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White Vs Brown Rice: Which should you eat?

The most common food that we eat as Nigerians is Rice.

If you recollect the meals you ate in the past 24 – 48 hours, there is a high chance that rice is part of it. If you attend any Nigerian “Owambe” party, the most common meals that is available is Rice.

And we sure know how to cook rice in different forms….

1. White Rice With Stew
2. Coconut Rice
3. Jollof Rice
4. Fried Rice
5. Stir Fry Rice etc

In Nigeria, there are three major types of rice that we eat and they are…

1. White Rice e.g. Basmati, Uncle Bens etc
2. Brown Rice e.g. Ofada, Local rice etc

But Really….Is Rice Healthy To Eat?

The answer is Yes & No.

That is, it depend’s on the type of rice that you are eating.

You see, white rice that you eat daily (which is comon) is the processed version of rice has been refined, polished and it’s seed coat (also known as bran) has been removed. The fibre in white rice is just 0.3%

They do this to increase the taste of the rice, the quality of the cooking as well as the shelf life.

This is why people who are diabetic are advised to reduce the amount of white rice they eat, because when you eat white rice in too much quantity can increase the level of sugar in the blood.

On the other hand, brown rice contains a fair amount of fibre. The fibre content of brown rice is 1.8%.

This is exactly why your stomach will feel and stay full quickly when you eat brown rice.

Between the two types of rice,
the best rice to eat is “Brown Rice”.

This is because brown rice contains more fibre than white rice, and the whole grain is intact and contains 1.8% fibre. Brown rice is also a low-glycemic food which means it’s good for people who are diabetic.
ofada rice
When it comes to losing weight, eating brown rice is healthier for you to eat than white rice. And it’s very easy to get this type of rice from the local market. Please note, brown Rice is also known as Ofada Rice or Local rice.

So when you want to eat rice, eat the brown rice instead, however, if you ABSOLUTELY have to eat white rice, eat it in very small quantity.

And just eating brown rice is not enough…

There are other healthy delicious Nigerian foods that you can eat that will help you lose weight. And if you are interested in these healthy Nigerian foods, I want to STRONGLY encourage you to get my 100% Nigerian Fat Loss Cookbook by clicking this link.

Thanks very much for reading.


Coach Olu AIjotan


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