How To Lose Weight While Fasting –
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How To Lose Weight While Fasting

Today’s article is for you if you are on a religious fasting and you are also on a weight loss journey.

I am talking about fasting that requires you not to eat all day and you only get to break your fast at 3pm or 6pm in the evening.

At this time of the year, a lot of Christians do undergo fasting and this article will help you achieve this while trying to lose weight.


How Do You Lose Weight When You Are On A Fast?

STEP 1: Break Your Fast With Only Healthy Foods



After a long day of fasting and it’s nearly 6pm, you will be very hungry. it’s very easy for you to want to eat any food and every food that you come across.

Don’t fall for this temptation.

When you overeat fatty foods, your body will gain the weight back because you will be storing the excess sugar from those fatty foods in form of fat.

DOn’t binge on fatty foods that are high in sugar and carbs such as beverages e.g. Cocoa Drinks, Bournvita, Milo etc, Starch, Swallows etc.

Instead, eat small portion of healthier meals through the evening as it will keep your metabolism level adequate and also maintain a balanced sugar levels.

STEP 2: Drink Lots Of Water​

Because you’ve been on a fast, you will be very thirsty. Your body will require water. The first thing to do is to hydrate yourself by drinking water slowly.

If you find water very boring, you can put fruits in your water to flavour it. An example of a healthy fruit drink you can have is…

1. Flavoured water.Dice fruits into water and leave for few hours for it to infuse, then drink it)

2. You can have Zobo Drink (without the sugar). This drink is also completely healthy to have.

STEP 3: Do Light Intensity Workouts​

While fasting, I will not advice that you do any form of stressful high intensity workouts.

You will need to do your workout in a different way.

Here’s How: 1 hour before you break your fast in the evening, engage in light exercises like the jumping jacks, treadmill, brisk walking etc.

When you exercise 30 mins – 1 hour before you break your fast, you will be able to get healthy food into your system quicker that your body will burn as a post workout meal.

If you absolutely want to do your exercise after you break your fast, ensure you leave at least 2 – 3 hours for your meals to digest before engaging in exercise. Let your exercises be light. Don’t do high intensity workouts. Save your high intensity work out till after the ramadan period

So that’s it for today. If you follow the above tips that I have shared with you over the fasting period, then you would lose weight off your body.

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