"How To Lose Stubborn Belly Fat
Fit Back Into That BodyCon Dress You've Hidden In Your Wardrobe
 for Years!"

You Are About To Discover 17 Fat
Burning Nigerian Foods
That Are Guaranteed
To Flatten Your Belly!

By Coach Olu:

Let me ask you...

Is your Belly like the one in the picture below?

And you've tried everything possible to get rid of it, but its so stubborn that it will not go away.

Now, you won't even dare to wear any tight fitted dress (usually called a "bodycon dress") that hug your body simply because your bulging belly will show out?

Do you always wear a free flowing dress to hide your "pregnant belly" so that your colleague or even family friend will not ask you if you are pregnant again.

Just maybe, you are a nursing mum and its been many months you had your child, but your belly has refused to "go down" after birth etc.

Do you remember the comment screenshot of a concerned lady i showed you in Report 1? (If you missed it, click the "Report 1- Why we get fat" link to the top right of this page)

She Was Being Called a "Mummy" Even
When She Is Still single,
Simply Because of Fat
On Her Belly And Around Her Body

If you are in same situation, where you find it hard to get rid of unwanted fat around your belly and the extra rolls of fat on your sides, I want you to pay attention:

If you ask the average person the best way to burn fat, the first advice they will give you is: Go On A Diet Eating Just 1 Meal Per Day.

I won't be too surprised if friends, families, partners, and even colleagues at work have advised you to do this to get rid of your belly fat.

Just maybe you've even tried all those fad diets out there such as:

  • Warrior Diet

  • South Beach Diet

  • Indomie Diet (eating one indomie per day)

  • Atkins Diet

  • Pasta & Chocolate Diet

  • Chicken Soup Diet

  • Zen Diet Etc!

The common relationship between all these diets are:

  1. Restriction from eating at least 3 meals per day

  2. Restrict or promote just one type of food e.g. chicken soup

  3. Promise a quick weight loss from starvation

  4. Strictly limit intake of general healthy foods

If you  or anyone you know are currently on this type of diet, you are GREATLY exposing yourself to a risk that will affect your health.

Not only that, once you get off the diet, the fat you shed temporarily will come back!

For you to get rid of belly fat and even fat on any other part of your body such as your arms, thigh etc, you need to understand how the body works.

Let me tell you a bit of Biology

Have you noticed that when you face fear, your breathing speeds up, your heart races and your muscles tighten.

Same thing with when a sharp needle pierce your skin, you body receptors sends a message of "pain" to your brain.


In same way that your body responds to pain, fear so also is exactly how your body responds when you go on a starvation diet.

Your body does not see it as a diet. Your body starts to think that there is a lack of food (famine) and then it respond by slowing down your metabolism; which is the rate at which your body burn fat.

This is called "Starvation mode".

If you starve for just a day, your body will not slow down metabolism right away. Starvation mode usually kicks in after continuous fasting usually between 3 - 5 days.

When you starve yourself, you will initially lose weight before your metabolism slows down.

However, since you won't continue to starve yourself forever, you will go back to eating normal food.

Once this happens, your body instantly discover a supply of food, and it starts to store the food back in your fat storage cell again, because it thinks that this is a one time opportunity to store before you go into starvation mode again.

If you go ON and OFF starvation diet, you will continue in this vicious cycle of losing fat and then piling it back on.

Can you see that if you want to get rid of belly fat permanently...

Going on a starvation diet is not
the way to do it.

Instead, what you need is to combine...Healthy Fat Loss Eating With A Fat Loss Excercise Routine.

By Eating The Right Food And
Engaging In Portion Control. You Will
Achieve a Calorie Deficit!

What is a Calorie Deficit?

That is when the amount of fat burned by your body is more than the calorie supplied by the food you.

In plain language, when you eat 2,000 calories of food per day and your body burns 2,500 calories, that is, your body has a deficit of 500 calories which is burned from the excess fat in your body.

So for you to lose weight or get a flatter belly, you need to eat in such a way that your body continues to burn extra calories everyday.

And you can do this by eating fat burning NIGERIAN foods that reduces the level of insulin being produced in your body.

These fat burning foods are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals and contain micronutrients that booste your immune system.

Without wasting time, please find below:

17 Fat Burning Nigerian Foods That Are Guaranteed
To Flatten Your Belly!

  1. Green Plantain (cooked or as Plantain Flour)

  2. Lemon (Not lime)

  3. Water Melon (Very Juicy)

  4. Ginger

  5. Beans

  6. Soy Beans

  7. Grapes

  8. Nuts (Cashew, Peanut & Walnut)

  9. Mushrooms

  10. Sea Foods (Sardine, Crabs, CrayFish etc)

  11. Olive and Coconut Oil

  12. Onion & Garlic

  13. Wheat & Oat Based Food (Wheat Bread, Quaker Oats)

  14. Bananas

  15. African Mango

  16. Brown Riece or Ofada Rice

  17. Egg

While writing these foods down, I came up with two other bonus foods:

Bonus Food 1. Avocadoes (Popularly called pear in Nigeria)
Bonus Food 2.  Red & Green Pepper (Popularly called "Tatase")

If you add these foods to your daily meals, you will be able to get rid of your belly fat inch by inch.

Stop starving yourself.
Eat the healthy foods I have listed.

BONUS: 2-Day Fat-Burning Meal Time Table

In other to help you jumpstart your fat loss, I have attached a 2-Day meal plan to this page.

In that meal plan, I show you how you can eat 5 times a day in a healthy way and still burn off fat off your body and belly.

The meals contain fat burning foods that will speed up your metabolism and ensure you continue to burn more calories off your body.

When you eat 5 times daily, you will
never go starving again.

Download Your 2-Day Fat-Burning Meal Timetable (<== Click Link)

The above 2-Day meal plan is an example of the meals from my fat loss program called The 30 Day Fat Loss Program.

Instead of just 2 days, you'll get a complete 30 Day Meal plan.

It tells you exactly what to eat each day, what time to eat it and step-by-step guide of how to prepare the meals.

This program is responsible for helping over 200 Nigerian women just like you to get rid of between 4kg - 15 kg of excess unwanted body fat in just 30 Days.

The program is perfect for the average Nigerian woman between age 20 - 45years old that have excess unwanted body fat and also helps nursing mothers to get rid of baby fat.

Not only that, if you are slim but have a pregnant belly, this program will help you get rid of fat around your belly area & arms.

At some point, I'll share testimonies
of REAL People like you Who Have Used This
Program And Got Result.

I'll also show you exactly how you can get a copy of this amazing 30 Day Fat Loss Program too.

Definitely not in this report, as this report is long already.

In my next report, which I'll share with you tomorrow, I'll reveal to you:

A SECRET Fat Burning Drink Used
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& Get a Flatter Belly.

I am sure you've seen body of Nigerian celebrities such as Ini Edo, Omotola Jalade and even Rita Dominic.

These celebrities actually have some amazing body secrets that most people don't know about. I am going to share one of their fat loss drink secrets with you tomorrow.

So watch out for my email, when you receive it, open to read the entire content.

Finally, before I close this report up, I want to ask you to please drop your comments in the comment box below.

If you have any questions, kindly post them in the comment box. I actually take my time to read every single comment and will respond to as many questions as I can.

Please also share this write-up and upcoming ones with your friends, families and everyone you can think of that might benefit from this report.

Thank you once again for reading...

Your Friend,
Olu Aijotan

Your Personal Fitness & Nutrition Coach.

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