"What You Should Know About The
30 Day Fat Loss Program And How You
Can get A Copy For A Low Price"

By Coach Olu: 

First of all, I want to say thank you for sending your questions, comments as regards the 30 Day Fat Loss Program.

Especially to a lady called Jumoke, she sent these exact email in:

Jumoke's E-Mail

Dear Olu,

Thanks so much for this wonderful info!

You have been very helpful. This is what I felt yesterday when I was going for my walk.

I was like this big tummy ceases to reduce, make me feel not too fine despite how much people tell me I look.

Looking forward to the 30 days plan. Have a blessed day ahead!


And also many thanks to Anthonia(Mrs) who wrote in from Jos, Plateau State, who has this to say about all the reports I have been sending:

Mrs Anthonia's E-Mail

Hello Coach,

Thanks for the response. I think it is great! I am only just starting today…I am so excited.

I am amazed by the simplicity of your descriptions and illustrations!

I guess being a Nigerian has helped you to bring this really ‘home’ to me. With simple recipes given, which I can understand and prepare myself…I feel I can wholly
give myself to this.

Please are there more recipes to try out? I get easily bored with the same kind of meals. Once again thank you.

Anthonia E. (Mrs.) From Jos.

Please do keep the emails coming. I read them all despite the fact that I receive over 100 emails over the past few days.

I enjoy reading from you on how my emails & reports are helping you to move STEP-BY-STEP closer to your fat loss goals.

Today’s write up is to answer all the questions you may have about my latest product titled The 30 Day Fat Loss Program.

But before I answer all your questions: If you are reading this 4th Report and you are yet to read Report 1,2 and 3, you should read them first before continuing with this one.

It will only take you few minutes.

The links to those report are in the top right hand part of this page. Simply click the links to read them:

Questions & Answers About Losing Excess Fat And Getting a Flatter Belly

And I'll start by addressing the first question below:

Question No.1

Question  - What Exactly Is The 30 Day Fat Loss Program. Is it a Pill or a

My Answer -  The 30 Day Fat Loss Program is not a pill nor a drug. It is a step-by-step fat loss meal plan & workout technique in a book that you follow routinely for 30 Days.

This fat loss program is GUARANTEED to melt between
4kg - 15kg of excess unwanted body & belly
fat off your body in just 30 Days.

I created it from my result based research as a fat loss & Nutritions coach while trying to help my wife to get rid of excess unwanted body & belly fat.
It contains a 30 Day  Fat Burning Nigerian Meal Plan, Workout Routine and 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge.


Question No.2

Question - How does this 30 Day Fat Loss Program you are talking about works. Is it safe?

My Answer - The Fat Burning Nigerian Super foods in the 30 Day Fat Loss Program & the workout technique NATURALLY burns fat off your body continuously up to 48 hours after eating & doing the workout technique.

As long as you are a Nigerian woman that eats Nigerian foods that you can buy at the local market, this program will work for you and help you get an amazing trimmed body and flatter belly.

The 30 Day Fat Loss Program is 100% safe and healthy.

Question No.3

Question  - I am 32, Single. I am not fat nor thin, but have belly fat, will Your Fat Loss Program Work For Me?

My Answer - Yes, it will work for you as long as you have jiggly fat & belly fat and you can spare just 20 minutes per day to apply the techniques that will get rid of excess fat from your belly and every other part of your body that you don't want it.

Not only that, the result of this technique is visible within 30 days and the changes are permanent.

Question No.4

Question  - Will your fat loss program work for me?

My Answer - Yes, it will work for you as long as you have excess unwanted fat and you can spare just 20 minutes per day to apply the techniques that will get rid of excess fat from your belly and every other part of your body that you don't want it.

Not only that, when you get rid of this fat, the changes are permanent.

Question No.5

Question  - I have tried Diet programs in the past that recommend food that I can't source in Nigeria. Is yours same thing?

My Answer - The 30 Day Fat Loss Meal Plan contains mainly Nigerian foods.

You can source for all the foods in The 30 Day Meal Plan (e.g. Plantain Flour, Eggs, Oats, Ugwu leaves etc) from the local market & supermarket easily in your town/city/area without any issues.


Question No.6

Question  - I am excited about this 30 Day Fat Loss Program, Please...How many Kg will I lose by using it and how soon before I start to see result?

My Answer -  The amount of fat you loose will depend on various factors including how much fat your have in your body currently (i.e. Your body fat to muscle ratio).

The more fat you have on your body, the more quicker and easily you drop kg.

Over 180 clients who have used this program have lost between 4kg - 14kg of fat and drop 2 - 3 inches off their belly fat within 30 Days of using it.

You too will see this kind of result when you get your own copy of this program and use it.

Question No.5

Question  - Can a pregnant woman use this program? Also, what about Nursing mothers?

My Answer - The 30 Day Fat Loss Program IS NOT for pregnant woman.

If you are currently a nursing mother, you can use this if you've had your child at least 2 - 3 months before now.

If you've had caesarean operation, ensure you speak with your doctor to certify you fully fit before you start The 30 Day Fat Loss Program.

Question No.6

Question  - I am interested in getting The 30 Day Fat Loss Program. How much is it and how do I pay and get a copy. I live in Portharcourt?

My Answer - The price of the 30 Day Fat Loss Program is N6,500 only.

However, as my valued subscriber, I will be giving you an opportunity to get it at a discount price, which is lower than the original price above.

Not only that, I will be giving you a Fast Action Bonus titled: The 3-Day Detox Plan" if you get your own copy within 48 hours from when I send you instructions to order.

The 3-Day Detox Plan will flush "fat toxins" out of your body in 3 days of using it.

Tomorrow morning at, I'll send you an email with instructions on how to order your own copy.

When you order your own copy, it will be sent to you via email the same day (soft copy). It does not matter if you are in Maiduguri, Delta or even Ondo state, you will get your own copy same day.

You can then download it from your email to use.

The hard copy (printed from a PC & Spiral binded) will be available for just N8,500. This will be sent via courier in 5 working days. 

Question No.7

Question  - I want to buy "The 30 Day Fat Loss Program" guide but your price is just too expensive.

My Answer - The 30 Day Fat Loss Program is affordable. If you check all those slimming pills, herbal concoctions, slimming teas out there (and I am sure you have tried some of them too) cost several thousands Naira much more than this program.

And the funny thing is those harmful slimming pills & tea do not even work and many of them are harmful to your body because they overwork your liver.

Even the cost of going to a standard gym is more than the cost of The 30 Day Fat Loss Program.

And let's face the truth; your job & busy schedule does not even allow you to attend that gym that you probably paid a lot of money for.

The 30 Day Fat Loss program is a one off investment in yourself and the good thing is it works & give amazing result and its 100% healthy.

Question No.8

Question  -  Where is your office located, I want to come and buy my own copy physically.

My Answer - I do not have an office. I have a full time job and I run this weight loss website as a labour of love from my family living room.

The program is in "soft copy" and will be sent to you via email as a download (attachment). You can download and print it if you want to.

If you order for the hard copy, it will be sent via courier to your home. The cost of the courier is in the cost you paid for the hardcopy.

Question No.9

Question  - What If I don't have time to go to the bank to pay. What other way can I make payment?

My Answer -  If your work does not allow you to get to the bank, you can do an internet banking transfer. Not only that, you can also ask someone to make the payment on your behalf while you are at work.

If you live outside Nigeria, there will be an option for you to pay via which is the safest payment processor in the world. It protects your credit card from a 3rd party and even covers you in case of loss.

Question No. 10

Question  - I am very scared of paying for your program. How am I sure it works. What assurance do I have that this is not a scam?

My Answer - I can understand if you are scared of paying because of what you have tried before that never worked.

However, I can assure you that this program works.

I have proofs (which I'll show you some tomorrow on the sales page) of REAL Nigerian Women like you who have used this system to lose between 4kg - 14kg in 30 Days.

You've used my free Fat Loss tips up to this time. Those tips worked for you when you used them.

No scammer will take their time to send you amazing fat loss tips that you've even tried yourself for free. Instead, what they try to do is trick you into parting with your money.

The 30 Day Fat Loss Program is real. It gives you amazing fat loss result in 30 Days. This is not a scam.

It is a REAL Program backed by Guaranteed Result of an amazing trimmed and toned body.

Look At The Below "Before" and "After" Picture:

That is an amazing body transformation. You too can transform your body, be able to fit into those bodycon dresses that will make you look "take away".

It will make your partner, colleagues to take a second look and ask you "How did you do it?" look amazing that will give your partner and even your colleagues a second look until they start asking you..."How did you do it?"

This is what you can expect to see when you get your copy of the 30 Day Fat Loss Program.



I have a very SPECIAL bonus, specifically for people who order for their copy of The 30 Day Fat Loss Program within 48 hours that I launch the program.

Don't worry, tomorrow at, I'll send you an email giving you instructions on how to get your own copy at the special introductory price.

For now, if you have any other questions I did not answer above, kindly post in the comment section below and I'll respond to it.

I'll talk to you tomorrow. DO NOT MISS tomorrow's email at .

Your Friend,
Olu Aijotan

Your Personal Fitness & Nutrition Coach.

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