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How To Get Rid Of Arm Fat (AKA Christian Mother Arm)

Of all the request I get via email, one of the most common question has to do exactly with how to get rid of jiggly arm fat which is commonly known as “Christian Mother Arms”.

It is absolutely unclear where the term actually came from, but I guess its as a result of so many women who attend church and wear short sleeves dresses that exposes their arm fat.

Really…that is an unfounded theory…but I digress.

Christian Mother Arm is a common Issue among Nigerian women, especially after child birth. It is an hotspot of attention for most women and possibly for you as you probably wont be reading this article if it isn’t.

You will agree with me that if you have Christian mother arm and you decide to wear a tank top, the massive arms will give itself up and spew out from inside the tank top.

Not only that, the arms will be overridden with stretch marks and cellulite that no amount of bio oil will get rid of.

If you are a woman reading this and you find your arms “unbarable” (unable to bare/flaunt it) in the first place, then you need to know exactly why.

Apart from your hips and your thigh, the back of the upper arm is actually a spot where UGLY unwanted fat like to hang on tightly to.

The fat storage combined with flabby triceps muscles is what leaves your arms with a jiggly appearance that many women find uncomfortable.

 However, there’s good news….

 You can actually get rid of your Arm Fat. I am going to show you the exact step by step to get rid of arm fat.

If you start today, and you are consistent, the fat in your arms will melt away, you will start to feel stronger, your arms will look sleeker and you will look good in whatever outfit you want to wear….including tank top.

 Are you ready for these steps?

Great!….Lets go.

Engage in Cardiovascular Exercises

Do you know that in ACTUAL sense, it is impossible for you to target just one area of your body to lose weight in just that area?

Fat tends to come off your body evenly overtime, and not from one area at a time. That is why, the first step to getting rid of arm fat is by working out your whole body. When you engage in a cardio vascular exercise like the Jumping Jack or the Imaginary Skipping and you do this exercise five days every week, you are on your journey to tone your arms.

Drink Lots Of Water

This might surprise you, but water helps your skin to be properly hydrated. It increases your body metabolism and flush out toxin from your body.

Also, when you exercise, your body will need an inflow of water. That is why doctors and nutritionists recommend that you drink between 8 – 10 glasses of water on a daily basis.

 Eat Healthy Meals

You need to put your diet (what you eat) in check. Your meals should contain a combination of healthier carbohydrates e.g. Wheat, Oatmeal, Protein based e.g. Skinless Chicken, Fish, Vegetables e.g. Spinach, Cucumbers as well as fruits e.g. Banana, Mango, Apples etc.

Also, you need a calorie deficit that will TRIGGER your body to burn fat off from your body fat stores in which your arm fat is one of those stores.

A calorie deficit does not mean that you will STARVE yourself or make yourself go hungry (like some clueless people do). It simply means that you eat healthy meals that have less calories and less sugar content than your body needs.

A good place to get ideas for your healthy meals is The 30 Day Fat Loss Time Table that tells you exactly how to eat 5 meals daily and still lose excess fat from your body like your arms.

Do Push Ups Exercises

Pushups are the best exercise that help you burn fat from your arms. And tone it as well. To do your pushup, follow the below steps:

Stretch out on the mat or floor. If you are a beginner, start on your knees instead of your toes. Keep your hands under your shoulder and a little wider than shoulder width. Bend your elbows to a 90-degree angle and lower your body to the ground while keeping your abs tight. Ensure you don’t bend your low back, ensure you keep a neutral spine.

Slowly lift yourself back up using your upper body. Do ten repititions. According to your ability, increase your repetitions as desired.

 Do Bicep Curls

Another exercise you can engage in is the Bicep curls. Position two dumbells to your side, palms facing in, arms straight.

With elbows to side, raise one dumbbell and rotate your forearm until your forearm is vertical and your palm faces your shoulder.

Lower to the original position and repeat with the opposite arm. Continue to do this alternately between sides. For demonstration, see the picture below:

bicep curl

You will need a 5kg dumbell to do this. If you do not have access to a dumbbell, let me tich you a trick you can use instead.

Dumbell Trick: Find yourself two Big Ragolis Bottle. Fill the bottle with wet sand and cover it with the bottle cap. You should have between 2kg – 3 kg of weight from that filled bottle. Use this as your make shift dumb bell.

That is it!

Go follow all the tips I show you in the above and you’ll start seeing result within the next 4 – 6 weeks from now.

And finally, if you are very desperate to get rid of unwanted body fat from your belly and your thighs and arms, whatever you do, do yourself a MASSIVE favour. Get access to my new program that I called The 30 Day Fat Loss Program right now.

It will help you eat 5 times every day and still get rid of unwanted belly fat. Many clients who are already on this program are losing 2kg, 4 kg, 7 kg, and 8.5 kg and losing 2 inches, 3 inches and even 7 inches dress size within 15 days of starting the program.

I am getting lots of success stories via email every day and its your turn to be the success story, so go get yours right away.

If you enjoyed this article and have learnt from it, kindly leave me a comment below. Also share this article with anyone you think will need it.

God bless. Talk Soon.

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