"A Secret Fat-Burning Drink Used By Nigerian Celebrities That Is Guaranteed To Help You Get Rid Of Belly Fat"
(With Pictures)

By Coach Olu: 

Here's a fact for you:

"Do You Know That You Can Get Rid Of Your
Excess Unwanted Body & Belly Fat?"

I am not sure what your answer is right now.

But let me tell you exactly what happened to a 40 year old Lagos based Alhaja a while ago.

I told her that If she apply every single advice that I share in my new program titled  The 30 Day Fat Loss Program, she will get one result:



She was sceptical about what I said.

I don't blame her.

She and other Nigerian women have spent hundreds of thousands of Naira on various pills, green tea, brown tea, herbal pills etc and these pills never worked.

Just maybe you have tried it these fat loss pills and tea's yourself before and it didn't work for you.

But I encouraged her to get a copy of The 30 Day Fat Loss Program and I gave her access to my secret fat burning drink (which I am going to share with you today).

She listened to me. Suspended her unbelief and took the courage to get this program.

After 30 Days of using The 30 Day Fat Loss Program, Here's exactly
what happened:




Here's the email she sent to me after using The 30 Day Fat Loss Program:

She sent me pictures of her body transformation.

However, because she is an Alhaja, she prefers anonymity and does not want her photos to be shared. (My clients privacy is my No.1 priority)

I do not have permission to share these pictures. (Sorry!)

The 30 Day Fat Loss Program helped this
40 Year old Alhaja to get rid of Unwanted Stubborn fat
in just 30 Days of using it.

One of the drinks I shared in that 30 Day Fat Loss Program is a fat burning drink used by Nigerian Celebrities.

And just for being my faithful subscriber and for reading all of my emails and articles, I am going to share this fat loss drink with you.

But just before I share this secret drink with you, let me show you an email I received from another lady I REVEALED this fat loss drink to few weeks ago:

This lady is just one of the many people who have tried the secret fat burning drink and saw result with it.

I am putting her testimony screenshot up, just to let you know how powerful this drink is; so that you will not disregard it.

Back to the Secret Lemon Drink:

I discovered a secret drink. It has its roots in ancient Chinese medicine and it has been used for 1,000s of years to burn fat & even get a flatter belly.

This drink is so POWERFUL that it is used for fat burning.

That called LEMON WATER.

If you are struggling with Excess Weight, BELLY Fat, you eat emotionally or even drink lots of coke and you can't seem to stop,  this drink will help you curb your emotional eating.

It will help reduce your cravings.

Here's how to prepare your own
Lemon Water


1. 1 medium size lemon ( Do not use Lime)
2. A jug full of water (8 - 10 glasses)


STEP 1. Wash  & cut lemon into two halves. Remove the seeds with the tip of a knife..

STEP 2 Squeeze the juice from the 2 lemon halves into the jug of water and put water in fridge to make it ice cool You can also use cold water from the start).

STEP 3 -  Drink & Enjoy as needed. Rinse your mouth afterwards.

Also, put some of it in a water bottle, take  to work and drink while working. You'll be amazed at what it does to your  body.

NOTE - Do not use lime. A university of Lagos research suggest that lime can prevent conception (at least on rats which the research was performed on).

Ask your fruit seller to source it for you and  give them a tip (loose change) for their trouble.

NOTE - If you are pregnant, ensure you inform your doctor before drinking lemon drink. While there is no known negative implication, I am required by sense of duty to ask you to.

BONUS - To speed up your metabolism, use these 2 workout to speed up your body metabolism i.e. The speed at which your body it burns fat.

Exercise 1 - Jumping Jacks: Stand straight, put your arm to your side, then jump up while at same time opening your legs and throwing your hands above your head. Repeat this. Do 30 reps daily.

Exercise 2 - Bicep Curls: Get yourself a 2.5 - 3.5kg dumbell. If you can't afford one, fill two plastic bottle with moist sand. Grip the dumbell and push towards your chest. Do 20 - 30 reps daily(See pix below).

This exercise tone your arm (especially if you have arm fat)

The secret fat burning drink I showed you above is from The 30 Day Fat Loss Program.

Same program used by the 40 year old Alhaja in dropping 11kg of excess body fat & 2 inches of belly fat in 30 Days.

Here's what you should do To Drop Kg of

Unwanted Fat & Get A Flatter Belly

STEP 1 -  Ensure you get yourself a copy of the 30 Day Fat Loss Program which will be released in two days time. (I'll send you the instructions via email on the day)

STEP 2 - Open the program and just follow the instructions that I give in the 30 Day Plan step by step. It will only take you just 20 minutes per day.

At the end of the program, if you step on the scale and look in the mirror,
you will see a massive difference:

A transformed body from "fatty", big belly to an hour glass flat belly amazing Body!

Its as simple as ABC.

Please feel free to let me know what questions you have about The 30 Day Fat Loss Program by putting it in the comment section below.

In my next email which I'll send to you tomorrow, I'll be answering any questions you might have in regards to this program.

Also, I'll be available to also answer any questions you might have even after purchasing the 30 Day Fat Loss Program.



I have a very SPECIAL bonus, specifically for you if you order your copy of The 30 Day Fat Loss Program within 48 hours that I launch the program.

However for now, go post your questions below.

I'll answer them in my email tomorrow.

Then the day after, I'll give you instructions on how to get your own copy at a special introductory price.

Whatever you do, DO NOT MISS out on it.

Your Friend,
Olu Aijotan

Your Personal Fitness & Nutrition Coach.

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