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Ramadan Food Tips And Best Place To Travel

In this blog post, I am going to share exactly how you can continue eating healthy and keeping fit even after the Ramadan fasting.

The No.1 thing you need to be careful of is unhealthy snacking. That is, eating snacks that are high in sugar and calories in between their daily meals. A lot of people, like eating sugary and unhealthy snacks that will make them gain extra weight and increase belly fat.

Maybe yours is Sharwarma or that “Suya Pizza” sold at Domino, or that delicious Ice cream or chocolate velvet cake. And for some other, it’s a late night drinking of traditional food such as “Garri with Sugar, Groundnut and Milk”.

Unfortunately, these snacks are packed with sugar and will sabotage your weight loss. Irrespective of what your unhealthy snack is, you need to cut down on it for you to see a significant weight loss and to melt off your belly fat.

Instead of snacking on those junk foods, some healthier sweet snacks you can eat instead are:

1. Fruit Salad

2. 1 handful of mixed nuts ( e.g. cashew, groundnut, almond)

3. Diced Coconuts

4. Tiger Nuts (known as “aya”)

5. Garden Egg (you can eat as many of this as you want)

6. Walnut (Known as Awusa or Asala)

7. Moi Moi

8. Boiled Egg

9. Fruit Smoothies

10. Avocados

11. Moi Moi

12. Dried fruits e.g. dried mangoes, pineapples etc.

13. Watermelon etc.

14. Banana (1-2 pieces)

You have lots of options available to you. Make sure you eat them as snack in between meals whenever you are hungry.

Another snack I would love to mention is the Arabian Dates which I came across for the first time on my trip to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. It was served in one of the hotels I was staying in downtown Dubai. These dates are rich in vitamin and iron and promote digestion and are known to lower bad cholesterol.

If you do not have Dates in your diet, I will advise you include it as they are readily available in any local Nigerian market or supermarket.

By the way, If you’ve never been to the beautiful city Of Dubai, this is one-holiday destination that I will encourage you to visit.

The Ramadan holiday is another opportunity to jet out of the country from Lagos to Dubai with the family on holiday.

Personally, I consider Dubai my favourite spot in the Arabian desert because of the many holiday attractions available to see and enjoy.

Luckily for us Nigerians, there are regular flight from Lagos to Dubai which means you can decide to go to this lovely city at any time convenient for you as there are many airlines flying this route.

If you are cost conscious, you can get the cheapest flight from Lagos to Dubai by planning ahead and checking cost on a travel comparison site like FNP travel.

During my last trip to this city, I visited various places that include the Burj Khalifa which is a 160-story skyscraper as well as the Palm Jumeirah which is an artificial island that has its own water park and beach.

Travelling to a place like this need not cost an arm and leg. There are cheap flights to Dubai available at an affordable cost especially if you are not the only one travelling.

I hope the tips I’ve shared above has been of great help. Do leave me a comment and let me know any of the snacks you like from my list above and do also get in touch if and when you do plan a trip to Dubai soon.

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