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REVEALED - A Never Shared Before Fat Loss Secrets used SUCCESSFULLY BY Desperate Housewives Who Are TIRED Of Being Shamed For Being Too Fat!

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A "Before" And "After" Photo Of Ada Who Recently Use The Same Fat Loss Secrets I am about to Hand Over To You To Drop From
100kg to 90Kg In Just 4 Weeks!

She Lost 10kg In Just 30 Days!:


Here's The Exact E-mail Testimony Ada Sent To me
After Her Body Transformation Below:

From The Desk Of: Olu Aijotan (Nutrition & Fat Loss Coach)
Time: 8.21

Dear "Fat Loss Friend" & Subscriber,

If you have tried every kind of diet in the world in your bid to lose weight and all you've seen is little or no result, then pay attention to this letter because it will be the most important letter you'll read today.

If you have fat all over your body, and it keeps you awake, give you sleepless night, make you unhappy, shatters your self esteem and even makes you feel too self conscious when you are are around your spouse, partner, family friends and even colleagues at work, and this has made you tired and accepted that maybe there is no solution for you which has made you resort to:

  • Using body magic to hide those pounds of unpleasant looking flabby fat around your waist just so you can at least attract some commendation.
  •  Accepting your body as it is…even though deep inside, you are still hurting and uncomfortable with it.
  • Never undressing in front of your partner, because you dread hearing him/her reminding you again and again that you are too fat and you should lose weight.
  • Blaming yourself that the It is your fault that all the pills, diets you’ve been on never worked.

Worry no more! I want you to know that this is about to change because I am about to reveal to you....

A Fat Loss Secret...
That Has Transformed The Body Of Over 450 Nigerian Women From Fat To A Slimmer
Toned Body in Just 30 Days!

But before I go on, let me tell you exactly why you should listen to me:

My Name is Olu Aijotan, and chances are that you are on this page because I referred you to check it out.

I am sure by now you know who I am.

However, just in case you are reading for the first time; I am a Nutrition & Fat Loss Coach that has helped over 450 Nigerian Women (and men) just like you shed lots of unwanted fat off their body and get a sexier, trimmed body.

Not only that...

I have helped lots of women improve their relationships, saved a lot of marriages and even enabled them to have better sex!

So that you can understand what I mean...

I want you to kindly read an email I received from a married lady who used my fat loss materials below:

Over the past two years that I have been helping a lots of Nigerian women (and men) get their amazing fit body, I discovered that the major reason why a lot of individuals are unable to lose weight is a result of lack of motivation, willpower & genuine guidance on what to do to EXACTLY to get rid of that UGLY fat.

Colleagues, friends and even family members make fun, jest, gossip and even give funny looks which can shatter self esteem and discourage you from achieving your goal.

But instead, they make fun, jest, gossip and even give funny looks which can sometimes shatter self esteem.

My dear friend, let's be REAL for once...Fat is ugly.

It shatters self esteem, it crushes self confidence. It makes you look older than your partner, It disrupts your sex life and it can cause embarrassing moments like:

Being Called A "Madam" by your age mates when you are yet to hit 35 or even 40yrs old by colleagues, friends and families who are even older than you.
Being Refused By Bank security Doors when you try to enter the bank and the security would have to override the system just to let you in.
Being embarrassed by foul mouthed bus conductors and forced to pay for two seats, not to talk of other passengers saying “asokale anfani” which is a Yoruba phrase you say to a woman who is pregnant.
Being given extra yards of clothes more than other friends when trying to get Aso Ebi for that upcoming wedding ceremony of one of your friends.
Being refused by Okada Rider simply because they are afraid the “heavy load you carry” will flatten their tyres and even when they agree…charge you double for it.
Being asked if you are pregnant by people who are surprised at how big your belly is.
Being Ignored by your partner who hardly comes close to you simply because “fat people irritates him”

And if you relate with any of the embarrassing moments & weight issues I have listed above, I am guessing you’ll have tried losing weight by trying different types of diets & weight loss teas etc like the atkins diet, Grape fruit diet, Starvation diet, Indomie Diet, No water Diet, Slimming Pills, Green Tea Etc. Etc.

And The Result Were Always The Same. No Success! Nothing To Show For It.

And you probably have been wondering why they never worked for you and maybe even blame yourself for not making it work.

Here’s the truth….

Blame Yourself No More.
It is Not Your Fault!

There is Something Fundamentally Wrong With All those Diet Plans and Pills….

There are 5 Major Reasons Why They Don’t Work!

Reason # 1 – Those Fad Diets Require you to starve yourself and restrict the kind of food you can eat as well as eating just once or twice a day. This leaves you hungry between meals and put you on emotional cravings that forces you to cheat!

Reason # 2 - It involves changing Habits drastically, and me and you know that its very difficult to change habits, especially when its an habit that gives us pleasure.

Reason # 3 – They induce a change in your body system and causes it to switch to famine mode, which basically slow down the rate at which your body process it’s fat deposits.

Reason # 4 – They deprive your body of the nutrients it needs for a long perioud of time, which increases the risk of damaging vital organs & put stress on your immune

Reason # 5 - So many weight loss nutritionist & trainers promote these extreme diets and plans is because when you go on a starvation diet, you quickly lose weight and see visible results which gives them instant credibility (selfishness), but is bad news for you. Because when you go back to eating regular food, all the weight you lost while on that fad diet would come right back on.

That is what happens when you see in one month, you lose 2Kilograms, and then the following month, you added 5 kilograms again…making you worse off than when you started.

Not only that……

Our Nigerian Food Is NOT Helping Matters!

We are richly blessed with a variety of delicious food in Nigeria, however, the common ones we eat frequently are extremely fattening. Take for instance, A decent medium sized meal of:

1. Pounded Yam & Egusi:  Contains about 1,350 calories (approx)

2. Akpu/Fufu & Egusi Soup: Contains about 1800 Calories (approx)

3. Starch & Oil Soup: Contains 1,950 calories (approx)

In Just One Meal!

What happens when you eat 2 – 3 fat storing meals a day? When we eat them, These Fat Storing Meals that contain simple carbohydrates are broken down in our body system and transferred to the fat storage cells and are stored in the belly, thighs, hips, neck, arms.

And the annoying part is…these foods makes it difficult to…

Get Rid Of Excess Body Fat

Simply because they contain a lot of calories….slows down your body metabolism, forcing your body to pile on more and more fat….making you age faster and most importantly….making you self conscious….destroying your self esteem and robbing you of your once before self confidence.

And Unfortunately…

You Cannot Get Rid Of This Unwanted
UGLY Fat By….

Starving Yourself – That is a foolish thing to do, as We have established that Starving yourself does not work. Infact, it forces you to crave for food and feast on junks which sabotages your weight loss.

Taking Weight Loss Pills – Most of these pills are unregulated, untested and unproven and usually have side effects associated with them. Short term effects includes cramping, gas, diarrhea while long term effect includes the risk of high blood pressure, heart attack and also a risk of damaging your liver.

Think about it, if those pills ACTUALLY work….the excess UGLY fat should have shred off your body by now….

But…..I Want You To Take a Really Good Look At Yourself In The Mirror. Do you know you can....

Get Rid Of Excess Unwanted Fat Off
Your Body And Transform Into That Sexy
Figure 8 Body That You Desire?

 And it’s very simple! You can achieve this with the fat loss secret I am about to show you. The amazing thing about these Fat Loss Secrets is that…it DOES NOT require:

NO Starving Yourself by skipping breakfast, eating lunch and going to bed hungry
No Ingesting green (find colour) weight loss pills that do not work & could damage your Liver.
No Drinking of foul smelling concoctions that some quacks advertised on Radio & TV
No Spending countless hours in the gym sweating out and getting no result!
You do not need to pay outrageous amount for cosmetic surgery to get cut up and fat taken out like you see some women do in Dr 90210.

That sure fire fat loss secret to getting rid of UNWANTED Excess UGLY fat and transforming your body into that sexy slim figure is...


THE 30-Day Fat Loss Program

"A Natural Fat Loss System using Locally Made Fat Burning Nigerian Meals That Breaks Down Excess Body Fat And Flush It Out Of Your System Quite Rapidly In Just 30 Days!"



This EXACT 30 Day Fat Loss Program is a result of proven and tested research which I came about when looking for genuine information that eventually heped my wife to get rid of her excess body fat and gave hack the sexy appeal she had when I first married her.

Here's The Exact Fat Loss Secrets I Reveal In The 30-Day Fat Loss Program

  My special Fat burning method to eat at least 5 times daily and rapidly lose belly fat, arm fat, thigh fat and any other part of your body where fat is stored.
  How to SPEED up your body metabolism and turn your body into a fat melting furnance.
  How to overcome food cravings and be in control of the food that your body consumes.
  Revealed! The Number 1 drink that aids digestion and flushes fat inducing toxins out of your body
  How to get rid of unwanted fat permanently without destroying your metabolism or starving yourself of food.
  Fat burning breakfast that you can prepare in 15 minutes that keep your stomach full and speeds up your metabolism, stops all the midday cravings, thereby preventing you from eating junks.
  How to get rid of unwanted fat permanently without destroying your metabolism or starving yourself of food.
  A fat burning time table meal plan that shows you exactly fat burning foods you’ll eat every day for 30 days. With this, you’ll never be clueless as to what food to eat to burn fat off.
  Recipe book that contains variety delicious Nigerian meals that you will eat every single day for 30 days.
  How to have strength, vigour and energy level without putting yourself through a tormenting & torturous work outs
  How to stay motivated and encouraged until your fat loss goal is achieved.

But Wait...There's More!

SIMPLE AND EASY: The 30 Day Fat Loss Program is very easy to follow. You do not need to worry about what fat burning food to eat or how it is prepared. All these have been done for you in a 30 Day MEAL PLAN that ensures that you can eat at least 5 times in a day. No more Starving!

HEALTHY AND SAFE: This program is safe and healthy. You will burn fat fast and will NEVER be hungry. It is safer than the way you are currently eating right now. No drugs, No chemicals. No concoction or any of of those foul smelling herbal teas.  This is the fastest and safest fat loss program in the world.

MELT FAT FAST: The 30 Day Fat Loss Program literally burn off fat by the hour! You will lose weight faster on this program than if you run 12 kilometres everyday. You will be able to measure the difference in your waistline, your thighs, your hips and your belly area within 3 - 5 days of starting this program.

The 30 Day Fat Loss Program is the secret. The Secret that smart Nigerian women use to get rid of their body fat, so they can gain their confidence back. There are about 450 of these smart women already. When you join them and use these same secrets....

Here's What Will Happen To You In Just
30 Days From Now...

You will now be able to fit into those clothes you’ve kept in your wardrobe awaiting the day that your body will fit into them.
“You are looking sexier”. Those would be the EXACT words your spouse/partner will say to you when they see your body transformation.
Your fear of losing your spouse to that younger woman (colleague) at work will be gone forever!

Presently, there are women who are having BIG problems with infidelity in their home as their husbands are cheating on them with their slimmer, sexy attractive colleague at work...and they don't even know it!
You will be able to wear those short sleeve tops that draws attention to you and makes you feel like a show stopper!
Your big belly will become flatter. You will be able to wear any "body hug" dress without worrying if your belly is protruding or not! (This 30 Day Fat Loss secret program will make that happen!)
Your complaints about your love handles, your fat thighs,  Christian mother arms, will be gone forever and become a thing of the past!
You’ll continually get bugged at work by your colleagues and friends to change your wardrobe, because most clothes you use to cover the unwanted fat will become too big for you (because your body fat has melted).
When next you attend a function, your friends, colleagues, extended families will be overtaken by surprise, mouth opened wide at your sudden body transformation and ask you…”How did you do it?”
You will Never Ever have to shop for a bigger or plus size dress ever again!
You will look a lot younger and fitter and have a super attractive perfect hour glass figure that will make everyone who walk past you to turn around for a second look.

Your Friends & Colleagues Will Be Shocked When
They See The New You!

Wait….There’s more...

Your overall health will improve!
You will have an improved stamina, energy & vigour
You will enjoy greater productivity in your workplace or business
You’ll be able to play with your kids and enjoy the joy of familyhood.
Your confidence will shoot through the roof and
Your Self esteem will instantly gain altitude!

Don't Just take my Words For It...

Here's Just Few Out Of The Hundreds Of Testimonials I received Via email from Nigerian Women Just like you who have used this same 30-Day Fat Loss Materials You Are About To Lay Your Hands On...

"The Amazing Story And "Before" & "After" Pictures From Vivian Who Recently Completed The 30 Day Fat Loss Program"

PLUS: Amazing Life Changing E-mail Testimonies From Others...

The 30-Day Fat Loss Program has been changing lives of many Nigerian women who have got theirs and used it.

Over 450 Nigerian women have used this program and benefited from the  amazing RESULT of an amazing transformed body and flatter belly.

- Relationship has been saved.
- Sex Life has been improved.
- Self Esteem rebuilt.
- Smiles put on many faces from the results.

 One of such is Vivian (a wife and mother to many kids) who sent in her testimony after using the 30 Day Fat Loss Program for 30 days. Here's the first email she sent me:

NOTE - All E-mail addresses and surname erased for client privacy

RECAP: She went from 103kg down to 95kg.

She lost 2 inches off her waist. Her Husband is very happy,
and She is also happy too.

About 30 minutes later...

She sent me her photos for me to see them (see the email below):

If you notice, she specifically did not want to share her photo publicly initially. Here's my reply to her email back in response:

But after assuring her of utmost privacy by erasing any mention of her full name, email address and her face, she finally agreed (with her husbands consent) to allow me put her testimonials up to motivate you and encourage you to get on this program as well.

Here's the email she sent me to give me permission to share her "before" and "after" photo with you below:

Finally, Here's the "Before" and "After" Photo Of Vivian When She Used The 30-Day Fat Loss Program:

VIVIAN LOST 8kg, Burnt 5 Inches of Belly Fat
AND Got Rid Of Her "BIG BELLY"

NOTE - Vivian Is Married With Kids And She achieved a Flatter Belly.

Another Client of mine called Oyinade subscribed to The 30-Day Fat Loss Program, and got a flatter belly after 30 days by cutting down 4 inches from her belly! Here's her "before" and "after" picture too below:


Oyinade's Testimony

She reduced her belly size by 4 inches

Here's Oyinade's "Before" and "After" photo below:

Apart from Vivian and Oyinade, I have other life changing
Testimonials From Other People Who Took The leap and Got their Own Copy Of The 30 Day Loss Program And Used it For 30 Days...

Here's their own RESULT TOO

Testimony #1 - Gbemmy's Brother Lost 25kg Of Fat & 6 Inches Off His Waist PLUS Gbemmy Too Lost 9kg Herself (Double Result)!


Testimony #2 - She Lost 24kg Between May & December!


Testimony #3 - Patience Lost 11kg In 1 Month!


Testimony #4 - Tosin Lost 8kg In 30 Days & Drop 1 Dress Size!


Testimony #5 - Meremu Lost 4.7kg In 30 Days!


Testimony #6 - Chinwe Lost 6kg In 30 Days!


TESTIMONY 7 - Millicent Lost 6kg In
less than 30 Days!


TESTIMONY 8 - Susan Lost 5.2kg In
less than 17 Days!


TESTIMONY 9 - Nkechi Dropped From Size 10 to Size 8. She is Super Excited!


TESTIMONY 10 - Tosin Lost 8kg and Reduced  Dropped From Size 12 to Size 10.


TESTIMONY 11 - Eni Dropped From A Whooping Size 12 to Size 8. Her Husband Noticed It, She Now Use 3 Belt Holes Backward!


I have over 100 more Life Changing, Tear Streaming Testimonials In My E-mail Inbox. Putting them all on this page will take many hours for you to read them all.

I know you don't have all day to read testimonials, and I know you are convinced already that this program will help you get rid of 5 - 10kg of Excess Fat, Give You A Flatter Belly And An Amazing Toned Body...
So I am going to CUT THE CHASE and tell you EXACTLY what you'll get in The 30-Day Fat Loss Program  When You Get Your Own Copy Below:




This guide will show you the 3-STEP ACTION you MUST take before you even think of starting your 30-Day Journey to burning belly fat!

Most people who use fad diets and other programs IGNORE this 3-Step Action and they end up back to square one. When you follow this 3-STEP action, People around you will start seeing the result on your body.

Vivian in the testimony above followed this 3-STEP action before she started. That is why she saw amazing result. You too will be able to do it. And guess what? It only takes 5 minutes to complete it!



This guide will open your eyes to make changes to your nutrition profile. In it, you will get a proven plan for eating daily. This means no more starving yourself.

In it, I also share with you how you can eat 5-times daily and still burn fat off. You will stop depriving your stomach of food and at the same time get away with shaking fat off your body for good.

It  also contains a never before shared method I call the Z-Z method that burns fat fast. With the 30 Day Nutrition guide, you will NEVER gain one ounce of fat again! Ever!



Contains flat belly friendly & fat burning Nigerian Meals that is designed with fat burning Nigerian ingredients.

You’ll have access to delicious healthy fat burning Nigerian meals you can eat from Day 1 that you start the program to Day 30.

These foods have high metabolic power that consistently make your body burn more body fat. You don’t need to "WASTE" your money to buy any supplements or pills that do not work. This fat burning foods will DESTROY unwanted body fat for you NATURALLY. All you need to do is eat these meals and the fat will just melt right off.



This SIMPLE but EFFECTIVE 20-Minutes workout will switch on your fat burning furnace and help your body to melt more fat off up to 24 – 48 hours after you’ve engaged in the work out.

No more spending countless hours struggling on the treadmill Or enduring the embarrassing looks you get when you use the cross trainer in the gym.

All you need to do is engage in this simple but effective 20-Minutes Workout right in your private office or in your living room in the comfort of your home and your body will start shaking off the excess unwanted body fat like magic!

This is perfect for you if you are a nursing mother, or you work in an office. No more struggling to find time to go to the gym.



Contains STEP-BY-STEP instructions on how to cook these delicious fat burning Nigerian meals. It also contains pictures of final prepared meals and how many calories each meal contain.

You’ll also get access to how you can prepare what I call the 15 minutes breakfast meals, that you can prepare in as little as 15 minutes. You’ll never have to rush out of the door to work ever again without eating breakfast.  No more starving yourself to lose weight!

But....Wait A Little Bit More!
That is Not All...


You’ll also get exclusive access to my private E-mail group. As your personal fat loss coach & mentor, you’ll receive email from me every single day, I will coach you on your nutrition, your body sculpting, your routines and motivating you to take action.

With this, no more losing motivation. Because you have direct unimpaired access to me.  With this you wont be on your own.

Not many fat loss coach will EVER do this without charging you monthly. But you get it for FREE When you subscribe to The 30 Day Fat Loss Program!


Okay, Olu. But How Much Will It Cost Me To Get A Copy Of the 30 Day Fat Loss Program?

You see, the truth of the matter is that I want to actually sell the 30 Day Fat Loss Program for N10,000.

And at this price, it’s worth every single kobo because of the amazing RESULT that it brings (you saw the testimonies) and also because its absolutely cheaper than all those useless pills, teas and herbal program that damage your vital organ and do not work!

However, because I want to make sure you have ABSOLUTELY no reason not to take advantage of The 30 Day Fat Loss Program, I have decided not to sell it for N10,000 yet.

That is why I have put the price of The 30-Day Fat loss Program at the price of N6,500 only!

But to Further Sweeten The Deal...

I want to give you a One Time Opportunity For The Next Five Days to legally "STEAL" The 30-Day Fat Loss Program at an
insanely low price of N6,500 Only starting today

I know this offer is crazy , but I am doing this:

As my way of saying THANK YOU for being a loyal subscriber and a trusted reader of

But you have to hurry and take advantage of this low price because its available for...

A Very Short Period Of Time!

I am giving you a chance to get it at the low price of N6,500 for the next 5-days only and it will be unavailable to anyone else who is not a subscriber to my mailing list just as you are, so this is EXCLUSIVE to you only.

After five days, The price will go up to N10,000 subsequently. So don't waste time.

I am giving you a chance to get it for 45% less than what other people who are not subscribers to pay for it, so take advantage of this discount now!.

If You Act today...

I want to also sweeten the deal even more for you if you ACT TODAY before this offer expires by giving you the below TWO SPECIAL bonuses !

Remember, These 2-Special Bonus Are For You
If You Act Today Only!

Fast Action Bonus Report #1

3-Day Detox Diet Report

This Report Contains Step By Step Detox Recipe To Cleanse Your Colon and Flush Fat Toxins Out Of Your System Using Natural Nigerian Fruits

Fast Action Bonus Report # 2

Stretch Marks Report

Excess Fat Leaves Stretch Marks On The Skin. This Report Written By A Skin Care Expert Will Give You Remedies That Fades Stretch Mark Faster Than Any Skin Cream You Have Ever Tried Your Entire Life.

This 30-Day Fat Loss Program Is For you:

  • If you are currently overweight, Obese, have fatty "love handles" and fat around your stomach, arms and other areas that you don't want it.
  • If you have been starving yourself; used green teas; tried using the gym to get rid of excess fat and its not working for you.
  • If you have lots of dresses you have abandoned in your wardrobe simply because they do not fit anymore because of your bigger size.
  • If you go to work very early ( and return back home late in the night ( and have little to no time for elaborate fat loss program that takes lots of time.
  • If your partner & colleague has ever laughed at you or passed a nasty remark or comment about your body and you want to avoid the situation from happening again.
  • If your sex life and even your confidence has gone down to Zero because of your belly fat which is unappealing to your partner.
  • If you want to get a flatter belly and get back the body that brings out the amazing  figure 8 African woman in you.

Now is the time for you to get this Program.
Don’t wait till the price is N10,000 before you buy when you have the chance to get it now for just N6,500 Only. Save the discount money for something else….

And to ensure you have no excuse not to try this program, I am going to take all risk away from you by offering you my 100% Iron Clad Money Back Guarantee below:


I am absolutely certain that The 30-Day Fat Loss Program will help you drop unwanted fat and give you a flatter belly in just 30 days of you using it.

That is why I am giving you the opportunity to use this program within the next 365 days (which is 12 months or 1 year!)

If you are NOT completely blown away by the result you get with The 30-Day Fat Loss program, If you don't drop between 2kg - 10kg, reduce your belly by at least 1 - 4 inches within 365 days of using this 30-Days Fat Loss Program...
Simply send me an email asking me for a refund of your investment and I'll give you 100% of your investment back, no question asked!

This means there is ABSOLUTELY no risk to you trying this program out. You have no reason not to give this program a try. That is why I want you to follow the below instructions to ORDER and get your own copy of The 30 Day Fat Loss Program...

Follow Below Instructions To Order For Your
30-Day Fat Loss Program Today

Follow The Instructions Below To Get Your Own Copy Of The 30-Day Fat Loss Program

STEP 1 - Pay the sum of N6,500 into any of the bank details below:

Bank Name - Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB)
Account Name – Tunity Services
Account Number – 003-5858-507


Bank Name – United Bank For Africa (UBA)
Account Name – Tunity Services
Account Number – 101-4607-102

NOTE - If you are unable to go to the bank, you can ask someone to pay on your behalf, do a direct transfer through Internet banking, mobile money transfer or ATM direct transfer.

STEP 2 - Once you make payment, simply send me the details of your
payment to

Make the subject of your email to say: PAYMENT FOR 30 DAY FAT LOSS PROGRAM

Send the following details in the email:

- Your Full Name
- Your Email Address
- Teller Number You used To Make Payment (
or state what method you paid with if e.g. via mobile, internet,ATM etc)
- Payee Name On the Teller
- Bank Name You Paid Into

That is all you need to send to me.

Once I receive your payment email and I confirm your payment from the bank, You will get an email from me which will contain the download links of all the fat loss materials (as above) that you ordered for so that you can download it and start using it.

PLEASE NOTE - All the above products are digital books in soft copies (Adobe PDF) and are NOT available in any bookshop in Nigeria. You can only get The 30-Day Fat Loss Program on this website and nothing whatsoever will be shipped via courier.

This is the Fat Loss Program you’ve been waiting for. Don’t let another “excuse” stand in your way of the body you deserve. With this program, you can and you WILL transform your body - Guaranteed!

Make sure you order yours immediately so that you can get the special Bonuses: Stretch Mark Report & 3-Day Detox Diet that Is Included In the Package.

Don’t think twice. Get it now. And start your journey to your own confident transformed sexy body.

Thank you for reading & for taking advantage of this Special Fat Loss Offer.

Yours Sincerely,
Olu Aijotan - Your Personal Nutrition & Fitness Coach

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