How To Lose Weight During Ramadan Fasting –
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How To Lose Weight During Ramadan Fasting

Ramadan is finally here! I have received many emails from subscribers over the past few days advising that they will be undergoing the fasting and would want my advice on how they can lose weight during this period.

If you are reading this, then this article is for you. I want you to pay attention.

Fasting generally is a GREAT opportunity to gain SPIRITUAL strength and also to practice self restraint. Its part of tradition/requirement under both the Christian & Muslim religion.

Just as the Muslims undergo the Ramadan fast, which is a dawn to dusk fasting period, so also do Christians undergo a fasting period called Lent.

So, if you are a Christian and you are reading this, pay attention too, as this same article will be highly beneficial to you too.

Ramadan fasting for this year will last for the next 30 Days.

During the Ramadan fasting, you do not drink any liquid (water included) nor eat any food during the daylight. You are then able to break your fast at dusk only to start the fast again at dawn.

Ramadan is an excellent opportunity to shed some extra pounds of excess fat and in this article, I am going to give you some tips that will help you achieve this.

Do Not Overeat/Binge When You Break Your Fast

At Iftar, it is understandable that you’ll be very hungry. Binging is when you overeat food. And its the fastest way to gain weight.  Overeating once a day leads to weight gain as body think its in a state of famine and your body reacts by slowing down your metabolism which in turn store what you eat as fat.

After you eat a large meal, your blood sugar level increases. Your body realizes this and in response quickly secrets lots of insulin to bring the blood sugar levels back down. When it does this, the extra sugar from the process is stored as fat. That is very bad for you.

Instead, eat small portions of healthy meals through the evening  and early morning (before fast starts at dawn)as it will keep your metabolism level adequate and also maintain a balanced blood sugar level.

Rehydrate Yourself When You Break Your Fast

Your body will be dehydrated by the time you are to break your fast. You will be thirsty and hungry. However, your body will require water quicker than food itself.

The first thing to do is to rehydrate yourself first. By drinking water.  When you drink water, ensure you do this slowly and don’t guzzle it down. When you’ve been fasting all day, guzzling water down your throat can make your stomach feel tight for a moment. We don’t want that.

To give your water a taste that helps you drink more of it, what you can also do is drink lemon water. Which I have explained to you in a previous post before now.ramadan weightloss

Break your fast with weight Loss Foods

After drinking a lot of water to rehydrate yourself, the next thing is for you to eat food. Eat food low in carbohydrate, but with more protein and vegetables.

Let your meal contain the following healthy those of foods: Fish (e.g. mackerel, Salmon, Tilapia) and Chicken, Vegetables: Cabbage, Cucumber, Spinach (also known as “efo green”), Ugwu, “Ewedu”.

Other foods you can eat are “ofada”/brown rice, “moi moi”, millet, semolina, wheat meal, “masa”, almond, cashew nut, eggs, skimmed milk, “ewedu” etc and fruits such as  water melon, pine apple, oranges, banana etc. In The 30 Day Fat Loss Program, I did share fat burning foods that you can actually use to lose weight. The meals and recipe in this 30 Day Fat Loss Program can also be enjoyed during Ramadan.

Avoid these Fat Inducing Meals

I want you run as fast as your legs can carry you. Yes, Run…away from foods like sugar, white bread, white rice, ice cream, sweets, cakes, muffins, soda, soft drinks. You have to restrain yourself. Its ok for you to eat it once a week, but let it be small portion. Whatever you do, DO NOT indulge yourself. Otherwise, you will put the weight back on. Remember, Ramadan is about self restriction.

Exercise Your Body

Yes…I know, you were not expecting me to mention exercise. Why exercise again when you did not eat all day. If you are really SERIOUS about losing weight during the Ramadan period, then you will need to exercise. However,r you have to do your exercise in a different way.

Here’s How: 1 hour before you break your fast in the evening, engage in light exercises like the jumping jacks, treadmill, etc. When you exercise 30 mins – 1 hour before you break your fast, you will be able to get healthy food nto your system quicker that your body will burn as a post workout meal.

If you absolutely want to do your exercise after you break your fast, ensure you leave at least 2 – 3 hours for your meals to digest before engaging in exercise. Let your exercises be light. Don’t do high intensity workouts. Save your high intensity work out till after the ramadan period

So that’s it for today. If you follow the above tips that I have shared with you over the Ramadan period, then you would lose weight off your body.

As usual, kindly leave your comments and questions in the comment form below and I’ll respond to them.

Happy Healthy Ramadan!

Olu Aijotan

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