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How You Can FLUSH Fat Out
 Of Your System
By Coach Olu Aijotan  


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Dear Suscriber & Reader,

Dear Friend & Suscriber,

Over the past couple of days, I walked you through what a Detox is and how it can help you get rid of toxins from your body that is making you fat

Not only that, I also shared with over 22 Detox Foods that will aid your fat loss detox and exactly how you can make a fat loss detox smoothie in 5 minutes.

If by any chance you missed this, then I want you to click the links below to read about it first before coming here.

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Read Report 2 - How To Make Fat Loss Smoothie

Today, I want to guide you through how you can plan a perfect Fat Loss Detox.

But before I do so, let me tell you that, you need to Detox your body if you....

1. Find it increasingly hard to lose weight
2. If you tend to gain weight readily
3. Feel tired and easily stressed.
4. suffer from bloating
5. Feel Sluggish and run down
6. Suffer indigestion or heart burn

If you ticked one or more of the above, then you definitely need to undergo a detox.

A lot of people actually think detoxing means drinking herbal drinks or swallowing a pill that will make you purge every single minute etc.

In Actual Sense It Is Not.

When you Detox Naturally, you are simply using healthy edible foods in nearness to their raw state to actually help your liver to get rid of toxins.

Detoxing actually will bring you numerous heath benefits. It will boost your immune system and also allow your liver, kidneys and bowels to work more efficiently.

Not only that, when you detox, your body will go into it's fat store to use up the "fat" stored in there are energy.

And when this happens, your body starts to FLUSH fat from your body NATURALLY and you see the effect from the weight loss and getting a flatter belly.

When you undergo a detox....This detox will make you...

 1. You'll feel alive and energetic

2. Your Health will improve

3. You will lose weight

4. You will lose inches

And when you follow how I advice you to detox, you will be able to lose weight easily and NATURALLY.

For example, check out this "Before" and "After Pix" from another client of mine who recently lost weight by following my fat loss advice.

PLEASE NOTE: She gave me permission to share her pics


Now you may ask....

How Can You Run A Perfect Fat Loss Detox?

Don't worry, I'll tell you how, I hope you are following me. For you to undergo a perfect detox, you need the following...

1. The Right Mental Attitude :

You need to put yourself in the right frame of mind that you actually want to Detox.

You need to have an attitude of wanting to REALLY do this and ensure you see to it that it's completed.

2. An Excellent Supply Of Fresh Vegetables
      And Selected Fruits

This is very essential to your Detox as you will be making lots of juices and tasty recipes while on your detox.

I am talking about Vegetables and fruits such as...banana, cucumbers, cabbage, lettuce, grapes, Lemon etc.

3. An Excellent Supply Of Good Quality Detox Foods

Apart from Vegetables and fruits, you will also need a supply of other foods that aid detox such as...Fish, Coconut Oil, Natural Nuts e.g. Almond, brown rice etc

4. You must cut out some bad foods from your daily meals e.g. Sugar, White Flower, junk foods etc.

5. A Juice Extractor or Blender

This is what you will use to make the smoothie itself while you are on the program. I think I have shown you how to use this in report 2

6. A 15 minute daily high intensity workout or Exercise.

15 minutes workout daily is all you need when doing this detox as long as the workouts are high intensity as these types of workout helps you burn fat.

Once you have the above, then you are ready to start your own Fat Loss Detox.

Now Let Me Ask You A Question....

Are you highly interested in flushing fat out of your body?

If you are, then I want to introduce you to a *NEW* Detox Program that I have been working on.

This program is: 21 Day Detox Cleanse - Flush Fat Away From Your Body

How Does This 21 Day Detox Cleanse Work?

It basically allows you to eat 100% Natural super foods that will help your body detox, get rid of toxins and help you flush fat out of your body.

More specifically, it involves eating the right food that encourages your body's natural detoxification processes.

Which in turn helps you to lose weight NATURALLY and SAFELY while giving you a healthy boost to your immune system.

I plan on launching this new program
Friday 8th May 2015 at

I know you want to know more about this program, don't worry I'll tell you a lot more about it in my next e-mail which I'll send to you on 6th May 2015 at

So if you have any questions that you may want me to address in my next e-mail about this program, kindly leave a comment in the box below.

I'll be waiting to read your questions so I can answer them all.Thanks for reading and I'll speak to you again on 6th May 2015.


Olu AIjotan

PS: I planned on showing you how to prepare another Fat Loss Detox Meal in today's newsletter.

I have decided to show you in the next one as this particular newsletter is long already.

So keep an eye on your mail box on 6th May 2015 at and I'll give you this Detox Meal Recipe.

And before then, go ahead, leave me comments below.

I'll respond and I promise...I won't bite :)






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