How to Eat Healthy At Nigerian Parties –
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How to Eat Healthy At Nigerian Parties

We are Nigerians. And guess what…we love to party!

We come up with parties for everything. Naming Ceremony. Birthdays. House warming. Weddings. Homecoming. We party for ANY reason. But our parties are THE BEST.

There was even a recent claim (as reported in the news) that Lagosians spend up to N36 Billion Naira annually on parties.

No one anywhere in the world party like us . The flamboyancy of the host, the venue aura. The “aso ebi” dressing. The food etc makes our parties different.

Over the weekend, I received an email from a lady asking me for suggestions on how she can eat healthy when she is at a party or on a dinner date with her spouse.

As a certified party lover myself; rather than reply her email alone,  I decided to share some of my own tips that
you can use to eat healthy when you go on a dinner date or you are staring at delicious foods at a party.

Have you ever been to an “Owambe Party” and you have food staring in your face like in the picture below:

owambe rice







If you attend parties regularly, you will agree with me that eating healthy can be very difficult with the various assortments of food on offer.

But I found some tips that has worked for me and is working for some of my weight loss clients at the moment that you can use right now to eat healthy when you are at your next Owambe party or that next dinner date with your spouse or even with friends:

1. Don’t Go On An Empty Stomach

Before you leave home for the party, ensure you eat a healthy meal that fills your stomach. Healthy meals reach in vegetables, Fruits, Protein e.g. Vegetable or Fruit Salad. When you have a full stomach, you are less likely to binge on foods at parties because you will not feel all that hungry.

2. Eat In Smaller Quantity

So lets say you are served a big plate of pounded yam and your choice Vegetable soup with assorted meat, divide the food on the plate into two, and eat only half of it. When you are done with half, leave the rest on your plate. There is no reason to feel guilty for not finishing your meal.

When you do this, you would have limit your body from overeating on fattening foods.

3. Avoid Sugary Drinks/Alcohol

Alcohol, Packaged Juice, Soft drinks are usually served at parties. Ignore these drinks and go for water instead. Water contains no calories at all, and not only that, it helps your body revitalize itself. You can have fun without alcohol or sugary drinks.

NOTE – Processed juice such as five alive contain added sugar. If you need fruits, use a juicer to make your own orange juice from natural fruits.

4. Be Picky About What You Eat

Eat more vegetables & chicken rather than lots of pounded yam. Opt for the “moin moin” instead of the entire bowl of fried rice. Eat the fish stew & Eat more vegetable salad served as sides (as long as they did not anoint it with fatty salad dressing)


Relax and enjoy the party. Felicitate with your host and ensure you appreciate them for hosting you. I hope you’ve learn’t some tips you can use to eat healthy when next you attend your next Owambe party from this article.

If you’ve recently been at a party and relate with today’s article, please kindly leave me a comment.

Also, if you have other strategies you’ve tried before for eating healthy (or not) when you are at a Nigerian party, please
feel free to share it in the comment below. I want to REALLY hear from you.

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