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PART 3: How Other Nigerians Are Losing Weight (For Joe’s Readers)

belly fat

“Coach Olu, Are you sure this weight loss program will work?”

This is the #1 question that I get from many of my weight loss client when they pay & register for my weight loss programs.

I understand why they ask me that question.

A lot of these clients of mine have tried various different slimming teas, coffees, waist trainers, extreme diets etc.

All without result.

So I understand where they are coming from, and why they are very careful and even skeptical.

I am not sure about you, maybe you have tried so many different program in the past, without any result too.

But I always encourage these clients of mine. And here’s exactly what I tell them:

“If you FOLLOW my weight loss advice, meal plan and workout routine, you will not only lose weight, you will transform into a super sexy woman with flat belly and look 10 years younger”.

It doesn’t matter if you weigh 120kg

And truthfully to my words, many of these clients of mine burn a lot of fat off their body, and transform into a sexier, amazing toned body.

Some of these clients of mine were obesed, weigh over 100kg+ and even have excess belly fat.

Others have belly fat from pregnancy, excess weight from childhood, and excess fat from sitting down too much at their daily white collar job.

But time and time again, just by following my weight loss advice, they are able to burn off this excess fat and able to get their own body back.

And they are able to do this, by following the weight loss meal plan, workout routine and daily weight loss advice that I give them.

I want to show you some examples of these weight loss clients of mine so you can see their result:

Successful Weight Loss Story Of Nigerians Just Like Yourself

1. Ada Lost 31kg Of Fat From Her Body

ada testimony 1

Yes, Ada is one of my weight loss client, she followed my weight loss advice, meal plan and workout program was able to shrink her body from 115kg down to 84 kg.

You can see how “good looking” she looked after burning off the extra rolls of fat from her body.

2. Ayoola Lost Weight And Got Her Body Back!

ayoola testimony 1

Yes, she registered and paid for one of my weight loss program, followed my advice, my daily coaching and lost excess fat. Can you see how she “transformed” her body.

She definitely look like a model in her “AFTER” picture. That transformation is because she listened to my advice, and did EXACTLY what I asked her to do. And she got a life changing result from it.

3. NONSO Lost 20Kg Of Fat From Her Body

nonso 10

Nonso is a working class mother. And she paid and registered for one of my weight loss meal plan and workout system, and she was able to get rid of her baby fat and get a flatter belly.

Not only that, her love handles also dissapeared and she transformed her body. If you notice, the scar from her belly is from ceasarian during child birth.

4. Blessing Was Able TO Get Rid Of Belly Fat


Can you see how flat Blessings Belly is? That is the result of her doing exactly what I told her to do on her weight loss journey. She paid and registered for my weight loss program.

And the picture above is the result
of her weight loss.

When I checked my records, I actually discovered that I have helped 4,386 clients to lose between 5kg – 30kg of fat and help them transform their body as well.

No, that is NOT just a random figure. That is the exact amount of people that I have worked with, when I checked my records at the time of writing you this article.

I have helped All These People Lose
Weight, Now It’s Your Turn!

If you have extra fat on your body and you weigh 68kg, 70kg, 80kg, 100kg, or even up to 150kg and you want to lose some weight before the end of this year…

Then I want to introduce you to one of my newest weight loss program that I call…

“The Super Food Diet”

The superfood diet is a 4 weeks weight loss diet plan that contains healthy super foods that are low in sugar that yu follow over a 4 week period to burn fat off from your body.

This Super Food Diet ANd Workout Program is so POWERFUL, that it could be the key to transforming your life and giving you the body of your dreams before the end of this year.

My goal with this Super Food Diet is to help you lose between 5kg, 10kg, 15kg and even up to 25kg of fat before this year comes to an end.


Here’s My Answers To All Your Questions About
This Super Food Diet Program below….

Question 1: What Exactly Is The Super Food Diet And How Will It Help Me Lose Weight?

The super food diet is a new 4 weeks weight loss program by Coach Olu Of

It contains a 4 weeks meal plan and workout program that focus on eating fat burning meals known in nutrition circle as super foods.

These super foods are low in sugar, high in nutrients and naturally helps you lose weight rapidly. The goal Of this Super Food Diet is to help YOU and 99 other people lose 10kg -20kg before the end of this year.

Question 2: What Is The Difference Between This Super Food Diet And Your 90 Day & 30 Day program?

The super food diet is for 4 weeks (28 days), the foods in the meal plan contains smoothies, low calorie fruits and the goal is to accelerate weight loss and fat burn from your body within a short period of time (between 4 – 6 weeks)

Question 3: I am On A Medication That Made Me Gain Excess Weight. Will This Diet Help Me Lose Weight? Please HELP!

Well, it depends.

I believe your doctor knows more about your medication than I do and can comment accurately on how this will affect your health.

However, if you have your doctors permission to run this weight loss program, I am absolutely positive that this program will help you become a lot healthier.

And I believe that it will help you reduce the rate at which you gain weight.

Question 4: Can A Breast Feeding Mother Take Part?

Absolutely YES!

The program allows you to eat 3-4 times daily. And it will NOT stop you from breastfeeding your baby.

Question 5: Coach Olu, I weigh 100kg And I am 7 months Pregnant, Can I Do This Program?

I will advise that you wait till after child birth before you start your weight loss journey.

Here’s why…

During the later stages of pregnancy, it is best not to engage in strenuous exercises and going on a diet program. I STRONGLY advise that you speak with your doctor/midwife for advice that is more specific to your case.

Question 6: How Long Will This Program Last For?

This program and meal plan is for 4 weeks, and you can re-run it as much as you want. Within that 4 weeks, you would have seen your body burn considerable amount of fat from everywhere on your body that you don’t like.

Question 8: How Many Kilogram Of Fat Will I Lose On This Program?

Well, the amount you lose will depend on your current weight, your body type, how dedicated you are to the meal plan, and how much workout you do.

However, if you commit to this program and do it the way I say, result of 10kg – 20kg is VERY achievable.

You’ve seen the result of my clients. If they can do it, I believe you too can do it, if you put in the work.

NOTE: Realistically, people who weigh 100kg+ are more likely to lose up to 20kg of fat while those that weigh 60-80 will lose average of 8-12kg if they run this program till Christmas time.

Question 9: I Am Unable To Exercise Due To A Health Issue, Will This Program Work For me?

Yes, it will work for you.

However, your rate of fat burn will be slower than someone who is working out during the program.

Here’s my advice, do not use The Super Food Diet. Instead, get my Nigerian Weight Loss Cookbook at this link:

It contains all the healthy foods that you can eat that will stop you from gaining weight and help you lose weight and burn fat naturally without exercising at all.

Question 10: How Easy Is It To Get The Ingredients For The Food On The Diet Plan?

ALL the ingredients in this program are READILY available in any open air market in Nigeria. If you go to any local market, you will find these weight loss meal plan ingredients and they are very affordable too.

Question 11: Please How Much Is This Program?

If you check my previous articles, you can see how much result I get for my client.

If i charge N20,000 for this program, it will be well worth it. Truth is, you most likely have spent more than that in the past for your weight loss without seeing result.

But I understand the economic situation in the country, so i won’t even charge that much. The price of this product will not be cheap (No, this program is not not for people looking for a N1,000 weight loss program).

But it will be VERY affordable and you will be able to pay for this without any issues at all. The price will be revealed on  Thursday 22nd December 2016 when I launch The Super Food Diet program.

Question 12: I Really Need This Weight Loss Program But The Price Is What Am Scared Of.

There is no reason to be scared. The question you should ask yourself is this…

How much is my health and well-being worth to me?

How much is my body and my confidence worth to me?

If you are serious about losing weight and sculpting the body that you deserve, then you should be ready to spend money on yourself to make it happen.

Remember, this body is the only one that you’ve got. Taking care of it should be your No.1 priority.

You’ve seen some of my clients weight loss result.

They (my clients) were able to get this body without paying hundreds of thousands of Naira like other people pay for slimming drugs, teas and girdles that don’t work.

But like i said earlier, the price for this program will be very affordable.

Don’t worry, the price of the product will be something you can afford. And if you are serious, you won’t have a problem with the pricing. Plus, there will be an early bird discount. So keep an eye for that too.

Question 13: When Do We Pay And What Is The Means Of Payment?

You will be able to pay for this program on the day that I launch this program. That would be Thursday, 22nd December 2016  and payment method will be by direct bank deposit.

After that, your Super Diet Program meal plan will be sent to you and you can kickstart your weight loss and start melting stubborn fat away.

Question 14 : I’m Interested, How Do I Get Onboard?


Keep an eye on your inbox on Thursday, 22nd December 2016. On that day, at, I’ll send you an e-mail with instructions on how to register.

Simply follow the instructions and you will be able to kickstart your journey on this Super Food Diet Program so you can meet your target before the end of the year 2016.

So that’s all your questions answered.

If there is any other questions that you have, that I am yet to address, please feel free to put them in the comment section below and I’ll respond to them one after the other.

So, make it a date on Thursday, 22nd December 2016. I will send an e-mail to your inbox at and the title of the email will be:

“Get Your Super Food Diet Program Today”

When you get that e-mail, open it, and follow the instruction to get your own copy of this program so you can start sculpting your own amazing toned body and flat belly.

Thank you for reading

To your amazing Body.

Olu Aijotan

Author: The Super Food Diet, Nutrition & Fitness Coach

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