How To Make Green Smoothie For Fat Loss –
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How To Make Green Smoothie For Fat Loss

A lot of people usually complain that they find it difficult to eat breakfast because of the time required to prepare it.

If you wake up in other for you to beat traffic, so you can get to work on time, Then I completely agree with you that it can be difficult to wake up to prepare a meal to eat for breakfast.

But you know as well that if you are HIGHLY serious about losing weight, you need to eat breakfast too.

That is because breakfast helps your body:

1. Kick start your body’s metabolism every morning
2. Fills you up and make you less tempted to eat junks
3. Rejuvenates your organ and make it work at optimum.

So, if you always have to rush out of the house in the morning and find it hard to eat breakfast, You should consider making “smoothies”. It’s easy to make and you can take it with you to work to drink at work too.

Here is a picture of one of the smoothies I take to work on a daily basis:


My wife has taken a liking for making smoothies too after seeing how delicious mine looks and taste like.

So, she came up with her own GREEN smoothie recipe too and every week, she shop for the ingredients and the picture below is from her grocery shopping for her weekly smoothies:


The above contains the below vegetables and fruits such as :

1. Apple
2. Leeks
3. Cucumbers
4. Green grapes
5. Banana
6. Baby Spinach
7. Brocolli
8. Pine Apple

And when she makes the Green Smoothie, here’s exactly what it looks like below:


Now, I know most of these Smoothies Ingredients above are very scarce and can be very expensive in Nigeria. So I want to show you how to make a quick delicious Green Smoothie With Local Nigerian Fruits And Vegetables.



1. Handful of Ugu or Baby Spinach (washed)
2. 1 chopped Apple
3. 1/2 banana
4. Ice Cubes
5. 1/2 cup of water


Put the Ugu/spinach, apple and banana in your blender cup. Then add a little water to it to allow it blend with smoothness.


Blend for 2-3 minutes until its very smooth using your blender, juicer etc.Personally I use a Nutribullet, but you can use a blender or Juicer of your choice.


Pour into a cup or bottle and put ice to make it have a refreshing cool taste. Here’s what the picture looks like after making mine and I want to encourage you to do exactly the same too.

green smoothie

NOTE: The sweetness in the apple will erase the “bitter” taste associated with Ugu or Spinach, and trust me, this smoothie taste really good. You can add a little bit of chopped pineapple if you want to increase the sweetness. This is allowed.

So try this smoothie, and add it to your list of what you’ll take as breakfast in the morning, to help you lose weight.

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Thanks for reading. And do leave your comments below, please. Do have a lovely day 🙂

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