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How To Curb Emotional Eating To Lose Weight

For the uninitiated, Emotional eating is when you simply can’t seem to stop yourself from eating due to your body undergoing emotional situations. Situations such as Stress, Loneliness, Work pressure etc.

If you find yourself eating just about anything without knowing how to stop yourself, then you probably eat emotionally.

We all eat emotionally every now and then. I have been there before. Mine was Chocolate. I would binge on Cadbury Chocolate whenever I undergo stress at work. I would keep nibbling and will not stop. Until I took measured steps to curb it.

The problem with emotional eating is that, it gradually develops into an habit. An habit that will gradually contribute to weight gain that  and will put extra pound of unwanted fat on your body.

How Can I Tell If I am Emotionally Eating?

There are four Major signs you can use to tell if you are:

1. You eat whenever you are not hungry.

Do you eat at anytime even when your stomach is full? Do you wake up in the middle of the night to eat even when you are not hungry? Was the last time you ate 3 hours ago?

2. Do you eat when you undergo emotional situations?

Do you turn to food when you are stressed at work, you are lonely, you feel rejected, feel bored? Pressured at work? When you are upset etc?food

3. Do you find yourself eating unconsciously?

Like all of a sudden you are eating a full bowl of rice with chicken or Ice cream and you suddenly find that the mountain of food has become flattened.

4. Do you feel a sense of regret/guilt after you satisfy your hunger?

If you experience any of the above, then you most likely are an emotional eater.

Food can be quite enticing in moments of stress. This is as a result of the secretion of a stress hormone in the body called cortisol. This hormone will make you crave for carbohydrate, sugar and fatty foods.

Food then soothes stress because of the chemical changes it creates in the body.

However, the good news is that, it is possible to stop eating emotionally before it harms your body if you follow the below steps:

1. Find out Your Triggers

It is possible to be an emotional eater without you realizing it, as emotional eating can become an unconscious habit. Use the four questions above to ask check yourself if you are an emotional eater.

Write down where and when you eat emotionally. Is it the office? Is it at home at night? Is it when you are the only one home? Is it when you are upset?

Every time you eat, ask yourself how hungry you are on a scale of 1 – 10. If you are between 6 and 10, then you are most likely that you are physically hungry.

If you are a 4 – 10, then that could mean you eat emotionally.

2. Replace The Habit.

If you take out emotional eating habit, you have to replace with something else. If you don’t do this, your body will navigate back to what it used to do.

A few example are:

a. A quick Breathing Exercise – Slow down your breathing, close your eyes and relax your body. Slowly breathe in and out, while counting 1 – 10.

b. Drink a glass of water first before you eat anything whatsoever. It will trigger a full stomach and sometimes could satisfy why you think you are hungry.

c. Exercise – When you exercise, you can reduce your stress level because your heart rate will reverse the damage that stress does to your brain.

d. Read a good book, watch a comedy show, call someone who always makes you feel better, dance to your favourite song etc. These activities will loer your stress levels and reduce your cravings.

3. Distance Yourself

It is easy to be powerless over food cravings. When the urge to eat hits, eating is all you will think about. The tension will be so unbearable that the demand to be fed will not stop until it is fulfilled.

Have you been in this situation?

What you should do to curb it is to banish all high risk unhealthy foods from within your reach. When you do this, you will not binge eat.

4. Support Yourself With Healthy Lifestyle Habit

Make daily exercise your priority. It does wonders for your mood, energy levels and help you reduce stress.

Aim for at least 8 hours of sleep every night. It will recharge your body. Control your appetite and reduce your food cravings.

Make time for relaxation. Relax for at least 30 minutes every day. Decompress, unwind, break away from work mode.

Spend time with positive people who will enhance your life and also protect you from the negative effect of stress.

If you follow the above tips I have given you, you will curb emotional eating in no time. And when you curb emotional eating, it will become easy and even easier for you to get rid of unwanted excess body and belly fat and you will become fit and have that flat toned belly that you’ve always dreamt of.

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I hope you have enjoyed and learnt from this article. If you have, please leave me comments & questions and I’ll respond it.

Also, please share this article with anyone that you know will benefit from it. You will be doing them a great favour.

Do have a lovely day.

Your Nutrition & Fitness Coach

Olu Aijotan

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