Friends, Families and Colleagues at your workplace who seem to always have an opinion or "I too know" attitude about fat loss don't know either...

But today I will REVEAL to you how you can KNOW the AMOUNT of food you should eat on a daily basis to prevent you from gaining weight or packing extra roles of fat.

First of all, I want you to go over to the below form and fill in your details.... 


Calorie Calculator

Height: cms

Calorie Needed:
You Must Intake The Following Daily


Age: Enter your current age.
Gender: Tick your gender (Male or Female).
Height: Enter your height in centimetres (cm).

If you know it in feet's too, you can enter it. If not, just use the centimtre version and it will calculate it correctly.

E.g. -  If you are 1.8 Metres, your height in CM will be 180cm etc.

Activeness: Select how active. If you sit down at work most times choose Sedentary.

Once you enter the above details, click on "Calculate Calories" and it will calculate something called your Daily Calorie Maintenance Rate (DCML) based on an equation that has been proven to give you an accurate reading.

The DCML Tells You How Much Calories
You Should Eat On a Daily Basis.

When I calculated mine...

It came back that...I must not eat more than 2,500 calories DAILY.

What this means is that, If I eat meals that are high in calories and above my daily calorie limit, my body will "STORE" the rest as fat!

The result of this calculation is different for everyone.

Your might be or likely be lower than mine. This is why you need to calculate your own Daily Calorie Maintenance Level using the SPECIAL scientific calculator above

Mine is high because I am tall, fit and athletic (not muscular) and do a lot of activity (workout etc).

Let me tell you the No 1 mistakes most people make
that prevents them from losing weight...

MISTAKE ==> They are Eating More Calories Than
their Body Daily Calorie Allowance!


Let's say, your daily allowance is 2,000 calories.

You have a full time job and leave home at in the morning and your normal daily routine is like the below...

You rush out of the house in the morning without eating because you don't want to be late. You drive to work and kick-start your shift at in the morning.

You attended to your workload and by you are so hungry and decide to snack on 1 Gala with a bottle of 7 up or Sprite. And you continue to work at your desk.

Before you know it, its 1pm, and you are hungry again and decide to buy Swallows to eat from the Cafetaria.

By evening, you are craving for something to eat again, and you remember the SNEAKERS chocolate bar left in your drawer and decide to quickly snack on that too.

Finally, by the time you leave for home, you quickly prepare indomie to eat with your family and then snack on another piece of cake before bed time and wash it down with slimming tea.

Only to do this again and again the following day...week, month with little or similar variation!

From a Nutrition standpoint, let's calculate the calories eaten below...

Morning 1 Gala With Coke 474 Calories
Afternoon Swallows With Stew 650 Calories
Evening Sneakers Chocolate 194 Calories
Night Indomie (Big Oil Cooked) 760 Calories
Late Night Piece of Cake/Icecream 170 calories
TOTAL   2,248 Calories

Using the formula below:

Daily Calorie Intake Minus Actual Calorie Consumed = Weight Gain/Lose

2,248 calories - 2,000 Calories = 248 Calories (stored in the body)!

This MEANS the above person would be storing extra 248 calories per day and the RESULT they see is the extra ROLLS of fat around their face, arms, and even the BELLY!

SO CAN YOU SEE HOW IGNORING DCML causes weight gain???


When you eat meals like the few examples I gave above, they contain simple sugars. That is, they break down quickly.

In simple terms, what this means is that....

When you eat meals high in carbohydrates that have been heavily processed, your body breaks it down too quickly and makes you hungry/crave for more. That is why its easy to eat fatty sugary food and continue to eat and eat over and over again!

In Fat Loss Nutrition, we call it SUGAR CRAVING.

Imagine eating like the out while at the same time sitting down on you chair from - 5pm daily!!!

Let Me Tell You Something...

No amount of slimming tea, herbal product, slimming belt or even running clumsily on the threadmill in the gym can counter your body from gaining more weight and extra rolls of fat if you continue to eat in the fashion that I have explained above.

So What's The Solution To
This BIG Problem?

The solution is for you to eat HEALTHY meals that I call....

"Big in Mass but Low In Calories"!

When you eat eat meals that are big in mass and low in calories, you keep your tummy full daily while still eating less calories than your daily allowance, thereby burning fat off NATURALLY!

Yes! You can lose weight and get rid of excess fat around your belly just by eating EXACTLY as I stated above alone, because your body makes up the difference in calories from the fat already stored in your body!

But There's a Problem....

Most of the foods that you've been given and advised to eat to burn fat have a MAJOR problem with them....

  • They are BORING

  • They are TASTELESS


  • They are EXPENSIVE to make etc

No wonder trying to lose weight is VERY hard!

I mean, who want to eat boring food? Definitely not me. I know you don't either. As a matter of fact, I have a confession to make...


I....Olu Aijotan, I am a foodie. I love food so much that I learnt to cook it myself.

Not only that, I can be very picky about the food I eat. And I hate BORING food.

I want to eat tasty, delicious, Nigerian meals that are rich in both MacroNutrients: Complex Carbs, Protein, Fat and also MicroNutrients: Vegetables & Fruits etc which are VERY important to eat HEALTHY and lose weight PERMANENTLY.

I want meals that are EASY and does not take too much time to make, as my wife and I have a full time job and do not have time to prepare elaborate meals.

I want meals that I can PREPARE and SHARE with the entire family without having to prepare their meals and mine separately just because the "fat loss diet meals taste awful".

I want meals that My wife can find the INGREDIENTS easily without breaking sweat and spending too much money in any Nigerian local Nigerian Market like below...

That is why I did a lot of research over the past 3 - 4 months on Specially Delicious Healthy Fat Burning Recipes, that are "BIG in amass but "LOW in calories" and here are two samples of them below:



I personally love this fast breakfast. I find it DELICIOUS, tasty and yummy. Banana is yummy and having it with scrambled egg is not just great for breakfast, its super filling! Below picture is the one I made MYSELF.


1. One ripe Banana
2. Two Eggs
3. pepper (Atarodo) & tomatoes
4. 1 tablespoon of Olive oil
5. Pinch of Salt & Seasoning


Peel your banana and slice into a flat pate and keep separately.

Cut your pepper and tomatoes into small slices/bits. Add the cut pepper and tomatoes to your egg and beat it. Put a little Maggi and pinch of salt.

Put 1 tablespoon of olive/coconut oil in a heated pan on cooker/stove. Put the whisked egg into the heated pan and turn it regularly so it does not stick.

Once done, turn down the heat and serve the egg with the sliced banana. See picture above of the one I made myself :)

NOTE: You can make your egg look more pleasing to the eye if you chopp your tomatoes & pepper fresh. I was in a rush in the morning and used grounded pepper instead.

Serve and Enjoy!

CALORIES PER SERVING: 303 Calories (Approx)    SERVES:  Serves 1

Time Taken to Prepare: 15 minutes!




I love this particular meal because I get to put both chicken and sweet potatoes together. The combination is deliciously amazing. Forgive my choice of words, but I have a thing for Potatoes and you too will enjoy it...


1. 1 medium sweet potatoes
2. 1/4 ground pepper
3. 1 table spoon of crayfish (grounded)
4. 1 medium chopped onions
5. 1/2 tablespoon Olive Oil
6. 1 medium chopped garlic
7. 5 - 10 pieces of chicken breast (remove the skin)
8. 1 cup of Ugwu leaves (chopped)


Season your chicken and boil it. Then Peel your potatoes and cut it into medium sized pieces. And Boil the potatoes in water that just about covers the potatoes.

While it's boiling, add your grounded pepper, crayfish, Onions, Garlic, Olive Oil and salt to taste and allow to boil till nearly fully cooked. Add your spiced boiled chicken to the mix.

When the meal is very tender, add your chopped Ugwu leaves and allow to cook for 3 - 5 minutes so the Ugwu is not fully cooked.

Once its done, set it aside and allow to cool. Serve and squeeze a bit of lemon on it & Enjoy!

CALORIES PER SERVING: 370 Calories (Approx)    SERVES:  Serves 1

Time Taken to Prepare: 30 minutes!

I have personally prepared, cooked and eaten the fat loss meals I have shared above...

And I can tell you with 100% confidence that they are very delicious and SIMPLE to make. And I'll ENCOURAGE you to try these meals at home and tell me how it goes.

For Example...

The first meal is very ideal for you if you find yourself rushing out of the house in the morning. It takes 15 minutes to prepare and you can eat this before you go to work EASILY!

Can you see how big content of the meals are, yet how low in calories they are?

These are the types of meals you should be eating on a DAILY basis if you want to shed excess fat off.

When you eat meals like this, your body burns fat easily without stress. You get to say BYE BYE to Yoyo Dieting and Starvation.

You say BYE BYE to feeling famished, uncomfortable, cranky etc. You feel well in your body and even start to drop the pounds of fat off EASILY!

Fat Loss is 80% Nutrition. And I know that knowing what to eat, how to eat them, how to prepare it is the major problem you have when trying to lose weight...

That is why I have worked tirelessly over the past few month on a new healthy fat loss recipe cookbook for you that I call:

The 100% Nigerian Fat Loss
Recipe Cookbook.

These cookbook contains loads of healthy delicious fat burning meals from around Nigeria just like the two meals I gave you above as samples, that you can prepare and eat on a daily basis to burn off excess fat from your body NATURALLY while getting back your own amazing toned body.

The two meals I shared with you above were actually taken from the NEW Fat Loss Recipe Cook Book that I am telling you about.

I've got GOOD NEWS for you!.

I'll be RELEASING this cookbook on the 9th of June 2014. That is, next week Monday!

And you will be able to get yourself a copy.

When you lay your hands on this cookbook, you'll NEVER EVER have to worry about what fat burning meals you should eat.

Finally before I conclude this newsletter...

If you've been wondering what the HEALTHIEST cooking oil is for cooking your home made meals and EXACTLY how to source it, then don't worry.

In my next newsletter which is the 3rd and final concluding part of this Fat Loss Cook Book pre-launch newsletter series...

I am going to show you EXACTLY what the HEALTHIEST cooking oil is and how you can make yours right in your home.

I'll title the concluding newsletter: "How to Make The Healthiest Fat Loss Cooking Oil"

I'll send you an email on Friday 6th June 2014 at to notify you of the concluding newsletter

But before then, I want you to hear your feedback...

If you have any questions about what I have been teaching you or about the upcoming cookbook, I want you to leave me a comment in the comment below.

I'll be waiting to answer all your questions.

Yours Sincerely,

Coach Olu Aijotan

Nutrition & Fat Loss Coach

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