"The Secret Fat Loss Detox Drink I Promised To Show You"
(With Pictures)

From: Coach Olu (Your Personal Nutrition & Fat Loss Coach)
Time: 08.57

I made a promise in my last email:

...To show you a recipe that gets rid of harmful toxin from your system and flushes stubborn belly fat and unwanted excess body fat out of your body.

I am talking about toxins you body has acquired from:

  •  The chemical additives from the processed foods you eat

  • The treated water you drink from plastic bottles

  • The fumes from the car exhaust of cars & commercial buses that ply our roads.

These toxins have been known to be responsible for causing an hormonal imbalance that makes it difficult to get rid of stubborn fat around the belly and areas such as your arms, hips and even your face.

This recipe is very powerful that it will get rid of these toxins. Flush it out of your system. No questions asked!

All you need is to prepare it, and drink it and allow it to perform its magic.

This Secret drink is called Tropical Delight Smoothie

Here's what you'll need to prepare yours:

A blender


Chopping Board

1 Banana (half slice)

1 Pawpaw

1 Orange

1 Mango/Apple (if in season)

1 medium sized cucumber



Step 1 - Wash all your fruits with water to clean it.

Step 2 - Peel the back of your pawpaw, Orange, Mango/Apple with your knife and use the tip of the knife to take out the seeds in the fruits.

Step 3 - Cut the Peeled Banana, Pawpaw, Mango & Apple, Orange and cucumber into smaller pieces and put in the blender.

Step 4 - Blend the mixture on high for about 30 seconds or longer, until you get the texture and creaminess you want.

Step 5 - Pour into a glass cup and drink (you can add ice to make it cold).

Here's a picture of what your smoothie will look like (depending on the proportion of the vegetables & fruits).

I want you to try this body detox drink at home. If possible, over this weekend.

This Tropical Delight Detox smoothie is just one of the recipes from inside The 3-Day Detox Diet Report which I'll release on 30th September 2013.

The 3-Day Detox
Diet Report

Remember how I said that fumes from your generator & car exhaust, the chlorinated water you drink and the additives in the processed foods you eat could indirectly be making you fat.

Well, This Is The Solution.

This 3-Day Detox Diet Report contains a complete detox meal & smoothie plan that will get rid of harmful toxins from your body and flush out stubborn belly & unwanted Belly fat out of your system.

This 3-Day Detox Report will give you amazing result.

However, it works best if you use it with The 30 Day Fat Loss Program.

Like This Equation Below:

30 Day Fat Loss Program + 3-Day Detox Diet = Faster, Better Fat Loss Result!

I am talking of a visible result like the below:


The 3-Day Detox Diet Report Is Now Ready For You To Get Access And Use It To Melt Unwanted Belly & Body Fat At It's Introductory Price of Just N4,500 Only.

Infact, I have had 7 people order it through my backdoor access at this price already.

And they are now using the recipes in this plan to get rid of toxins and burn unwanted belly fat.

However, I am sure you know that Nigeria's independence day is just round the corner on 1st of October.

I have been thinking about what I can offer you as the most amazing gift offer ever to celebrate it and something came to mind.

As a way of celebrating Nigeria's independence, I will be giving you a RARE one time opportunity of getting this 3-Day Detox Diet Report completely for FREE!

I hope you are excited about this already. Yes, you should be.

Don't worry, I'll tell you more about what you need to do to get this report worth N4,500 for FREE in my next email which I'll send to you on 27th September at 8.am.

When you receive it, I want you to open it and read it as I'll give you inside info on how to get your own copy.

Whatever you do, DO NOT MISS out on it.

And yea...finally, here is a picture of me for those who have been asking to put a face to the name :)

Your Friend,
Olu Aijotan

Your Personal Fitness & Nutrition Coach.

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