Fat Loss Secrets Used By Nigerian
To Get Rid Of
Excess UGLY Fat!

QUESTION: Do You Have UGLY FAT Like Picture Below?

If You Do, then I Want You To Pay SERIOUS Attention To The Below
Letter Because It will Be Of Great Benefit to You...

From The Desk Of: Olu Aijotan
Time: 10.57

Dear Friend,

I have no idea how you got to this website.

Maybe you read about it on Facebook or some other website. Maybe a friend or an advert referred you to it. Perhaps you stumbled unto it by pure luck.

But however you got here, you have arrived at what is, without question, the most valuable website you'll ever visit today.

This is because, you are about to discover & learn the secrets that Nollywood Celebrities like Omotola Jalade, Ini Edo, Mercy Johnson, Yvonne Nelson use to get rid of belly fat, stay in shape and have that sexy trim body that you see on the TV.

Not only that, these same secrets is being used by a selected few thousand ordinary  Nigerian Men and Women who have RARE access to this secrets to get their amazing dream toned body back.

Make No Mistake, These Secrets Are Not What You Already
Know About Losing Weight.

  • It is NOT spending 2 hours in the Gym Everyday
  • It is NOT starving yourself of food or dieting
  • It is NOT taking Toxic pills that can harm your internal organs

These RARE secrets will open your eyes to How and Why your body accumulates excess unwanted belly fat through the food you are eating and the exact reason why it is difficult to get rid of it.

For example, Do you know that the major causes of weight gain and belly fat are actually the food you eat.

I Am Talking About Foods Such As The Below:


These Nigerian meals are packed full of carbohydrates and very high in calories and the way you combine them as a meal and eat them releases PLENTY of sugar into your blood which in turn gets stored as fat in your body.

And these fat are stored in your hips, your arms, thigh, neck and even your belly, which is where excess stubborn fat likes to hide itself.

Of course, there are other CAUSES of excess body fat such as "pregnancy weight", stress, medical condition etc.  But fatty food you eat is usually the major cause.

I know prior to you landing on this page, you have probably tried various different ways of losing weight without any success.

Maybe You've Tried The Following...

1. Indomie Diet
2. Atkins Diet
3. Bile Only Diet
4. Grapefruit Diet
5. Raw food Diet
6. Intermittent Fasting
7. MLM tea & Shakes
8. Herbal Concoction
9. Starvation etc.

All without any luck!

Speaking of starvation, do you know that.... most people who try to lose weight starve themselves just because they think the only way to lose weight is to deprive themselves of eating...But here's a truth...

Starving Yourself  Will NOT
Help You Get Rid Of UGLY Body
& Belly Fat?

When you go on a starvation diet, your will initially lose weight quickly within the first two weeks & see what is called a "Quick Result".

But your body will suddenly realises that it is not getting the "fuel" it needs to run it daily operation (walking, running, going about, sleeping) which in this case is food.

Sensing this, your body metabolism will then go into what is called "famine Mode".

Your body metabolism (which is critical to burning fat) starts to adapt and slow down its rate of operation...

That Is When You Start To Get Hungry... 
Lose Energy Physically...And Feel Drained Out! e.g. 

Since you cannot continue on a starvation diet forever, When you decide to start eating again, your body metabolism will become "confused" and will still be tricked into thinking its still in starvation mode.

And sensing that you are now getting some food again, your body will want to store as much food as possible, to store it in readiness for another round of starvation again.

That is why you see that a lot of fat that burnt off during first two weeks of starvation comes back on.

By starving yourself too much, you are exposing your body to unnecessary health risk like permanent organ and muscle damage and also depriving your body of the enjoyment of good food.

What you need instead is to follow advice from experts who understand nutrition & fitness and how the body burns fat. Someone who has been doing this for years, has experience and has helped countless people achieve the same result...

And This Is Where Someone Like Me Comes In...

My name is Olu Aijotan and many of my clients and subscribers  call me "Coach Olu". So far, I have helped over 1,300 Nigerian men and women lose between 3kg - 35kg of excess body fat and I want to help you too.

So...If you have been struggling with belly & body Fat and would like to lose between
5kg  - 14 kg of excess body fat in the next 30 Days
 from now...irrespective of whatever diet or program you have tried in the past, then...

I Want To Coach You Step-by-Step On How To...

  • Lose Excess Weight
  • Burn Fat Off Rapidly
  • Get a Flatter Belly
  • Get An Amazing Toned Body
  • Get Your Dream Body Back

Would you like me to coach you to lose weight and get your own amazing toned body?

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