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What To Do When You Eat Junks On Your Weight Loss Journey

The other day, I was checking up on one of my weight loss client on WhatsApp...

Every week, I always get in touch to monitor their progress and to make them accountable on their weight loss journey.

And my message was simple..."How is Your Weight Loss Journey Going?"

Here's her exact response:

"Coach Olu, A family friend visited me from the USA and brought lots of Chocolate, so I ate a lot of it.

I have broken my weight loss journey, so I am going to start again next Monday"

This same thing is what happens to a lot of people who are trying to lose weight to get their best ever body.

They start eating clean and 4-5 days into their journey, they somehow ate some junk food and then say..."I've broken my journey, so I am going to start again next week".


If you run your weight loss journey with this kind of attitude, you will just be in an endless cycle of starting and stopping on a weekly basis.

There will be times when you will fall during your weight loss journey. That is why you are human.

Here's Exactly What To Do!

Simply get back on track and start eating healthy immediately after this happens. Continue from where you stopped.  Instead of stopping your journey and then telling yourself you will start again next week.

You ate Sneakers Chocolate, drank 5 bottles of Coke and topped it up with Cake?

So What?

Just get back on track the following day and continue eating healthy again! Don't postpone your weight loss simply because you derailed for one day.

Trust your weight loss process. Stay focused and remember why you started in the first place. I am Coach Olu and my goal is to help you lose weight and help you get back your own amazing body.

Please leave me a comment if you resonate with this same thing I've just said. Thanks.

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