Can Starving Yourself Help Get Rid Of UGLY Body & Belly Fat?

When you go on a starvation diet, your will initially lose weight quickly within the first two weeks & see what is called a "Quick Result".

But your body will suddenly realises that it is not getting the "fuel" it needs to run it daily operation (walking, running, going about, sleeping) which in this case is food.

Sensing this, your body metabolism will then go into what is called "famine Mode".

Your body metabolism (which is critical to burning fat) starts to adapt and slow down its rate of operation.

Since you cannot continue on a starvation diet forever, When you decide to start eating again, your body metabolism will become "confused" and will still be tricked into thinking its still in starvation mode.

And sensing that you are now getting some food again, your body will want to store as much food as possible, to store it in readiness for another round of starvation again.

That is why you see that a lot of fat that burnt off during first two weeks of starvation comes back on.

By starving yourself too much, you are exposing your body to unnecessary health risk like permanent organ and muscle damage and also depriving your body of the enjoyment of good food.

What you need is to follow advice from experts who understand nutrition & fitness and how the body burns fat.

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