"If You Are Really Serious About Losing Weight, Then Sign Up To The Ultimate Fat Loss Challenge And Get Back In The Best Shape Of Your Life"
(Details Below..)

From: Coach Olu (Your Personal Fat Loss Coach)
Time: 16:01

I made a promise in my last email:

...To give you more details about the Fat Loss Challenge that I am planning to run in November 2013.

Just to let you know that as at last night, over 351 individuals have shown interest in signing up for the weight loss challenge.

Unfortunately, I can only accommodate just 20 individuals, so I suspect that all the 20 spaces would have been filled up by the end of the first day that I launch the challenge on 30th November 2013.

Now that that is out of the way, let me give you more information about the Challenge:

What Is The Name Of this Challenge?

I call it, The Ultimate 30 Day Fat Loss Challenge. The challenge will feature 20 individuals who will go head to head and challenge themselves to be the person to lose the most weight in 30 days by following the fat loss routine recommended by The Fat Loss Coach.

The 20 individuals will gain motivation from the coach and from eachother. When you see others posting their daily accomplishment on the private forum, you will be motivated to do the same too.

How Long Will It Run?

It will be for 30 days only. This will be  between the 4th November - 4th December 2013.

Who Is It For?  

It is for you! If you are overweight, Obesed. Weigh between 80 - 130kg and a BMI above 30 and have excess fat hanging off your body.

This is also for you are overweight and it has affected your confidence so badly. It is for you if you have tried different ways in the past that are expensive and do not work.

This is also for you, If you want to drop down 1 to 2 dress sizes in the next 30 days.  (stay at home person, working class, student, busy executive etc)

Where Will I Do The Challenge

Location: In the comfort of your home, office, room etc. IT does not matter where you are. All you need is to sprae just 20 - 30 minutes daily for the challenge. This means, if you are in Maiduguri, Lagos, Osogbo, Abuja or even on the moon, you will be able to undergo this challenge.

Rules Of The 30 Day Challenge:

Rule #1 - You must be willing to commit to the program for the entire 30 days. If you won't be able to commit, DO NOT bother to register, so the place can go to a serious person who absolutely will commit. You only need just 20-30 minutes daily.

Rule # 2 - You must complete two weigh-in, body measurements & "before" and "after picture". One at the start of the program and one at the end of the program

Rule #3 - At the end of the program, I'll be giving out a prize to the top 2 people just for being the winner of The Ultimate 30 Day Fat Loss Challenge. 

The Price for the two top winners will be REVEALED in my next email to you where you'll have the opportunity to register for the contest.

There will be No "Loser" in this Challenge

This is because, all the 20 contestant will get rid of excess unwanted fat and get a flatter belly and look trimmer and be in the best shape of their lives like in the picture below:



When You Register to Join The Challenge, You Will:

  • Receive expert help and coaching with a mixture of exercise, proper nutrition & motivation to get you to your desired body.

  • Be able to ask me personally your healthy fat loss questions and receive genuine & fast answers

  • Lose 5 - 10kg of stubborn body fat in your hips, butt, tummy, thighs and even the love handles.

  • Gain lean muscle and become trimmed and toned amazing new body

  • Achieve optimal health, reduce blood pressure, cholesterol and at the same time manage your blood sugar.

  • And much more...

How to Register For The Contest

The fee to get on this challenge is just N4,900 only!

I'll be opening registration for The 30-Day Ultimate Fat Loss Challenge On Wednesday, the 30th October 2013.

At, I'll send you an email giving you a link to register to join the challenge. Simply click on that link and follow the instruction to register.

I'll stay online on my computer that day. Once 20 people pay & register, I will pull down the webpage to prevent getting too many people signing up as I can only take just 20 people as I said earlier.

So, ensure you check your inbox for my email on the day so that you don't miss it.

I can't wait to see you on the inside if you are lucky to be among the fastest 20 people who will successfully get in.

I hope you are excited about this already. Yes, you should be.

To your Amazing New Body..

Your Friend,
Olu Aijotan

Your Personal Fitness & Nutrition Coach.