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Eat Your Way To A Better Body

Your food intake determines how much fat your body stores and also affects your performance at work and even in life generally.

If you have been skinny before, and you suddenly discovered that your body has gained so much body fat in the past three months, the food you consume play a huge role in your new status.

If your stomach suddenly starts to get bigger and belly fat starts to manifest, then you need to watch your food intake as it contributes to your body storing fat in the most stubborn place to lose fat which is your belly.

If you make simple adjustments to your diet, your body will start to
lose the weight and your body will feel
so much lighter and healthier.

Here are few tips you can start to do today that will help your eat your way to a better body:

Eat From The Main Three Food groups

Make sure  every meal you eat in a day contain food from the three main food groups:

Carbohydrate e.g. Whole meal grain, Carb high in fibre e.g. Wheatmeal

Protein e.g. Egg, Fish, Chicken

Fat  e.g. Walnut, Olive Oil & Salmon.

When you eat meals that contain food from these food group, your body gets a flow of fuel that keeps your mind focused and rev your metabolism all day and keep you fuller and healthier.

 Never Miss Breakfast

It is very easy to rush out of the door every morning without eating breakfast. Infact, many Nigerians are used to not eating breakfast in the morning. This is very BAD for you.

Breakfast simply means….”Break Your Fast”. The fast your body underwent while you were asleep.

Your first meal of the money is meant to give your body a replenishment of food that fuel you for the first task of the day.

It sets your metabolism up to function correctly during the day and reduce your risk of eating unhealthy snack or eating large meal later in the day.

Keep your breakfast quick and simple. Make sure it include whole grain meal like Oat, Protein like Egg and Fruits like Banana.

Now, after reading this, and you are still thinking in your head that you are way too busy to cook breakfast, then I want you to know that you can cook up breakfast in 15 minutes.

Don’t give yourself any excuse. You can eat breakfast if you really set your mind to it.

 Drink 8 Glasses Of Water A Day

Drink between 6 – 8 glasses of water daily. I personally do this myself. I drink a glass of water very early in the morning.

I then fill a bottle (Ragolis/Eva) with water and take with me to work and drink it while working. I also ensure I drink a glass of water before I start to eat. It helps me fill full after eating a portion of meal and prevents me from overeating.

Do you know that water actually burn calories off your body? It boost your body metabolism and lubricates your joints.

It prevents dehydration and aids digestion as well as help you in your weight loss journey.

 Eat After Exercise Routine

The best time for you to refuel your body is after an activity at least within 30 minutes.

This is because your body has emptied its fuel store and your muscles has broken down and need instant food and drink to repair it and grow in size and reduce the risk of injury.

When you workout and perform activity that burns fat off your body, grab a healthy snack such as a banana or handful of nuts or whole grain meal and eat.

I know, you might be confused that by eating, aren’t you “undoing” the good work you’ve just done by exercising?

 Truth is, you won’t!

 When you eat immediately after breakfast, your body repairs itself, keep your metabolism running in high speed (which you need to burn off fat anyway), and make you less likely to overeat later.

Most weight loss and diet program will encourage you to starve yourself to lose weight. Some will even encourage you to drink only water or eat only one indomie in a day.

That is ABSOLUTELY bad advice. Don’t walk away, you should RUN as fast as your legs can carry you  from such. Not only will you not lose weight permanently, you can also damage your health.

You will not see the repercussion straightaway. But sure, it will impact your health when you grow older.

There is a way to eat your way to a better body. I have listed some of the tips above. Use them. It will work for you.

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In The 30 Day Fat Loss Program, I show you exactly how to cook 15 minute fat burning breakfast meals in the morning that you can eat before you go to work.

I am talking about pure result getting program without the hassle of starving yourself and depriving yourself of proper food.

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I hope you have enjoyed and learnt from this article. If you have, please leave me comments & questions and I’ll respond it.

Also, please share this article with anyone that you know will benefit from it. You will be doing them a great favour.

Do have a lovely day.

Your Nutrition & Fitness Coach

Olu Aijotan

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