"How You Can Get Rid Of
Ugly Jiggle Arm Fat & Get Sexy & Toned Arms Like Michelle Obama"

(With Pictures)

By Coach Olu Aijotan: 

Few days ago, I was out shopping with the Mrs, and we entered a general goods store.

I flipped through their catalogue to the exercise & workout section and saw a piece of equipment that caught my eye.

It was a set of Vinyl "Dumbbell".

They were not really expensive, so I copied the catalogue number and took it to the cashier to pay for it.

The boxed dumbbell was then handed over to me and we took it home.

Anyway, I removed the box and spent 5 minutes putting it together  (See Picture below):

These set of dumbbells are not made of iron, but from vinyl (rubber/plastic), and it has 2 5kg bells and another two 2.5kg bells.

Putting it together...

It makes 7.5kg each for both hands making 15kg in total.

I then leave these set of dumbbells by the fridge, so I can lift them and do 10 reps every time I go to the fridge to pick up a drink or food etc (See Picture below):

If you have unattractive arm fat that has made you too self-conscious to wear sleeveless outfits...

These set of dumbbells can help you slim it down and tonne them to make them look more sexy.

With a set of dumbells like this, you can include strength exercises into your daily workout e.g. Bicep curls, that builds muscles and burn off the fat in your arms.

Exercise 2 - Bicep Curls: Grip the dumbell and push towards your chest. Do 15 - 30 reps daily (See pix below).

The bicep curls targets your bicep & triceps and helps you build muscles that burns off the fat in your arms and make it look good by toning it.


You can get yourself a 3 - 5kg dumbbell from shoprite or any major supermarket or exercise/workout shop in your area.

If for some reason, you are unable to get yourself one, you can try this trick:

Home Made Dumbell:

STEP 1 - Find yourself a plastic bottle (e.g. Eva, Ragolis etc) and fill it with moist/wet  sand.

STEP 2 - Cover with its cap and lift it as your own dumbell.


If you are afraid of using dumbbells because you think you can get muscular arms like wrestlers, then let me say this...

...Fear Not!

Men naturally get lots of muscles in their arms because they have an hormone called Testosterone that contributes to huge muscles.

Women have it in small quantity, and unless you inject yourself with steroids, you won't get muscles like men.

Instead, you'll have toned arms like that of Michelle Obama in the pics below:

So, that's all for today.

I hope you've learnt how to tone your arms today. If you have any questions, do send me an email.

Your Friend,
Olu Aijotan

Your Personal Fitness & Nutrition Coach.

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