Say Goodbye To Your Belly Fat
With These
Belly Fat Burning Meals
And Simple Workout Routines.

From the desk of: Coach Olu Aijotan
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Dear Belly Fat Loss Subscriber,

I hope you are following me precisely as we continue this war against your belly fat. I also hope you measured your belly using the method I showed you in the last letter.

If you missed this or have absolutely no clue about what I am talking about, then you need to go and read:


Letter 1 - The 2 types of Belly Fat in your abdomen

Letter 2 - The first step to winning the war on Belly Fat

About 6 months ago, I launched my first ever fat loss program titled: The 30 Day Fat Loss Program

That program is a book in soft copy (E-book) that contain a step-by-step instructions on how to get rid of excess body fat and transform your body into that confident, sexy and amazing body in just 30 days.

Ever since I launched that 30 Day Fat Loss Program, over 400 Nigerian women bought their copy and have used it to get rid of between 4kg - 12kg of excess UGLY fat on their body in just 30 days.

And you know what's shocking, they did this, while eating five (5) times daily!

Yes....Five Times!
If you are shocked; I am NOT surprised!

Its probably because, you've been told so many times that YOU NEED to "starve" yourself or eat once a day for you to lose weight or get a flatter belly.

The Truth Is That You DONT!

The other day, I received an email from a lady arguing that starving herself works for her as she was burning fat around her belly from "starving herself" and only eating one meal a day.

So I asked her; what will happen when she gets back to eating 3 meals daily as she cannot continue to eat 1 meal per day forever.

She said...I won't eat 3 meals daily, I will continue with just one meal.

As much as I tried to dissuade this lady, she stuck to her guns. Well, I can only do what I can, and leave the rest.

The truth Is That, I really pity this lady.

If you are currently starving yourself or doing exactly what the lady above is doing, here's exactly what may happen to you if you continue like this for a long time:

Your metabolism will slow down...

You will experience intense hunger pain in your belly...a higher stress could become to diseases that your body will not be able to fight due to lack of nutrient.

In your (old age), your internal organs will collapse due to the stress you've placed on it from prolonged starvation. You may need pills to actually keep your body going

I was in church last Sunday when a lady came upstage to give testimony in church on how she was able to give birth without caesarean operation.

While giving her testimony, someone sat right behind me whispered "Is she still pregnant"?

Then I looked closely...

The lady's belly is still very big as if she is still pregnant. According to her testimony, its been about five weeks that she gave birth and she still has a big belly like that.

In my mind, my thoughts were; I wish she knows these exact secrets I am sharing with you right now!

Weather you are currently overwight and have a big belly, or you are very slim and your belly is bigger than the rest of your body or your belly fat is a result of the aftermath of pregnancy, I want you to know that you can always get back your flat belly if you follow Belly Fat Loss Strategies that actually work and give you result!

And No!

I am NOT talking about drinking Aloe Vera or any of those herbal drink that those MLM companies in Nigeria sell. I am sure you know them. You've probably tried some of these drinks before.

Instead, I am talking about eating Natural Nigerian Meals that I call; Belly Fat Burning Meals. Nigerian meals that target and burn the fat in your belly area until they get flatter and flatter.

Before I show you some of these meals, let me show you in simple terms how the average Nigerian eat their meal.


60% Cabohydrates 30% Protein 10% Fat



65% Carbohydrate 28% Protein 12% Fat

If you currently eat your meals like the above, its WRONG! WRONG!! WRONG!!!

If you remember in Belly Fat Loss Letter number 1, I established the fact that the main cause of belly fat in the food we eat are the carbohydrates based food.

For you to win the war on belly fat, you need to eat your meals in the opposite direction. Your meal MUST contain more

Here's how you should eat your meals to target your belly fat right now:

40%  Protein Based 25% Carbohydrate Based 20% Vitamins (from vegetables) 15% Fat and Oil (From Nuts)

And these meals below will burn your belly fat in that measure:

Fat Burning Meal 1: Boiled Unripe Plantain With Fish Stew + 1 Apple (Approx 270 Calories)
Fat Burning Meal 2: 1/2 cup of quaker Oats With 3 spoons of skimmed milk + 1 Banana (Approx 285 calories)
Fat Burning Meal 3: 1 medium cat fish peppersoup with 1 Apple (400 Calories)
Fat Burning Meal 4:
1 cup of moi moi with 2 slices of water melon (320 Calories)

If you start eating your meals like the above, your body will store less fat in your stomach area and instead start burning off the fat around your belly and this will make it become flatter and flatter.

Not only that...

You will be able to speed up the rate at which your belly becomes flatter by doing simple workout routines that will give you a flatter belly.

I am going to show you two of the routines that I currently use mysse routines, so you can try it out when you get home from work or over next weekend.

Best of all, these workouts are very effective, and target the fat in your belly area and you can do this in your living room or bedroom or even in the office:


Belly Fat Burning Workout 1: Step Hop

Step 1: Stand with feet hip-width apart, knees slightly bent, hands on hips.

Step 2: Step forward with right foot, then lift left knee to hip level as you hop straight up on right leg.

Step 3: Land with feet together. Do 16 repittions, alternating sides.

Belly Fat Burning Workout 2: Mountain Climber

Step 1:
Begin in a push up position on the hands and toes.

Step 2: Bring the right knee in towards the chest, resting the foot on the floor.

Step 3: Jump up and switch feet in the air, bringing the left foot in and the right foot back.

Step 4: Continue alternating the feet as fast as you safely can for 30-60 seconds.

Try these simple workouts at home, and let me know what you think of it in the comments below.

These sample meals and simple workouts are some of the belly fat burning tips I shared in my new program which I call; The Belly Fat Loss Miracle.

This is my second fat loss book created after the amazing success of my first book titled: The 30 Day Fat Loss Program which has been bought and used by over 450 Nigerian women.

My new program called The Belly Fat Loss Miracle is a 6 week program that will help you target fat around your belly area and drop it inch by inch within 4 - 6 weeks of using it.

The program contains over 25 belly slimming meals that you will eat 5 times daily that will target your belly fat and burn it off inch by inch.

You will be able to see the result for yourself by measuring your belly every week using the tape rule method I showed you in Belly Fat Loss letter 2.


When you use the program, you will be able to see a dramatic eye popping result like that of one of my clients whose name is: Oyinade (Surname protected for client privacy)

She gave me permission to put up her picture up on this page as testimony as long as I don't show her face as she is a private person. She wants you to see how she was able to reduce the fat around her belly area by following the exact belly fat advice I teach in The Belly Fat Loss Miracle Program:

Can you see in that arrow how her belly use to be big and now she has a flatter belly?

You too can reduce the fat around your belly if you get yourself a copy of of The Belly Fat Loss Miracle and use it to burn off that roll of fat around your belly when I launch the program in a few days time.

Who is this Belly Fat Loss Program for:

1. This program is for yu if you are a new mum and you still have baby fat around your stomach that you want to burn off and make it become flatter.After round 1 woman

2. This program is for you if you are slim, but you belly is big and people keep asking if you are pregnant.

3. Have a very big belly and you have tried herbal drinks, belly fat pills and are currently even considering going for a weight loss surgery. 

4. This program is for you if your belly fat is destroying your relationship and your partner is complaining.

5. This program is for you if you have a full time job, spend more time at work and in traffic and have no time for an elaborate weight loss program.

If you are always busy with work and rarely have time to even go to the gym or eat proper meals, then this program is for you, because in it, I also show you exactly how to prepare meals in 15 minutes belly fat burning meals that you can eat before going to work or that you can pack along with you.

I am currently working with my graphic designer to complete the front cover design of the Belly Fat Loss Miracle.

I am actually pressuring him to do it on time before I send you the next belly fat loss letter on the 5th of december.  If he completes the front cover, I will probably give you a sneak preview of what the cover of the program looks like.

In my next newsletter that I'll send to you on 5th December, I want to answer any questions you may have about belly fat and about The belly fat loss miracle program which I'll launch soon.

Before then, I want you to kindly post one question you have about the program or belly fat generally in the comment box below. I'll be waiting online to read your questions and answer all of them.

Even if you don't have any questions, I want you to post your comments below. I'd love to hear from you.

Don't worry...I won't bite, so kindly post your comments.

That will be all for today. Thanks for reading.

Do enjoy.


Olu Aijotan

P.S. - If my graphics designer comletes the design of my book on time, I will also reveal the launch date of The Belly Fat Miracle in my next email to you.

P.S.S - I have some exciting never to be missed bonus materials lined up for you if you get yourself a copy the Belly Fat Loss Program when I launch it. Don't worry, I'll tell you more about it in in my next email.

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