"Why You Should Detox Your Body"
(Plus How To Get 3-Day Detox Report For Free)

From: Coach Olu (Your Personal Nutrition & Fat Loss Coach)
Time: 21.23

In my last email, I taught you how to prepare a Secret Fat Loss detox drink.

That Detox Drink is called Tropical Delight Smoothie.

If you missed that email, click the link (Secret Fat Loss Drink) to the top right hand corner of this page to read it.

This Detox drink contains essential nutrients (vitamins,iron, fibre, protein) that cleanse your body of harmful toxins and help you burn excess unwanted fat off your body irrespective of where it is located.

However, what I did not tell you is that, the Tropical Delight Smoothie will not do all the detox job on its own.

You need other detox drinks in the 3-Day Detox Report to make it work in completion.

Other Detox Drinks Include:

  • The Simple Green Smoothie

  • Purple Power Smoothie

  • Plum Banana Smoothie

  • Super Energy Smoothie

  • Fat Detox Smoothie etc

NOTE - All the above detox drink are made with NATURAL
detox ingredients that you can source from the market. NO Side Effects at all.

To really experience the potency of the detox program,
you need to satisfy two things:


  • Run the Detox Program for 3 Days (Preferably Friday 0 Sunday)

  • Use it with a Powerful Fat Loss Plan (e.g. The 30 Day Fat Loss Program)

When you combine the two, you body gets the below benefits:

  • Gets rid of Harmful Toxins

  • Cleanse your internal organs & reset your system

  • Reduce high blood pressure & improve Cholesterol level

  • Improve sleep

  • Shrink Excess Belly & Body Fat (Top priority)

This means that:

3-Day Detox Diet Report
30 Day Fat Loss Program

 Belly & Body Fat Loss & Amazing New Body

So far, 200 Nigerian women just like you have used the 3 -Day Detox Diet + 30 Day Fat Loss Program to get their own amazing body.

They all paid up to N6,500 for the 30 Day Fat Loss Program and some of them even paid N4,500 for the 3-Day Detox Report.

That is a total of N11,000 only. (That is small compared to the result they got after using this programs)




As a way of celebrating Nigeria's independence, I will be
giving you a RARE one time opportunity that you should
take advantage of if you are VERY VERY smart.

You know that the price of The 30 Day Fat Loss Program is
currently N6,500 only.

Starting from 8.am on the 30th September - Midnight 4th
r, you can get The 30 Day Fat Loss Program for just
N4,000 only

Currently, The 30 Day Fat Loss Program is N6,500.

As my independence day gift to you, I'll slash the price to
N4,000 only (Limited time only)

Not only that....

If you get your own copy between the 30th September - 4th October.

I'll also give you my 3-Day Detox Diet Report (worth N4,500) for FREE as a Special Bonus.

So, on Monday The 30th September, I'll send you an email
titled "Get Your 3-Day Detox Report Today".

When you receive it, I want you to open it and read it as I'll give you instructions on how to pay to get your own copy.

I am sure you'll be smart to take this opportunity to get
both program at reduced price.

Whatever you do, DO NOT MISS out on it.

And remember, it is only limited to just 5-Days only in
the spirit of independence.

Thanks for reading. I'll talk to you on Monday.

Do have a lovely weekend :)

Your Friend,
Olu Aijotan

Your Personal Fitness & Nutrition Coach.