The First Three Steps To Permanent Weight Loss –
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The First Three Steps To Permanent Weight Loss

So you’ve looked recently in the mirror and seen all those unwanted extra flabby pound of fat that makes you feel so fat and instantly makes you extra conscious of yourself the next time you go out.

Just maybe you find it really difficult to even fit into your old clothes and your friends are beginning to ask you……

“What have you been eating”

Maybe your partner is beginning to notice and has put in a line or two saying…

Baby, you are getting fat, you need to start exercising” etc.

Just maybe you’ve come to the realisation that its definitely time for you to get rid of those unwanted pounds of flesh that you’ve gained eating lots of fatty Nigerian foods and gain your self esteem back.

You are highly motivated within yourself, you want to give it a go, you are determined, not to let anything stop you. As a matter of fact, you dream and hope that within the next few months, you will get that sexy transformed body back and you will be the envy of your friends, colleagues, and even make all those guys and even your partner to look at you seductively.

Then after few days of hitting the gym, starving yourself of breakfast and lunch, then the reality starts to kick in; its more difficult than you envisage.

Your career/work routine makes you entirely busy that you can’t even seem to try. Even when you try to eat right, you are unable to find time to prepare the right meals, and yes….all those times spent at the gym wear you out and you can feel the pain all over your body.

Sometimes, you don’t even know the right work out to do that will give the maximum impact to get those flabby pounds off your bulging belly.

If you identify with any part of what I have explained above…

Then let me say congratulations!

This is because, this article is for you. This is because, I am about to show you what will help you jumpstart your road to a PERMANENT weight loss that will transform your body elegantly.

You see, the first step to weight loss involves getting your mind and body ready for the long journey ahead. It is when you have a mind that is ready that you will be able to achieve your goals and not renege on every action you take. And that is why I am going to show you the first three steps you have to take to achieve this:

Tell your Partner, Family or good Friends About your Decision/Goals

Goals help you plan your weight loss step by step as you transition into a healthier lifestyle. When you set your goal e.g. Aiming to lose 1 kg each week by exercising 30 minutes each day and eating healthily., you are more likely to achieve it if you tell someone you know who will hold you accountable for it.

These type of people are  called accountability partner, they can either be your friends, Partner, mentor etc. Their job is to encourage, motivate, nag, use every method (approved by you) to ensure that you follow through on your goals.

Who do you trust enough to be able to hold you accountable to your goals towards reducing the fat around your belly?

List down the names of three people that you know you can approach and tell them what you are about to do and how their actions will help you transform your body. Then set up communication channels, e.g. Blackberry messages, Phone conversations, meet ups etc

Measure your Current Weight

I recently did a 9 question survey for over 700 ladies who are interested in losing weight on our Naija Weight Loss facebook page and the first question on the list was “What is your current weight?”

Strange enough, 75.2% of them all do not know their current weight!

Here’s what happens when you are trying to cut down some fat and you don’t know your current weight; Let’s say you weigh (which you don’t know before now) 92Kg, and you followed through on your weight loss routine for 2 weeks and you drop down to 90 kg, there is no way you will find out if you have lost any weight whatsoever.

And guess what, if you don’t know this, you are more likely to lose motivation and stop working out altogether.

So whatever you do, make sure you measure your current weight and do it at least once every week. It will help you to track your progress and encourage you not to give up.

NOTE – If you do not have a scale at home, go to the nearest hospital to you or a Gym or even  and ask one of the nurses/fitness instructors to allow you to check your current weight. Do not do one more weight loss work out without knowing what your current weight is.

Take a picture of your current body form

Have you ever seen those “Before” and “After” pictures in weight loss advertisements? There is a reason for it. Experts have discovered that it can be really difficult to notice a gradual weight loss unless you have a metric to see what it used to be like. What this means is that, if you start using a fat loss routine, you are most likely to give up if you do not see an instant noticeable change within few weeks.

That is exactly why you need to take a picture of yourself before you start any weight loss diet and work out routine.

So how do you do this? Very simple; Pick up a camera or a mobile phone that has an inbuilt camera, position yourself facing in front of a mirror with adequate lighting from a window, then take two pictures of yourself.

Also, stand laterally with your side facing the mirrors, this position will show you your side view and then take another picture of yourself.

If you cannot take these pictures yourself, you can also get your friends, loved ones or anyone close to you to take these pictures.

You need to save these pictures somewhere safe e.g. on your computer/phone as you are going to compare these pictures with the ones you  are going to take 30 days after you start your weight loss routine.

So there you go, these are your first three steps to permanent weight loss. These are your very first steps. If you’ve done these already, then well done, if you are yet to take these first steps, then make sure you do them now. Don’t wait till tomorrow. Just leap out of your chair right now, and go and take those pictures; you can always do this in the rest room at your workplace, take out 5 minutes to send emails/text to those accountability partners and think deeply about those places where you can instantly check your current weight.

Do not leave this till later, take action now!

If you’ve enjoyed this article and/or learn a thing or two, I want you to  leave us a comment  about your weight loss experience below and also share this article with friends and family who will benefit from it.

To your transformed Body

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