How To Quit Sugar! –
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How To Quit Sugar!

Sugar Is harmful to your body! Personally, I call Sugar ….SLOW POISION!

This is because Sugar can do a lot of damage to your body, and “set you up” obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

And you won’t see this damage right away. It takes years and years of consuming a lot of sugar before you realise the extent of the damage done to your body.

Do you know that….Sugar is HIGHLY addictive?

When you consume sugar, it stimulates the pleasure centres’ of your brain. It gives your brain a sense of enjoyment.

That is why you see that people who are unhappy, annoyed, depressed turn to comfort eating where they eat cake, alcohol etc.

Eating sugary foods gives a part of your brain a bit of pleasure, which distracts your body from the pain or sadness that you are experiencing.

According to science, the type of pleasurable sensation you get from consuming too much sugar is similar to what happens when an addict takes cocaine.

How Sugar Is Addictive Like Cocaine: Watch The Video Below

After taking sugar for a while, you develop a tolerance.

This means for you to keep getting the same pleasurable feeling, you need to consume more and more sugar.

And at this point, you are now an addict!

QUESTION: Are you addicted to sugar?

If you drink fizzy drinks e.g. coke, fanta, pepsi etc on a daily basis or frequently, then you are addicted to sugar.

These Fizzy drinks contain between 6-8 spoons of sugar.

If you eat a lot of cake, chocolates or any other major flour based snack e.g. sausage rolls, Meat pie especially when you are sad or depressed or annoyed, then you are addicted to sugar.

If you are the type that cannot eat any food (e.g. beans, yam, Garri, Pap etc) without adding sugar to it, then you are addicted to sugar too.

So What Exactly Is The Problem With Sugar?

The problem with sugar is that, when you consume it in excess,  it causes the storage of fat.

Excess sugar in your body triggers your body to produce more insulin which tells your body’s fat storage cells to store more energy in form of fat in it’s cells.

And that is when you see the result of the stored energy in the form of fat that you can pinch around your belly with your hands.

My point is, Excess sugar is the cause of a “big body” like the one in the picture below:


So this year, the key to cutting down the fat in your body is to do everything possible within your power to QUIT sugar!

And I’d like to show you  exactly how to do that below….

1. Drink Fruit Infused Water

Cut any fruit of your choice into a water bottle or drinking bottle, and then fill that bottle with water, and shake for few seconds and you can start drinking.

Some examples of fruits you can use are Lemon, Pine Apple, Orange, Cucumber etc.

You can make pineapple and orange infused water by following the below:

1 orange, thinly sliced
1/2 cup of pineapple, thinly sliced

In a large jug, add your orange and pineapple slices, then fill the jug with water. Add ice and let the jug sit in the fridge for up to 1 hour .

Pour the water (without the pineapple and orange) into a cup and drink.

When the water is 1/4 left in the jug, refill the water and place back in the fridge and you can do this several times.

Eliminate sugary beverages like Fanta, Coke, Pepsi, or any other fizzy drinks from your daily meals. Instantly replace them with Lemon water and the fruit infused water I showed you above.

2. Wean Yourself Off Sugar Using Half Method

It’s easy for anyone to tell you to “cut out” sugar from what you eat daily. But in reality, most people are unable to do this because of addiction.

An alternative method is that you half the amount of sugar you eat daily. If you use 8 spoons of sugar right now, reduce it to 4.

After two weeks, reduce it down to 2 spoons. In another two weeks, reduce it to Zero!

When you approach it this way, you will give your body and your “brain” time to adjust and reduce your cravings easily.

The same thing applies to chocolate, cake, cookies, biscuit, sweetened yoghurt, ice cream and other sugar foods out there. If you eat them daily, reduce it to 3 times weekly, then after two weeks, cut it down to once a week etc.

3. Make Vegetables Your Best Friend!

A lot of Nigerians “claim” that they don’t like vegetables.

This is because, most times, we all believe that the major vegetables available are are cucumber, cabbage, lettuce, kale etc.

But in reality, we do have our own vegetables that we enjoy a lot. Bitter leaf, Garden Egg, Spinach (Green), Ugwu etc.

These are delicious vegetables that we cook on a daily basis. Cook them the healthy way and eat them as part of a daily meal.

Vegetables take longer to digest and then curb your cravings. You can expect to feel full after eating a bowl of Fish Vegetable stew with 1-2 slice of boiled potatoes/yam for instance.

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4. Eat The Right Protein, Fat & Fibre Foods

Eat more protein, fat and fibre rich foods. These are highly satisfying and will keep your body full for a long time and prevent you from craving sugar.

Include coconut, roasted/boiled chicken, roasted/boiled fish, walnut, groundnut(peanut), cashew nuts, eggs, avocados, potatoes, beans and any other major animal fat in your diet.

5. Get Rid Of Every Sugary Snacks

Clean out your kitchen, throw out or donate all the food product that contain hidden or added sugar.

This include any food with added sugar, including juice, fizzy drinks, sweets, ice cream, cake, chocolate and every other sugar ladened food.

If you follow the above ideas, and you do it consistently for 1 – 2 months, you will be able to reduce the amount of sugar that you consume daily.

And if you are HIGHLY dedicated, you will eradicate sugar completely from your diet.

Remember, to lose weight, you need to cut down your sugar intake. So make use of the advice I gave you on this page today.

You will get amazing result!

And if you are looking for a genuine way to lose 20kg – 30 kg this year, please sign up for my Slim Down In 8 Weeks Program Today.

Thanks for reading.


Olu AIjotan

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