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How You Can Make A
Fat Loss Detox Smoothie Drink
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From The Desk Of: Coach Olu Aijotan
Time: 7.45

Dear Suscriber & Reader,

Did you read the first part of this Fat Loss Detox Series?

If you did not, then I STRONGLY suggest that you click here to read it first.

Make Sure you do, before you come back to this part 2!

Super Important for you to do that!

One of the MAJOR questions I received from a lot of people after the first report I sent you couple of days ago is....

QUESTION: Can Detox Really Help Me To Lose Weight?

The short answer is….YES!

But Let Me Explain Further…..

You remember the 25 super foods I shared with you in the first report few days ago. I call them Natural Detoxifiers.

When you undergo a detox by incorporating these natural detoxifiers into your diet on a daily basis, it aids your digestive system to cleanse itself and rid it of fat inducing toxins.

I am talking about toxins left over in your body that your internal detox organs e.g Liver cannot process completely.

Not only that, these natural detoxifiers are very high in fibre and low in calories.

This means, when you eat them, it stops your
body from storing more fat.

Instead, It forces your body to go into it's fat store (which is your fat storage cells) and use up the stored fat as energy.

And when these stored fats are used up, your body NATURALLY loses weight and you start to see the effect on your body in the form of fat disappearing.

And in today’s newsletter, I am going to show you exactly how you can combine couple of those super detox foods and make it into a fat loss smoothie.

But before I go ahead to show you exactly how to make this Fat Loss Detox smoothie, I want to encourage you to please take my coaching seriously.

This Is not A joke.

Some people do not believe that my weight loss program ACTUALLY work.

Others, even don’t bother reading the advice I give.

If only they know how many people are getting amazing result on a daily basis from using it.

You see, a lot of people are losing weight, getting slimmer, becoming fit  and getting their confidence back on a daily basis by following my coaching and advice.

Take for instance, the testimonial below by a lady called Nanko, a fat loss client of mine who is a full time employee, mother and wife...

You can read her testimony in her own words below...

I mean, take a second look at the testimonies and the above “before” and “after” picture.

You and I know pictures don’t lie.

My point is….

You have no excuse whatsoever not to slim down and get the body that you desire.

Anyways….back to today’s topic, and I hope you are paying attention.

If you’ve been on my mailing list for a while, you will know that I have shared some fat loss smoothie with you before on my blog here.

I simply used a simple blender (yes, same one you use to blend your stew) to make a smoothie drink that you can prepare and drink for breakfast before going to work.

Anyways, fast forward few months later, I was shopping with my madam at a popular shopping centre when I bought myself another food processor called NutriBullet.

The Nutribullet basically makes it easy to blend your fruits and edible vegetables into a fine and delicious tasty smoothie.

And for over 4 weeks, I have been using it to prepare a lot of different Detox smoothies which I have been taking as part of my daily diet.

One of this Detox Smoothie is Called: Morning Detox Smoothie

And today, I want to share how you can prepare this Detox Smoothie For Yourself too…

How To Prepare Fat Loss Detox Smoothie


1. 1 medium Banana
2. Half Avocado
3. 1 slice of Water Melon
4. 1 Orange
5. 1 Carrot
6. Greek Yoghurt (Optional)
7. Ice (optional)


STEP 1: Peel Banana and put into your blender.

STEP 2: Cut Avocado (pear) in two halves and scoop the avocado puree into your blender.

STEP 3: Wash and cut the water melon and Carrot into small chops and add them all into the blender

STEP 4: Add low fat greek yoghurt and ice into the mix and blend until its perfectly smooth.

STEP 5: Serve in a cup (with Ice) and drink.

Below is what the fat loss smoothie looks like after it's done!

I tell you, this smoothie actually taste very delicious when I prepared it, and I strongly advise that you make this smoothie too at home over this coming weekend.

Heck, you could prepare it and take it with you to work to drink next Monday if you are serious about Detoxing your body to lose weight and slim down.

When you incorporate the above smoothe and some other Green detox smoothie as well as some healthy super detox foods,

Over a certain period of time, you will get rid of toxins and excess fat from your body easily.

And Before I Close This Report,

Let me mention that everything I have been revealing to you about detoxing your body to to lose weight is actually part of a new Fat Loss Detox Diet that I have been working on for the past few months.

With this new Detox Program, you will be able to get rid of toxins from your body and speed up the rate at which your body lose weight by eating natural detox meals and drinks over a certain period of time.

Don’t worry...

I’ll tell you the name of this program and a lot more about it in my next e-mail which I’ll send to you on Monday 4th Of May 2015 at about

Not only that, in that e-mail that I’ll send to you, I'll also reveal another Detox Meal that you can eat that will help you slim down and get a flatter belly.

So keep an eye on your e-mail inbox for more information about this new detox program.

I'll send it to you on Monday 4th Of May 2015 at about

I know you have questions, or comments.

Please feel free to send me an e-mail with all your questions and I'll answer them.

Thanks for reading, do have a lovely weekend


Olu Aijotan

Your Detox Fat Loss Coach



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