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I want to say a very BIG thank you for taking your time to download this report and for opening it to read it.


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I like to say "Thank You's" like this because i get emails from people who are sceptical about getting access to my program.


They send me emails such as:- "How am I sure you are not a scammer. What is the guarantee that this is genuine....because there is a lot of scammers on the internet".


I really don't blame people who think like this...


It is because of their past experiences or stories
they heard about people who lost their money online.


But really, if we are realistic, most people that lose their money do so because they fall for ridiculous claims and opportunities that are too good to be true such as advanced fee fraud that has no product to its name.


What I usually do is to encourage them to continue to read my FREE reports and newsletters like the one you are reading right now if they do not have the courage to buy my materials.




Let us go to the main topic of this special report:



Sometimes ago, I sent an email to some of my fat loss suscribers about a new fat burning recipe I love so much that I try to eat it as many times as possible every week. 


If you have been on my list long enough you would have received that exact email.


But just in case you've only been my fat loss subscriber recently  and you did not get this email when I sent it, I have reproduced a copy of it below for you to read:





E-mail Subject: Eat this to CHASE Fat Away

Morning Friend,

Yesterday, my wife and I were shopping for
the month at a popular grocery supermarket.

So we went past the vegetable section, and a
food idea that I have been ruminating about
the previous week flashed through my mind
once again.

I whispered to my wife that I was going to
get few things in the next aisle. I returned
back to the vegetable section.

I picked a ball of lettuce from the rack, A
long green cucumber, Some tomatoes, 1 ball
of bell pepper. The Yoruba's call it
"Tatase", two carrots and some already
cooked chicken breast.

As soon as we got home, I rushed to the
kitchen and did the below:

1. I washed the lettuces in water. I then
shred it with my hands into a bowl.

2. I cut the cucumbers, tomatoes and bell
pepper into small pieces.

3. I then grate the carrots with a grater.

I put all of the prepared ingredients above
into the bowl of lettuce and mixed them
gently with my washed hands.

I put some of this in a plate, and added
some of the chicken too.

I then garnished it with some shredded
cheese and some home made dressing:
( 1 teaspoon olive oil + squeezed lemon
juice + little salt & pepper).

And the result, is what you'll see in the
below picture:




After I sent that email out, I received lots of amazing comments from my clients who tried that recipe as well and liked it so much.


And I did get some "not so encouraging" comments too from some people who gave 101 reasons why they will not even touch the recipe with a long pole simply because the recipe IS NOT Nigerian.




What they did not realise is that I was giving

them a secret.


A secret that will get them closer to their goal of a flatter belly and an amazing body.


This is because it contains ingredients that are referred to as "Low Calorie Free Vegetables".


You see, one of the best way to lose weight, get a flat belly and an amazing body is to...


==> Eat at least 1 - 2 servings of vegetables DAILY.


Vegetables give your body enough vitamin and minerals that your body need to function properly. Not only that, veggies are also considered to have a "High Metabolic Thermo-Charge".


This means that when you eat it, your body burn FAT just by eating these veggies only.


Vegetables are so low in calories that you can eat them as much as you want without restrictions because it is very difficult to gain weight even if you overeat them.


NOTE - This statement will not apply if you fry your vegetables or mix it with cream or those high calorie addition.



This is exactly what I always encourage my clients who got a copy of my Fat Loss Program called The 30 Day Fat Loss Program and it is working for so many of my clients...


For example, here's an email I received I recieved recently from a client whose first name is Chichi. She bought herself a copy of The 30 Day Fat Loss Program used it for 30 days and here's the exact testimonial she sent me:


Chichi Lost A Total Of: 10.8kg in 30 Days








Moving forward...


When you eat vegetables, you don't count calories whatsoever. On average a cup of healthy vegetables contains about 50 calories.


That amount is very very low compared to what a cup of rice or cup of eba or Pounded Yam contains.


Recently, I was reading a research study conducted by an Harvard-based nurses and Health Professional body in the United States of America and this research study  included 110000 men and women whose health and dietary habit were followed for 14 years concluded that...


The higher the average daily intake of vegetables, the lower the risk or chances of developing cardiovascular diseases and have a 30% less chances of having a heart attack or stroke.


My friend, the above...is even an additional benefit!


So what am I REALLY driving at?


If you really are serious about losing weight, you MUST include vegetables in your diet. And you should eat them as much as possible and you should eat it daily as much as you can.


And without wasting time, I want to give you a list of the low calorie fat burning free vegetables that you can include in your meals starting from today that will help you get your own flatter belly and amazing body.


I want you to include these vegetables into your meals and with further healthy eating and exercise, you will turn your body into a fat burning furnance.











Here's a list of my Fat Burning High Metabolic Vegetables that you can include in your meals starting from today. and to make it easier, I have included pictures of these vegetables so you can identify them as well:


1. Bell Peppers

2. Cucumber

3. Tomatoes

4. Spinach Or Green (Yoruba's call it "Efo Tete")

5. Water Leaf

6. Pumpkin Leaf (Ugwu)

7. Okra

8. Lettuce

9. Garden Egg

10. Carrots

11. Garlic

12. Broccoli

13. Spring Onions

14. Green Beans & Peas

15. Mushrooms (Also considered Vegetable/Fungus)


When you are eating the above veggies, we do not count calories for them. You can eat as much as will make you full because it is low calories.


You can add these vegetables to any meal as you deem fit and consume it as snack whenever you feel hungry between meals throughout the day.


For example, I sometimes eat raw cucumbers in-between meals. They are juicy and are healthy too and I encourage all my 30 Day Fat Loss Clients to do too.





Most of these vegetables can be sourced from the local open air market anywhere in Nigeria. Water leaf, Pumpkin, Okra, tomatoes, cucumbers, garden eggs etc


The more exotic ones like Broccoli, Lettuce, Green beans etc you can get at any vegetable store or Salad store.


 If you have a shoprite or similar grocery store in your area or town, you can source yours from there.


I can assure you that if you put these fat burning vegetables in your meals, you will cut down on your sugar intake from excess carbohydrates and if you put in a perfect meal plan that aids fat loss like The 30 Day Fat Loss Program, you will see great result.


I am talking of a flatter belly and
amazing body.


And speaking of getting a flatter belly and amazing body, I want to introduce you to my flagship program which can help you achieve this in 30 Days From now.


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Thanks very much for reading this amazing Fat Burning Vegetable Report.


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