If YOU Are In a Big Hurry To Lose Weight Rapidly, Pay Attention To This Letter...

An Open Letter To Every Nigerian
Woman Or Man That Want To
Lose Up To 30kg In 90 Days!

This Letter Will Change Your Body & Life!

From The Desk Of: Coach Olu Aijotan
Time: 15:52

Dear Friend and Suscriber,

I am looking for a certain set of people.

I am not sure if you are one of them.

However to find out, I need you to read this letter to the end, because I can guarantee that it could change your life entirely forever.

I am looking for someone who is HIGHLY serious about losing weight rapidly this year.

I am not talking about losing 1kg or 4kg or even 5kg. I am talking about someone who is looking to loose up to 30kg of fat. I am looking for someone who expect  to go from "being big" to having a "coke bottle" shaped body.

This is for you....

If You Currently Weigh Between 90-160kg
And Have Excess Fat All Around Your Body And In The Places That You Don't Like it.

This is also for you if you have rolls of fat around your belly that covers your pubic area and makes it difficult for you to wear the clothes that you love.

This is for you, if you find yourself ALWAYS getting tired easily, especially when you climb the stairs or play around with your kids.

This is for you if you have tried every weight loss program, gym, starvation diets without seeing any result whatsoever.

If you are at your wit end, and you just wish all the fat on your body will just melt away, then you also fall into the category of people that I want.

I am not sure if you fall into the category that I have stated above, but if you do, then I want you to pay attention and read this letter to the end.

What I am Talking About Is For SERIOUS
Minded People

I want to coach you for the next 90 days and help you lose between 25kg - 30kg of fat off your body.

Yes, you read that right!

Here's Exactly what I'll do for you on the program...

I will work with you on a daily basis...

I'll tell you what meals and exact food to eat, I'll also tell you the foods you MUST cut out of your meals that currently make you fat.

I'll tell you the liquid you are allowed to drink that will aid your fat loss.

Not only that, I'll give you advice on the workouts to do that will help you lose weight rapidly on your body. 

And finally, I will also monitor your weight loss and even encourage and motivate you on a daily basis until you lose all the excess fat off your body. 

If you want to shed off mound of fat off your body and everyone around you will see the "results" very vividly with their eyes wide open and their jaws dropping, then this is for YOU!

But Please DO NOT Just Take
My Words For it.

I want you to look at the below testimony from just 5 out of over 100 clients that I have coached in the past.

I have Helped All These People Lose Weight And,
I Believe I Can Help You Too...

Testimony #1: How Nonso, A Mother Of 2 Kids Lost 20kg in 90 Days!

See Her "Before" and "After" pictures of
her body transformation!

Click This Link To Read The Full Story Of Her Testimony


Testimony #2: How Akon, A Professional Working Class Lady Who Is Married With Many Kids Lost 20kg and Went From Size 26 Down To Size 18!

See Her "Before" and "After" pictures of
her body transformation Below!

Click This Link To Read The Full Story Of Her Testimony


Testimony #3: The Dramatic Body Transformation of Rose, A Working Class Mother Of 3 Kids...

See Her "Before" and "After" pictures of
her body transformation Below!

Click This Link To Read The Full Story Of
Her Testimony



Testimony #4: How Temi Dropped From Size 12 Down To Size 10 by Following My Weight Loss Advice & Coaching...

See Her "Before" and "After" pictures of
her body transformation Below!


Testimony #5: How Becky Went From 90.3 kg Down To 76.5 kg in 90 Days!

See Becky's Very Short E-mail Testimonial Below"

NOTE: Unfortunately, Becky advise that she is not comfortable sending her pictures for me to use as testimonial.

However, I have highlighted her E-mail testimony to let you know that even if you weigh just 90kg, you can lose excess fat and go down to a desired body weight. For Becky, this weight is 76kg!

Can you see how the RESULT of these clients are very visible to the eyes?

You can see how their body went from "being big" to becoming slimmer and having a flatter belly, and more toned body!

I can confirm to you that all these clients above followed my coaching program and advice and they were able to transform their body.

Now, It's Your Turn...

I want to help you achieve similar result just like the 5 clients that you have seen their testimony above.

But before I tell you exactly how you can get started...

Let me tell you a BITTER TRUTH!

This Coaching for 90 Days will NOT be "easy peasy". It will involve following my rules to the letter.

It will involve doing the work to get the result!

This 90 Day Fat Loss Coaching Program will not be a "sit, eat junk while you lose weight" thing because you know as much as I do that NOTHING like that exist!

But if you are sick and tired of the "status quo" and you are SERIOUS about changing your body from a "big fat body" to a "figure 8" body...

Then I want you to register for this 90 Day Fat Loss
Coaching Program today.

When I first launched this Coaching program late last year, over 60 people signed up.

My most successful candidate who registered on this coaching late last year lost a total of 28kg of fat in 90 days!

It's now time for you to experience the same "body transformation" by signing up for the 90 Day Coaching Program.

Without wasting any more of your time further, please follow the below instructions to register for the Coaching Program.

How To Register For The 90-Day Body Transformation Coaching Challenge

STEP 1 - To REGISTER for The 90-Day Body Transformation Challenge, Pay the sum of N10,000 into any of the below bank account:

Bank Name - GtBank
Account Name  Tunity Services
Account Number  003-5858-507


Bank Name  UBA
Account Name  Tunity Services
Account Number  101-4607-102

NOTE - If you are paying by INTERNET BANKING, please ENTER your "FULL NAME" as a reference when making the transfer.

STEP 2 - Once you make payment, simply send me the details of your 
payment to sales@naijaweightloss.com 

Make the subject of your email to say: PAYMENT FOR 90 DAY COACHING CHALLENGE

Send the following details in the email:

- Your Full Name
- Your Email Address
- The amount you paid
- Teller Number you used to pay in the bank  (
or state if you paid with mobile, internet,ATM etc)
- Payee Name On the Teller
- Bank Name You Paid Into

Once I confirm your payment. I will send you an acknowledgement email and put you on the list of people I will coach for 90 Days straightaway.

You will receive the first set of coaching and training instructions same day I confirm your payment in preparation for you to kick-start your coaching as soon as possible.

PLEASE NOTE -  The 90-Day Body Transformation Coaching Challenge Will be delivered via your email inbox.

Nothing will be shipped whatsoever, as this is NOT a book. This is proper coaching Challenge. Thank you!

So if you are in a BIG Hurry To Burn off excess fat and get a slimmer body and a flatter belly, then I want you to  register for the 90 Day Fat Loss Coaching right now by following the ordering instructions above.

But that is not all. I want to make sure you are absolutely happy with this program so I'll be offering you a....

My 100% Iron Clad Fat Loss Loss Guarantee

It does not matter if you are a man or a woman - whether you just want to lose a few kg or you are overweight and have 20 - 30kg to lose...

I am certain that My 90 Day Fat Loss Coaching will work for YOU and help you burn off excess fat and help you lose weight off your body.

Spare me 90 days of your time. Ill coach you and whip your body into shape. If at the end of this coaching, you are not satisfied with the fat you have lost on your body or you feel like I have not over deliver on your money's worth, then let me know and....

I'll give you 100% of your money back without keeping any kobo extra.

I am giving you this guarantee because I am ABSOLUTELY sure that the only thing you'll lose by joining my 90 Day coaching is the fat on your body!

I am ABSOLUTELY sure this Fat Loss Coaching will work for YOU!

So do not waste time. Go and register for the coaching by following the instructions I gave above so you can start losing weight by following my daily coaching.

Before I close this letter, let me point out that this is not for everyone.

It's only for a specific set of people who want to transform their body rapidly. It is for YOU, if you have set personal goals to lose weight and get a flatter belly and a toned body this year.

So go and register right away so I can coach you over the next 90 Days to transform your body.

I'll see you on the inside when you register.


Coach Olu Aijotan

Nutrition & Fat Loss Coach

PS: Just in case you scanned through this open letter without reading it in full, let me briefly explain what you'll get...

Once you register for the 90 Day Coaching Program, I'll send you a meal plan of delicious fat burning meal every week.

THis meal plan contains 100% delicious fat burning Nigerian foods. Not only that, I'll tell you how to cook all the meals too.

I'll also advice you on the workouts that will help you burn fat fast. You will do this workout for just 20 minutes o less on a daily basis by following the routine I send YOU.

I'll answer all your questions and tell YOU how to fit 90 Day Coaching into your daily life
(Hint: Specially for busy people with jobs)

I'll then motivate, monitor and encourage you on a daily basis during the 90 day coaching, so you don't go off track.

And finally, you'll have access to my private phone number. You'll be able to call me anytime or send me private messages on whatsapp, and I'll respond to YOU.

PSS - And I'll stress again that this Coaching is NOT everyone's "cup of tea".

If you are unserious, not ready to lose weight rapidly or you are waiting for a fat loss program that does not require you to do any work, then do not bother registering.

But, If you are ABSOLUTELY serious about losing excess weight, and have excess fat reduced from your body, then this 90 Day Coaching is the way to go.

So go register for the coaching right away, so you can start to burn off excess fat on your body on a daily basis.

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